Dental practice efficiency.

Part 3: Mastering the Art of Dental Practice Success: Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Effective ways to operate your practice efficiently. As your dental practice continues to grow, it’s important to focus on ways that you can improve efficiency to maximize your dental practice…
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Attract and retain your patient base.

Part 2: Mastering the Art of Dental Practice Success: Attracting and Retaining Patients

Practice building: attracting and retaining a solid patient base. Once you’ve established your practice, the next step is attracting and retaining a solid patient base. While the previous entry helped…
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Set yourself up for dental practice success.

Part 1: Mastering the Art of Dental Practice Success: Building a Solid Foundation

Steps to building a successful dental practice. Achieving success with your dental practice is no small feat. But it’s something you can achieve with the right approach and a little…
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Comprehensive early treatment mechanics.

Sign Up Today! Learn About Comprehensive Early Treatment Mechanics for the Growing Child

Providing Interceptive Orthodontic Care for Children Pediatric dentistry poses a variety of unique challenges related to ensuring healthy development in patients. Many of these challenges require orthodontic intervention to handle…
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Choosing the right temporary dental staffing.

Temporary Dental Staffing: How to Find the Right Fill-Ins So You Can Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoy your vacation knowing your practice is in good hands. Taking time off is good for your mental health. Vacations can prevent burnout and prepare you to be more productive…
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Cornerstones of a dental marketing agency.

The 5 Cornerstones of a Dental Marketing Agency to Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate your practice by working with a marketing agency.  Cultivating a dental practice requires a significant time investment, which some doctors don’t have. And with competition continuing to increase, it…
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Take a straight wire course at AOS.

4 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in the Intermediate Straight Wire Course

Invest in your future with the Intermediate Straight Wire Course. Orthodontic treatment can range significantly in complexity. Some orthodontic courses for general dentists only leave you prepared to handle the…
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Understanding patient personas.

Yes, Your Dental Practice Will Benefit From Patient Personas

How Patient Personas Help You Reach Your Ideal Patients Recognizing that not all patients are the same is a must in your dental practice. While some oral health discussions are…
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Orthodontics may help bruxism and TMJ.

The Bruxism and TMJ Connection: The Big Way Orthodontics Can Play a Role

Orthodontic Treatment for TMD This article explores the significant relationship between bruxism, TMJ disorders, and the practical application of orthodontic principles in dentistry. Understanding this connection equips dentists to manage…
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Build your dental retirement plan.

Secure Your Financial Future With a Solid Dental Retirement Plan

Building a Solid Financial Foundation The average retirement age for a dentist is 69, according to Dental Economics. This is seven years more than those in other professions. Whether you…
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Expand your dental practice with orthodontic courses.

Should You Take Orthodontic Courses To Expand Your Dental Practice?

The Demand for Orthodontics As a general or pediatric dentist, one of the best ways to grow your dental practice is to turn to orthodontics. Orthodontic services can help widen…
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Orthodontic records are key to success.

From Records to Results: The Role of Orthodontic Records in Aligner Case Success

The Significance of Orthodontic Records Understanding the crucial role of orthodontic records is key to achieving success in aligner cases. In the Orthodontic Records for Aligner Cases course from the…
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Better blog formatting for SEO.

Blog Formatting for SEO: 5 Tips To Improve Readability

What is blog formatting for SEO? Adding a blog to your dental practice’s website is a great idea. It attracts prospective patients through search traffic, establishing you as a credible…
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Early orthodontic treatment for kids.

3 Highlights of Early Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment for Pediatric Patients

The Power of Early Orthodontics for Children Orthodontics is evolving, particularly regarding the growing recognition of the benefits of early orthodontic treatment in pediatric patients. This paradigm shift recognizes the…
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Better writing for your dental blog.

How To Write Dental Blog Posts That Resonate With Your Audience

Know your audience to maximize the value of your dental blog posts. Standing out is a nonnegotiable in a world buzzing with over 600 million blogs. As a dentist, embracing…
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Braces for adults.

Starting the Conversation: 3 Tips to Help You Talk to Adult Patients About Braces

Approaching the Subject of Adult Braces Adult braces can be a difficult topic to approach, as many adult patients are hesitant to begin orthodontic treatment due to aesthetic concerns. However,…
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How to successfully take orthodontics courses.

