Improve your case acceptance rates

5 Tips for Improving Your Case Acceptance Rates

Dentistry is challenging enough when you take into account difficult treatment plans, finance management, staff issues, and patient retention—and then you need to consider the case acceptance rates from patients…
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You can avoid doctor burnout

Burnout: The Biggest Challenge Most Dentists Face and How to Overcome It

Being a dentist is rewarding, but it’s also really difficult. It has been a long, tiring day. The stream of appointments has been crazy and added to that the challenge…
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Orthodontics will benefit your practice

5 Ways Orthodontics Benefits General Dental Practices

Enhance your dental practice by adding orthodontics.  Not everyone thinks of general dentistry when they think of orthodontics, but that is beginning to change. General dentists who provide orthodontics for…
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The best of advanced dentistry

5 Advanced Dentistry Choices Dentists Love

Expand your skills with a continuing education course in advanced dentistry.  There is no greater feeling for a general dentist than providing the highest level of dental care for your…
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Orthodontics can benefit a pediatric dental practice

5 Ways Orthodontics Benefits Pediatric Practices

Expand your skills and provide added benefits for your patients with orthodontics.  Your pediatric dental practice is booming, but you want to raise the bar and offer your patients treatment…
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Ways to learn orthodontics

5 Best Ways to Learn Orthodontics as a General or Pediatric Dentist

Take advantage of online or in-person orthodontics training. Dentists get questions about orthodontics every single day. Patients want to perfect their smiles, and sometimes orthodontics is necessary to restore functional…
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Understand your patient's facial esthetics

3 Things To Know About Facial Esthetics & Orthodontics

A healthy smile means more than just straight teeth.  The general public assumes dentists solely observe and treat teeth, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dentistry…
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Tips to being the best pediatric dentist

5 Tips to Be the Best Pediatric Dentist for Parents and Their Kids

Little smiles deserve the best pediatric dentist.  Pediatric dentistry is a valuable, rewarding field. Helping the littlest patients create a foundation of healthy dental habits is a great way to…
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Best ways to manage your dental practice

5 Tips to Increase Production for General Dental Practices

Simple Steps for a More Efficient Dental Practice Running a dental practice entails so many business areas that dentists were simply not trained for in dental school. Between hiring a…
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Facts about dentists

7 Amazing Facts About Dentists

Yes, dentists, you really are amazing! Did you know that there are currently over 201,000 dentists working today in the United States? That’s one dentist for every 1600 people! We…
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Pediatric dental practice production

5 Tips to Increase Production for Pediatric Dental Practices

Simple tips to boost your pediatric practice.  Pediatric dentists enter the field because of their love of treating young patients, but it takes a lot more than patience and a…
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Being a dentist pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Being a Dentist

Dentistry is a rewarding—and challenging—career.  You love life, being a dentist—most days. Other days…well, you consider taking a very long vacation. You didn’t choose dentistry because you’re crazy about dental…
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Stay in the know with these dental blogs

The Best Dental-related Blogs You Should Be Following

Stay up-to-date with dental blogs. Dental professionals have so many responsibilities that it can be difficult to remain up-to-date with the latest research, news, and blogs. We spend so much…
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Do more as a pediatric dentist

5 Ways to Expand Your Career as a Pediatric Dentist

Increase your pediatric dental skills and give your patients optimal care. Dental professionals are always looking for ways to expand their careers and find personal and professional fulfilment. There are…
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Tips to avoid doctor burnout

10 More Ways to Avoid Doctor Burnout

Taking care of yourself will also take care of your practice.  It’s no surprise that dentistry has one of the highest rates of professional career burnout. Between the physical and…
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Do you fear failing as a dentist

To Every Dentist Who Feels Like They’re Failing

Facing and overcoming challenges as a general or pediatric dentist. There are few emotions quite as overwhelming and debilitating as the feeling like the feeling that one is failing at…
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Help patients with previous bad dental experiences

How to Help Your Patients Rewrite Their Bad Dental Experiences

Dental anxiety is a common fear among people and affects an estimated 36% of the population. Bad dental experiences can affect a person so strongly that they avoid the dentist…
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How to use your expertise as a general dentist

How to Convey Your Expertise as a General Dentist to Patients

Inspiring confidence through effective in-person and virtual communication. As a general dentist deeply passionate about providing the highest level of care possible, you may be wondering how to best convey…
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Best ways to support your dental team

