5 Things General Dentists Love About Our Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Read orthodontic course reviews from our AOS intermediate straight wire course students.

Let’s face it. Not all continuing education courses have the zest to change a dentist’s career path. But, there are courses that can alter the trajectory of a dentist’s professional career and be life changing. General and pediatric dentists continue to rave about Dr. Brad William’s orthodontic courses, which are designed for dentists to learn and apply orthodontics to their practices. Why? 

Unlike most courses that are made to last a few hours, the Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics Course reviews professional orthodontics over a series of four sessions. It is truly a live, hands-on course that guides you throughout patient treatment and helps you change your practice model. Here are 5 standout reasons dentists love AOS courses. 

1. Easy to Understand

 “Dr. Williams has designed courses that make understanding orthodontics much easier than was explained in dental school. He breaks down clinical orthodontic diagnosis & treatment into an easy-to-understand process. His course manual is very thorough and supports his low key yet entertaining way of teaching that really maximizes the opportunity for his students to learn and digest the material. … This has helped me better serve my patients, many for whom early treatment helps to avoid larger and more costly treatment.” —JESSICA MEESKE

Remember how much dentistry was thrown at you during dental school and residency? It was information overload and sometimes overwhelming as you navigated through periodontics, endodontics, restorative dentistry, and more. Orthodontics is a major branch of dentistry that is relative to nearly every speciality, but one of the least taught subjects in school. 

When you take an Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics Course, Dr. Williams and his team designs the course in a practical way, didactically and clinically, so you feel confident treating patients. The support you receive is endless because you’re surrounded by like-minded colleagues and an instructional team trained to help general dentists practice orthodontics.

2. Personalized Approach

“His personalized manner and excellent teaching style provided me additional training and clinical skills to completely unlock the door to allowing my pediatric dental practice to synergistically operate alongside my growing orthodontic practice.” —ROY ROGERS, DDS

It’s a huge commitment to sign up for an extensive course to learn current orthodontics, but dentists know when they sign up with The American Orthodontic Society that they are choosing it because it’s a customized course. Personalized care is necessary for patients, but a personalized approach to orthodontic course review is also needed for dentists who are investing their time and finances.  

Dr. Williams and his team take a personalized approach when designing the Intermediate Orthodontics Course for dentists. The fourth session takes place in Dr. Williams local clinic where you see in-person cases and learn to treat patients as if they were your own. Once the course is completed, you have access to up to 80 additional contingent education credits of monitoring. It is almost like a mini-residency, where you bond with your instructors and dental colleagues. 

3. Manage More Difficult cases and Take on a Broader Patient Base 

“[It] takes the Basic foundation and builds on it in a way that allows the general practitioner to manage the nuances of difficult cases. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their orthodontic case load.” —GREG A. WILSON, DDS

Dentists love the Intermediate Straight Wire Course because it takes your orthodontic learning experience to the next level. While the basic course reviews the fundamentals of orthodontics, the intermediate course dives into the more challenging cases. 

This is one of the only extensive courses that will give you hands-on experience with dental lasers, TADS, and electrosurgery to be able to treat patients who require additional treatment. The intermediate course also reviews how to distalize molars, close spaces for extraction cases, and reviews the basics of orthognathic surgery cases. This four-session orthodontics course will prepare you for complex cases in your private practice so that you can provide high quality care for your patients. 

4. Renews Enthusiasm and Vision 

“This has been a great experience learning from Dr. Williams. I truly feel that I have added more years of practice longevity by learning orthodontics and straight wire series system. I feel a renewed zest for learning and practice growth.” —B. Octavio Elizondo, DDS

I think most dentists can agree that, at one point in their career, dentistry became mundane or redundant. Dentists who are looking to put a little spark into their careers opt to take courses that challenge them and give them a new perspective on dentistry. A valuable course is one that gives you a new perspective, but also gives you a tangible way to increase your productivity and income. 

After dental school, there is not as much of a chance for true learning and updates on dental techniques and technology. The intermediate course is a chance to really renew your love for dentistry and master the more challenging techniques.

5. Breadth and Depth of Learning

“I’ve learned many new tips and tricks for ortho in Dr. Brad’s Intermediate class. If you want to see a way to “McGyver” cases, this is the class for you! —Carol Jones-Crall, DDS 

Dentistry does not always follow a one-size-fits-all treatment approach for patients. It takes a personalized look at each patient’s medical and dental histories, finances, lifestyle, and concerns to create a treatment plan that is appropriate. Treating orthodontic cases is no different because every patient has different concerns. 

The intermediate orthodontics course gives you the fundamentals to treat complicated cases, but also gives you the confidence to look at outside-of-the-box treatment plans. The orthodontic course teaches you how to apply orthodontic techniques like straight wire orthodontics, but also how to manage cases that may not always appear so straightforward. You’ll learn to be creative and get tips to achieve the best functional and cosmetic outcome for your patients.

The American Orthodontic Society sets you up for orthodontic success with your patients. 

If you want to advance your orthodontics proficiency in your practice, you need an experienced, committed partner by your side. But don’t take our word for it, read about our orthodontics programs or contact us for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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