Orthodontics Courses: 3 Ways To Prepare for Success—What To Do Before, During, and After

How To Maximize Your Orthodontics Course Experience Orthodontics courses are becoming a preferred option for continuing education among general and pediatric dentists. These engaging courses provide practical education that helps…
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Videos for your dental website.

Behind the Scenes: 4 Benefits of Adding Engaging Videos to Your Website

The Power of Video Content Your dental practice website is a valuable resource to reach new patients and keep existing patients coming back. However, it requires a careful marketing strategy…
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Social media for your dental practice.

Dental Practice Social Media 101: Building a Strong Online Presence

How to promote your practice through social media. While your focus as a dentist should be providing quality patient care, treating your practice as a business is also important. As…
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Importance of orthodontic coverage.

Peace of Mind for Americans: Why Orthodontic Coverage in Dental Insurance is a Priority

Orthodontic Coverage’s Role in Ortho Case Acceptance Those not in the dental or orthodontic profession don’t often realize that nearly 50% of children will need braces to address functional issues…
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Join the American Orthodontic Society.

Why You Should Join the American Orthodontic Society

The Power of Orthodontic Community The American Orthodontic Society (AOS) is a group of dedicated professionals who provide unique networking opportunities, exclusive resources, and comprehensive orthodontics training courses for general…
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Ultimate ski retreat with AOS.

Ready To Hit the Slopes? Join the AOS for the Ultimate Ski Retreat

AOS Orthodontic Ski Retreat  The AOS Orthodontic Ski Retreat is a unique way to experience an exceptional getaway, exclusive orthodontic education, and mentorship. This amazing Colorado retreat will feature a…
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Airway focused orthodontic care course.

Functional and Airway Focused Pediatric Orthodontic Care Course From the AOS

Functional and Airway Focused Pediatric Orthodontic Care Course Overview Take advantage of a groundbreaking opportunity to enhance your dental practice with the Functional and Airway Focused Pediatric Orthodontic Care course…
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Come take our digital aligner bootcamp!

8 Things To Love About Our New Digital Aligner Bootcamp

What is Digital Aligner Bootcamp?  As a general dentist, you make the oral health of your patients, along with their personal goals, a top priority. For a growing number of…
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Digital Aligner Bootcamp with AOS.

3 Ways the Digital Aligner Bootcamp Helps You Stay Competitive

Here’s how the Digital Aligner Bootcamp gives your dental practice an edge. Dental technology moves quickly. Since their debut in 2000, clear aligners have become one of the most popular…
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Help kids want braces.

Winning Smiles: How Dentists Can Overcome Kids’ Objections to Braces

How To Get Kids Excited About Their Orthodontic Treatment Providing orthodontic treatment is a complex task. Not only do you have to execute the technical side of treatment, but there’s…
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Straight wire orthodontics course

Mastering Orthodontics: 5 Reasons You Should Take a Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Opportunities in Straight Wire Orthodontics for General Dentists The United Consumer Financial Services estimated the demand for U.S. orthodontic services would grow by 10% in 2023 alone, driven by improved…
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Boost your domain authority.

Strategies To Boost Your Domain Authority: Practical Tips for Dental Marketing Teams

Everything You Need To Know About Domain Authority Having a website for your dental practice is a great start, but it’s not enough to help you stand out from all…
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Master orthodontic diagnosis.

Mastering Orthodontic Diagnosis: How to Unlock the Path to Effective Treatment Planning

The presentation of any orthodontic diagnosis is a crucial step in every patient’s journey to a healthy smile. A treatment plan is a guideline for the entire process. It includes…
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Communication with a patient matters.

Boosting Patient Satisfaction: 5 Tips for Better Communication

Communication is a big part of patient satisfaction. For any dental office to succeed, there must be effective communication between the dental team and their patients. This factor is essential…
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Understand and use the rule of seven.

The Rule of Seven in Dental Marketing: What It Is, How to Apply It

When marketing your dental practice, there are seemingly endless strategies to choose from. Regardless of which one you opt for, basic principles apply to every successful dental marketing effort. One…
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Most important articles for your dental website.