It Takes a Village: Supporting Your Dental Team to Create Office Success

Your dental team members are your biggest asset and success lies in looking after them. After decades of studying during college, dental school, and residency, your true challenge as a…
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Self-care is important for a busy professional

Knowing Isn’t Enough: Practicing Self-Care Is an Action Verb

Consistent self-care is the solution for preventing burnout. Burnout is a problem that’s all too familiar for many dental professionals, especially dentists who are also running their own practice. When…
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Improving your patient's experience

How You Can Improve Your Patient’s Experience in Your Practice

Small changes can result in big improvements to your patients’ experience in your practice.  Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. The sounds,…
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Challenge and motivate your team

8 Ideas for Challenging Your Team Members

Achieve consistent success in your dental practice by challenging your team. As a dentist and practice owner, you already know the immense importance of creating a team of high-achieving, committed…
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Straight wire orthodontics courses

Straight Wire Orthodontics Courses Are Both Online and In-Person

Enhance your practice with orthodontics care for your patients. General and pediatric dentists are fortunate to provide comprehensive dental care for their patients, but they are often missing a key…
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Time off from work is important

Time Off Isn’t Only for Vacations

Everyday Work-Life Balance Strategies Work-life balance is often tough for dentists who manage busy dental practices. You are constantly juggling administrative duties, payroll, staff recruitment and retention, marketing, and the…
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AOS offers both online and in-person credits

Do You Need Online or In-person CE Credits? We Offer Both

Invest in continuing education credits that can benefit your career. With the number of hats a dentist wears, it is undeniably understandable that sometimes continuing education can fall behind. But…
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Add value to your dental practice

10 Things You Can Start Now That Will Add Value to Your Dental Practice

Improving Your Dental Practice With These Simple Steps Whether you are a young dental graduate looking to start a dental practice or a seasoned dental practice owner, you are always…
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Challenges of being a dental professional

5 Common Challenges Dental Professionals Face

Meet challenges head on and set your dental practice up for success. Dentistry is constantly evolving with new technology and advancement in treatment protocols to improve patient satisfaction. Aside from…
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How are you managing your work-life balance

Is work-life balance a myth? 5 Tips to Keeping Yours

Avoid burnout by prioritizing your health and happiness. Dentistry offers a rewarding career for many, but it can also come with unique stress. The dental profession is known to have…
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What a membership at AOS could mean for your practice

What Does Membership Really Mean at the American Orthodontic Society?

Why join the AOS? Dental organizations are one of the best ways dentists can remain connected to the most updated information in the field of dentistry. Depending on your area…
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Continuing education online is easier than you think

You Can Take Continuing Education Courses Online

Travel limitations don’t need to stop your pursuit of continuing education. The travel restrictions of 2020 have long been lifted, but many dentists are finding themselves intrigued by the idea…
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Further education will benefit your dental practice

Add a New Area of Expertise to Your Dental Practice Without Adding Education Debt

Dentists are always looking for ways to enhance production and bring advanced dental techniques to their practices. Taking continuing education courses and implementing new techniques helps to increase annual production,…
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Adding orthodontics will benefit your practice

5 Reasons Pediatric Dentists Should Incorporate Orthodontics In Their Practices

Offer your pediatric patients comprehensive care. As pediatric dentists, there is no specialist that we work closer with than orthodontists. Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics go hand-in-hand as children and adolescents…
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Tips and tools for a pediatric dentist

5 Tools Every Pediatric Dentist Should Have in Their Tool Belt

A successful practice makes the dental experience fun for children of all ages and abilities. Pediatric dentists are like the ringmasters of the dental practice. This is because it takes…
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Offer straight wire orthodontics to your patients

What Can Straight Wire Orthodontics Do for Your Practice?

Improve your office production and retain your patients. If you are in general or pediatric practice, incorporating orthodontics into your office will have a quick positive impact. Would you refer…
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Base your dental career goals on your future

Grow Your Dental Career With an Eye on the Future

Opportunities Abound for Dental Professionals A dental career is unique as it offers several opportunities that many dental professionals may be unaware of. Dentists (and patients) often think a dentist…
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There are ways to avoid doctor burnout

5 Tips to Avoid Doctor Burnout

Shift your approach in order to sustain a long-term career. Career burnout can occur for any professional, but is often linked to the dental profession because of its high-stress work-related…
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Build a happy, committed team

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Team Engaged, Committed, and Happy

Help motivate your staff with continuing education. The daily routine of dentistry can become mundane to us as clinicians and especially to our dental team. Regardless of whether you practice…
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