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Whether you’re a current dental student or are seeking to add orthodontics to your practice, the American Orthodontic Society is proud to offer a range of in-person and online courses to expand your technical and clinical knowledge, increase and refine your skill set, and empower you to reach your professional aims.

Basic Straight Wire Course

The Basic Straight Wire Course will dramatically transform how you’re able to treat both current and prospective patients. Through a proven system for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, this five-session series will prepare you to competently treat 70% to 80% of the orthodontic cases you encounter in your general or pediatric practice. This course is available twice a year, once in Orlando and once in Dallas.

Continuing Education Credits

100 CE credit hours (20 per session)

100 additional CE credit hours of monitoring during the following year*

*At no additional cost for AOS members

Intermediate Straight Wire Course

Designed for the orthodontic practitioner who has completed the Basic Course or has a working knowledge of straight wire orthodontics, the Intermediate Straight Wire Course is a four-session series that will increase your orthodontic skills and education. While the Basic Straight Wire Course equips students to treat 70% to 80% of patients, the Intermediate Course will equip you to treat the remaining cases right from your general or pediatric practice.

Continuing Education Credits

80 CE credit hours (20 per session)

80 additional CE credit hours of monitoring during the following year*

*At no additional cost for AOS members

Orthodontic Training & Hands-On Workshop for Assistants & Hygienists

Basic and Advanced techniques taught in one weekend. This unique 2 1/2 day course will elevate your staff’s orthodontic knowledge in Phase I (early treatment), Phase II (Class I and Class II), bracketing, wire placement and diagnostic records, mirror photography, understanding the Straight Wire Series, MDA and retention.

Continuing Education Credits

A total of 20 CE hours may be obtained if attending all 2 1/2 days in their entirety.

Half of what you know about Orthodontics is wrong

Discover which half with this course. Hands-on experience with Indirect-Direct Bonding, Assuring CI II Correction, Fabrication of Wires that Facilitate Orthodontic Therapy, Posterior X-bite Correction with Biomechanics while learning the value of analog in a digital world, the problem with minimum touch orthodontics and the common sense solution for canine impactions.

Continuing Education Credits

A total of 14 orthodontic CE hours will be granted for this course.

Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Phase II Update Course

Participants in this 2-day lecture/video demonstration course will learn practical and innovative strategies for solving many of the common problems faced in orthodontic treatment mechanics.

Continuing Education Credits

A total of 16 orthodontic CE hours will be granted for this course.

Online Courses

Exploring & Solving Challenges in Orthodontics

After taking this course the participants should be able to have a better understanding of diagnosis, treatment planning, and orthodontic strategies to be able to manage multiple levels of orthodontic treatment challenges.

Continuing Education Credits

14 CE credit hours

McFarlane Orthodontic Webinars

There is no better time in history to incorporate orthodontics into your general practice. In particular, there will be a large cohort of patients returning after a trial with “Direct to Consumer” orthodontics that will have terrible outcomes, and require some high-quality rehabilitation (orthodontic and restorative.) This course series will position the general dentist to confidently help these patients, and get them back to oral health and harmony. These - along with some well-selected routine braces and clear aligner cases - will keep us all very busy for years to come.

Continuing Education Credits

Up to 10 CE credit hours

Highlights of Early and Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Children

FREE WEBINAR showing a panoramic view of what early-2-phase comprehensive orthodontic treatment is all about and also includes orthopedic, orthodontic, and habit-controlling treatments during the primary and early mixed dentitions.

Orthodontic Records for Aligner Cases

FREE 45-MIN WEBINAR to motivate the student to look at themselves as an orthodontic provider, and to have the resources available through the AOS to get the training desired.

Up to 1 CE credit hour