The Essential Dental Blog: 6 Cornerstone Articles Every Dental Website Needs

Maintaining a dental website and associated social media accounts is a powerful means of acquiring more patients, but only if you consistently post valuable content. Statistics show that 35% of…
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Increase dentist job satisfaction.

5 Key Ways To Increase Job Satisfaction as a Dentist

Dentist job satisfaction exists—but it could be better. An article published in Clinical Dentistry states that 76.6% of dentists express contentment in their careers. However, the pursuit of constant improvement…
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How did Kodak influence our happy smiles?

Is Kodak Partially Responsible for The Improvement to Our Oral Health and Happy Smiles?

The Evolution of Smiling in Pictures Imagine a museum where the halls are adorned with timeless paintings of individuals frozen in time. But something is amiss: No one is smiling.…
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How to use social media in your dental practice.

Exciting News: 5 Tips to Announce That You Have Added Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice!

Integrating orthodontics into your dental practice is both thrilling and fulfilling, promising to elevate patient satisfaction. With this transformative addition, it’s time to share your exciting news with the world.…
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Better patient satisfaction

Do You Want To Have a Direct Impact on Your Patients’ Lives?

A primary goal of dentists has always been to enhance the well-being of their patients. Dentists strive to create healthy smiles that radiate confidence and transform lives. In this article,…
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Parent relationships in pediatric dentistry

10 Key Tips on Relating to the Parents of Your Pediatric Dental Patients

Improving Parent-Dentist Relationships When providing treatment in pediatric dentistry, communicating with the parents can be just as important as communicating with the patients themselves. Proper pediatric dental care calls for…
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Overcome continuing education roadblocks

5 Roadblocks Dentists Face in Continuing Education and How to Overcome Them

Continuing Education for Dentists Continuing education is an essential part of being a practicing dentist. Not only do you face certain requirements to maintain licensing, but you also have an…
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Orthodontic continuing education

How Hands-On Learning in Orthodontic Continuing Education Can Help Build Competence and Confidence

Providing any kind of dental care requires a combination of skill, experience, and knowledge. To deliver the best for your patients, you need to be confident in all three areas.…
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Building better patient satisfaction

3 Things for Dentists To Consider if They Want To Make an Impact on Their Patients’ Lives

Going Beyond Successful Treatment: How To Improve Patient Satisfaction Are you doing everything you can to ensure patient satisfaction? As a dentist, you’re responsible for both encouraging oral health and…
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Work better with neurodiverse children

Why It’s So Important To Accommodate Neurodiverse Children in Your Pediatric Dental Clinic

Do you and your staff have the skills to provide proper care for every patient who comes through your door? As a pediatric dentist, you will find yourself treating neurodiverse…
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Better patient retention in your pediatric office

How to Increase Patient Retention at Your Pediatric Dental Clinic

Patient retention is just as important to the continued success of your practice as bringing in new patients. Building lasting relationships benefits not only your practice but your patients as…
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Choose the right American Orthodontic Society Membership

Which Type of American Orthodontic Society Membership Is Best for You?

American Orthodontic Society membership provides a wide range of benefits for general and pediatric dentists. Continuing education courses, networking opportunities, and numerous resources make membership a tremendous asset.  However, you…
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Build the dental practice you want

Are You Fulfilling Your Dreams With Your Vision for Your Dental Practice?

Your dental practice vision is an important part of who you are, both professionally and personally. However, the practical challenges of running a dental practice and the realities of life…
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You can stop referring orthodontic cases out.

4 Reasons You Need To Stop Referring Orthodontic Cases Out and What To Do Instead

Why refer out for orthodontics if you don’t have to? As a general dentist, you likely come across a variety of cases that require referral to some type of specialist.…
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Guide orthodontic treatment expectations

4 Reasons It’s Important to Shape Your Patient’s Orthodontic Treatment Expectations Properly

It’s not unusual for a patient to walk into their dentist’s office asking for a smile makeover—a Hollywood smile—that, while desirable, might not best suit their features. This isn’t to…
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Changes in patient-doctor paradigm

4 Ways the Patient-Doctor Paradigm Has Changed Since the 80s

The dentist-patient relationship is the cornerstone of quality clinical care, and its significance has grown over time. We see it in article after article that stronger dentist-patient relationships correlate with…
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Orthodontics for pediatric dentists

3 Benefits of Continuing Education in Orthodontics for Pediatric Dentists

Most kids who get braces are between the ages of 9 and 14, and about four of every five people in braces are minors. This creates a tremendous opportunity for…
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Take one orthodontics course

If You Only Take One Orthodontic Course, This Should Be the One

This orthodontic course could change the trajectory of your dental career. Finding the time for continuing education can be a challenge for many dentists. Though they know it is important,…
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Hiring dental staff

5 Things To Keep in Mind When Hiring for a Pediatric Dental Clinic

Hiring Considerations in Pediatric Dentistry Searching for a new team member can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Whether you’re looking for a new dental assistant or a treatment coordinator,…
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Create a better office culture

10 Tips on Creating an Office Culture That Will Positively Affect Your Patients

How To Create a Positive Dental Office Culture  Culture is a way of life for a group of people. When it comes to a dental practice, this includes everyone from…
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Strengthen your dental practice

Learn This Vital Skill To Strengthen Your Dental Practice

Questions To Ask Yourself To Uncover Vital Information Opportunities in business are changes that allow you to advance your dental practice success. Finding opportunities in apparent downturns is a valuable…
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Orthodontics gives your patients' great smiles.

3 Ways Orthodontics Provides More for Your Patients Than Great Smiles

The Impact of Orthodontic Advancements on Patients and Your Practice Our teeth impact every aspect of our daily lives. They affect the way we eat, how we speak, and how…
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How to stop stress

Don’t Self-Destruct! 7 Steps To Stop the Stress Right Now

Stopping the Stress To Avoid Dentist Burnout We all experience stress at one time or another. The truth is that working in a dental practice can be overwhelming between clinical…
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Best online orthodontics courses

4 of Our Best Online Orthodontics Courses and Why They’re So Popular

Best Online Orthodontics Courses for Dentists Dentists typically live busy lives between their dental practices and families, which usually means they don’t have enough time in the day (or year)…
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Famous dentists in history

8 Famous Facts About the Most Successful Dentists in History

Famous Dentists Throughout History  Have you ever considered that you could become a famous dentist one day? Numerous dentists just like you have made their marks throughout history. Some of…
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How to have happy patients

4 Small but Surefire Ways To Keep Your Patients Happy

How To Have Happy Patients Many patients no longer dread dental visits because most dental practices now focus on creating a “wow” patient experience. In the past, dentistry (at least…
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Digital aligner bootcamp

Digital Aligner Bootcamp: 3 Ways To Tell if It’s for You

Raising the Bar With Clear Aligner Therapy Every dentist wants to provide their patients with the best care. Part of delivering that high level of care includes improving your practice…
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General dentists orthodontics training courses

3 Ways Orthodontics Facilitates Patient Oral Health Success

Make Your Patients’ Smiles Healthier With General Dentists Orthodontics Training Courses When most patients think about orthodontics, they tend to think it is only about straightening teeth, when in truth,…
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Should you take an advanced orthodontics course

Should I Go On To Take an Advanced Orthodontics Course? 5 Tips for Deciding

Investing in orthodontic continuing education is a major investment for a dentist, both timewise and financially. So, if you have made it through the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) Basic course,…
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How to afford ce courses

Our Top 7 Tips on Financial Planning for Your First GP Orthodontics Course

Set your practice up for sustainable growth.  Are you currently considering taking a GP orthodontics course, but you’re unsure if you can or should fit it into your budget? If…
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Straight wire ortho course

Is Taking a Straight Wire Ortho Course the Best Decision?

The Growing Demand for Orthodontics Orthodontics is only becoming more popular each year thanks to social media and greater awareness of the importance of our oral health. If you are…
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Benefits of AOS membership

An AOS Membership Can Provide You With These 4 Networking Opportunities

Propelling Your Career Through Your AOS Membership Network   As a dentist with your own practice, you’re both a professional and a business owner. Both of these categories can benefit from…
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Grow your dental practice

3 Ways To Unleash Your Competitive Nature Into Your Dental Practice

Using Your Competitive Drive Productively Medical professionals are often driven by a competitive urge to succeed. It takes a lot of motivation to make it through dental education and to…
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Be successful with AOS courses

3 AOS Courses That Teach You How To Be Successful in Orthodontics

Top AOS Courses You Shouldn’t Miss Every success requires effort and energy, and becoming a successful orthodontic provider is no exception. If you are looking to make it big in…
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Basic straight wire orthodontics course

4-Step Preparation for the Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Getting Ready for Your Ortho CE Course You’re nearly ready to start the next journey of your dental career: orthodontics. Now that you have committed to taking orthodontic CE courses…
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Improve your leadership skills

5 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Skills as a Dental Practice Owner

Set your practice (and your team) up for success.  Building a successful practice requires certain skills as a dentist, business owner, and leader. But some practice owners overlook the importance…
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You can have dental practice success

5 Ways Dental Practice Success Involves Optimism and Risk Taking

Success requires calculated risk. Success in any venture requires a certain amount of risk. However, success is also about taking the right risks. This requires understanding yourself, your practice, and…
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Straight wire ortho course

5 Basic Elements of Our Straight Wire Ortho Course Dentists Love

Unique Benefits of Comprehensive Straight Wire Ortho Courses Once you complete dental school, it’s not always the easiest thing to get back into continuing education while balancing running a practice…
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Time to get an AOS membership

Hesitant About an AOS Membership? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Find out how an AOS membership can give you the support you need to start offering orthodontics.  General dentistry and orthodontics have an exceptional synergy that allows practices to grow…
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AOS orthodontic courses

Do AOS Orthodontics Courses Prepare You To Deal With Every Orthodontic Case?

Which AOS orthodontics courses will help you reach your orthodontic practice goals? General and pediatric dentists can take advantage of AOS orthodontic courses to offer various orthodontic treatment options at…
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Add orthodontics to your practice

3 Reasons To Add Orthodontics to Your Practice

Adding orthodontics to your dental practice offerings is a game changer! There is no question that we see orthodontics everywhere today. We see it on social media, television, and in…
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Intermediate orthodontics courses

3 Top Benefits of Our Intermediate Orthodontics Courses

Many dentists feel like they are on cloud 9 when they are on their orthodontic course journey. This is because of all the benefits that come with offering orthodontics: less…
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Growing your dental practice

These 5 Things Will Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Growing your dental practice by understanding what patients want.  While providing great services to your patients is vital, there is much more to achieving dental practice success than offering services…
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Grow your practice with GP orthodontics

5 Ways Adding Orthodontics Can Help Your Business Gain Momentum

Grow your dental practice with revolutionary GP orthodontics offerings. There are many ways to ensure the continued growth of your dental practice, from employing a strong marketing campaign to using…
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Increase dental practice revenue

How To Increase Revenue Without Significantly Increasing Overhead

The Supply and Demand Challenge There is no question that dentists these days are trying to get creative to increase dental practice revenue because of increased supply prices and wages.…
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Improvements you can make in pediatric dentistry

Get Ahead in Pediatric Dentistry With 3 Assessments

Getting Ahead in Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric dentists provide a wide range of dental treatments. The needs of developing patients are diverse, and it takes significant skill to provide the best…
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Orthodontic courses add value to your dental practice

Here’s How to Add Value to Your Dental Practice, Starting Today

Set yourself apart from other practices with these practical tips.  Running and growing a dental practice can be a complex challenge that leaves many dentists without a clear idea of…
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Onsite vs. online orthodontic courses

Pros and Cons of Our Onsite vs. Online Orthodontic CE Courses

Choose the right orthodontics course for your needs.  Today, many general dentists are pursuing continuing education (CE) opportunities to expand the potential treatment options they can provide and to deliver…
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GP orthodontics return on investment

What Is the Return on Investment for Adding Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice?

Orthodontic training is costly, but you can recoup your investment with a few cases a month. Taking general dentist orthodontics courses can be a great way to expand your dental…
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How to avoid dental career burnout

Dental Career Burnout and the Endless Cycle of Stress: What to Do

Dentists aren’t exempt from career stress and burnout. Burnout is a major issue across all fields of medicine, particularly in dentistry. Some studies suggest that clinicians can face dental career…
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Improve dental office production

5 Ways GP Orthodontics Courses Lead to Improved Production and Patient Retention

Bolster your dental office production and patient retention with orthodontics. There is no secret that adding orthodontics is a lucrative treatment that can boost production and improve the financial situation…
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Financial freedom for dentists

6 Tips for Dental Professionals Pursuing Financial Freedom

Increasing your income, finding financial freedom for dentists Financial freedom is something that virtually everyone either wishes to pursue, is currently pursuing, or has managed to attain. Being a dental…
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How to have dental practice success

5 Must-Haves for Creating and Maintaining a Positive Dental Practice Culture

Culture means everything when it comes to dental practice success. Does your office give a sense of warmth and motivated energy when you walk in or does it feel like…
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Expand your pediatric dental practice

Over Half of Pediatric Dentists Are Missing Out on This Opportunity

Want to grow your pediatric practice at a rapid pace? If you’re a pediatric dentist looking to expand your pediatric dental practice, you may be uncertain which avenues are worth…
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Diagnose orthodontic problems for your patients

Don’t Let Your Patients Suffer From Orthodontic Problems

Going Beyond General Dentistry With Orthodontics Sometimes patients suffer silently from orthodontic problems because they are simply unaware they have an issue. Others don’t have a dentist who is trained…
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GP orthodontics course

5 Reasons You Need a GP Orthodontic Course, Even If You Refer

How GP Ortho Courses Benefit Your Practice, Even When You Refer Out General dentist orthodontic courses are among the best professional development choices a dentist can make. They can let…
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Best ortho courses for general dentists

Get the Ortho Training You Need and More Through the AOS

Not all orthodontic courses are the same. Today, orthodontic courses for general dentists offer a way to add treatment options to your practice. However, not every course can provide the…
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Increase patient acceptance rates

Yes, You Can Increase Patient Acceptance Rates in Your Dental Practice

Encouraging an Increase in Patient Acceptance Rates Once a patient is in the chair, how can a dentist convince that patient they need additional dental work besides a routine cleaning?…
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Fast-track orthodontic classes

Don’t Be Fooled by “Fast-Track” Orthodontic Classes

4 Reasons Fast-Track Orthodontic Classes May Not Be Right for You Orthodontic training courses can be a tremendous asset for general dentists looking to provide more treatment options. However, dentists…
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General dentistry and orthodontics

Dentists: Incorporate Orthodontics Into Every Evaluation

5 Reasons To Prioritize Orthodontics in Your Practice Dentists need to get away from the old-school thinking that orthodontics does not apply to them. If you are a licensed dentist…
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Stay up to date with current orthodontics

Stay Current With Orthodontics in Our Treatment Strategies Update Course

Are you ready for the next step in your orthodontic practice journey? You’re skilled at treating orthodontics, but there is always room to learn and expand your orthodontic knowledge. The…
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Understand the future of orthodontics

Why Every Dentist Should Understand Orthodontics

Orthodontics is part of the comprehensive care you provide your patients.  Patients have high expectations of their general and pediatric dentists because they are essentially their primary care doctor of…
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Professional orthodontics website

5 Website Credibility Tips for Dentists Who Practice Orthodontics

There are simple ways dentists who practice orthodontics can elevate their professional website. When you design a website to attract new patients (and keep your existing ones), you want a…
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Dental marketing for orthodontic services

How Orthodontic Practices Can Gain Exposure Through Marketing Techniques

Focusing on dental practice marketing can elevate patient awareness of your services.  Your dental practice is committed to offering orthodontics to patients, but how do you get the word out…
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American orthodontics

10 Facts About Orthodontics That Will Surprise You

Orthodontics is a natural progression for general dentists looking to expand their practice.  Dentists are aware that orthodontics is a field of dentistry that benefits patients’ oral health, but there…
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Dental continuing education

5 Ways To Stay Motivated in Dentistry

Overcoming Burnout and Thriving in Your Dental Career With many dental procedures now virtually painless and completed in one day, the demand for achieving an attractive, healthy smile is rapidly…
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How to get started in general practice orthodontics

You’ve Completed an Orthodontics Course—Now What?

How To Implement Your Ortho Knowledge It’s not always an easy decision to take orthodontics courses because of the time and financial commitment. But once you’ve made the decision, you…
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Orthodontic training for general dentists

5 Reasons Dentists Hesitate To Practice Orthodontics

The Truth Behind Ortho Referrals If adding orthodontics to your general dental practice was an easy task, nearly every dentist would do it. But like anything that is highly successful,…
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general dentistry and orthodontics courses

5 Benefits of Mentorship in Creating Your Orthodontic Practice

How a Mentor Can Fast-Track Your Orthodontic Success When a physician, surgeon, dentist, or other medical professional is learning a procedure new to them, they often rely on a mentor…
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The best orthodontic courses

The American Orthodontic Society’s 5 Most Popular Courses

Orthodontics is continually evolving, and your skills need to keep pace. If you are looking for orthodontic training, there is a course for dentists at every level through the American…
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Orthodontic assistants and hygienists course

Boost Patient Satisfaction with a Hands-On Workshop for Orthodontic Assistants and Hygienists

Is your team trained to support your orthodontics patients? The demand for orthodontic treatment is literally off the charts in the U.S. Many general and pediatric dentists are incorporating orthodontics…
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how to get new patients

10 Ways To Market Orthodontics and Attract New Patients

Effective Marketing Strategies To Get New Orthodontic Patients  If you are thinking of adding orthodontics to the list of services your dental practice offers, the first step is to invest…
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Get the best orthodontics training

10 Ways AOS Offers the Best General-Dentist Orthodontics Training

The Future of Orthodontics for General Dentists Continuing education courses for dentists can be costly and timely, so when you find an orthodontics training course that offers hands-on professional orthodontics,…
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General dentist orthodontics

5 Common Problems Orthodontics Can Fix That Dentists Sometimes Miss

Let’s look at 5 common problems orthodontics can treat. Malocclusion can make it difficult to chew properly, speak normally, and maintain good oral health. Overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth may…
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orthodontics for general and pediatric dentists

The Pros and Cons of Orthodontics for General and Pediatric Dentists

The demand for orthodontics is on the rise. Orthodontic work is now the No. 1 reason why general and pediatric dentists must refer patients to other providers. In addition to…
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CE courses for dentists

3 Common Life Stages of a Dentist And How To Ace Them All

Making the Most of Your Dental Career A dental career has different major phases, such as coming out of school, the middle of the career, and selling a practice or…
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How to encourage patients to begin orthodontics

5 Ways To Encourage Patients To Receive the Orthodontic Care They Need

Encouraging Patients Toward Orthodontic Care Everyone wants a perfect smile, but sometimes it takes a little bit of encouragement to get patients to begin their orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is a…
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Orthodontics needs dentists can address

10 Reasons Your Patients Are Hesitant To Embrace Orthodontic Treatment

What’s keeping your patients from starting ortho treatment?  Dental patients crave straight, glowing smiles, but that perfect look requires an orthodontic journey with their trained general or pediatric dentist. Orthodontics…
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Next step orthodontics with intermediate straight wire course

5 Things General Dentists Love About Our Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Read orthodontic course reviews from our AOS intermediate straight wire course students. Let’s face it. Not all continuing education courses have the zest to change a dentist’s career path. But,…
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The exciting future of dentistry

The Future of Dentistry: 5 Things That Will Change Dentistry

5 Predictions About the Future of Dentistry Dental technology has come a long way from cork fillings, wooden dentures, and foot-pedaled drilling tools. Today, dental patients enjoy painless (sedation) dentistry,…
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Interceptive orthodontic care is best for your child

How You Can Make Interceptive Orthodontic Care Easier for Parents

Early orthodontic treatment can benefit your smallest patients—and their parents.  Interceptive orthodontic care refers to early orthodontic treatment of children with primary teeth. The goal of interception orthodontics is to…
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You should offer pediatric orthodontics at your dental practice

Pediatric Orthodontics: Benefits to Your Dental Patients and Families

Pediatric orthodontics offers a lifetime of great oral health. The North American orthodontics industry is worth $2.26 billion. With adult orthodontic procedures grabbing more of the headlines in recent years,…
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Is orthodontics right for a general dentist

Should General and Pediatric Dentists Perform Orthodontics?

Is adding orthodontics to your practice worth it? Although licensed general dentists in the U.S. can provide orthodontic services, most general and pediatric dentists refer patients needing braces to orthodontic…
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Is it time for you to take the AOS straight wire orthodontics course

5 Things Dentists Love About Our Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Wondering if an AOS straight wire orthodontics course is right for you?  As a general dentist, you spend years building great relationships with your patients. You may often see multiple…
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Continuing education for dentists

5 Things to Consider in  Continuing Education as a General or Family Dentist

Ask yourself these questions to find the right continuing education course for you. Whether you’re only a few years out of dental school or you’re a seasoned practice owner, continuing…
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General dentist orthodontics course

Why Every Dentist Should Understand Orthodontics

Why add orthodontics into your practice? Are you a family or pediatric dentist looking to expand your expertise and provide a greater range of services to both new and existing…
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Be in the know about what dental patients want

5 Things Patients Are Looking For in Dentistry in 2022

What Dental Patients Want in 2022 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that openings for dentists will increase at least 8% from now until 2030. However, the demand for…
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Early orthodontic treatment for little kids

An Overview of Early Orthodontic Treatment in Pediatric Patients

Interceptive Orthodontics and Kids’ Dental and Overall Health Nearly every parent wants to know the age their child will need orthodontic treatment. After all, it is a major financial investment,…
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Orthodontic inflammation is not all bad

How Orthodontics Affects Systemic Inflammation in Patients

How Orthodontic Inflammation Aids Treatment To most people, orthodontics is about creating a perfect smile, and while this is partly true, there are other biological and health components to orthodontic…
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It's time to grow your orthodontic practice

8 Tips To Grow Your Orthodontic Practice (for General Dentists)

It’s time to get the word out about your new services and grow your orthodontic practice. Did you recently add orthodontics to your general or family dental practice? If so,…
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Sign up for malocclusions classes

Identifying and Treating Malocclusions Classes I, II, and III

Learn to Identify and Treat Patient Malocclusions Considered to be the architect of modern orthodontics, 19th-century dentist Edward Hartley Angle developed the malocclusion classification system in 1899, and it is…
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Top tips for dental practice growth

10 Ways To Grow Your Family or General Dental Practice

Become the go-to dental practice for children’s and general dentistry. Are you a general or pediatric dentist looking to expand your dental practice and serve a greater number of patients?…
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Choose the best orthodontic course

5 Signs That You’re Choosing the Best Orthodontic Course for You

Choose an orthodontic course that meets your needs and expectations. You’ve decided to offer orthodontics in your dental practice, but now you’re searching for the best orthodontics course, so you…
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Here's what you should look for in an orthodontics course

5 Things to Look For In a Comprehensive Orthodontics Course for General Dentists

Find the best orthodontics course for you. Choosing an orthodontic continuing education course can be challenging because they all market different things. So how do you know which is the…
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Become an American Orthodontic Society member today

5 Reasons You’ll Want To Be a Member of AOS Orthodontics Society

American Orthodontic Society Membership Benefits Dentists are bombarded with professional membership options from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) to the Association‌ of‌ State‌ &‌ Territorial‌ Dental‌ Directors (ASTDD) to the…
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Rewards of offering orthodontics in your practice

7 Reasons Orthodontics Is Such a Rewarding Branch of Dentistry

Dentist are providing more specialty care than ever. Are you looking to expand your practice and bring even more families through your doors? Have you been noticing that patients are…
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Grow your pediatric dental practice

8 Ways to Grow Your Pediatric Dental Practice

Expand your dental practice with these tips from the American Orthodontic Society. Pediatric dentistry is a rewarding and exciting career. You have the opportunity to help shape and encourage early…
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What patients want in a dental professional

5 Leadership Qualities A Family or General Dentist Should Have

Grow your dental practice by embracing these 5 key qualities. The new year is a great time to reflect on your dental practice. As you think about how far you’ve…
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orthodontic retention makes or breaks success

The 5 Biggest Factors in Maintaining Orthodontic Results

Top 5 Orthodontic Retention Factors To Consider When Completing a Case Orthodontics is a major investment for your patients, both financially and time-wise. While patients are all smiles at the…
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Know your patient's pain points

Is It Scary to Have Braces? 10 Biggest Pain Points for Patients

How to address your patients’ pain points successfully. Are you thinking about adding orthodontics to your general or family dentistry practice? Expanding your services can be both rewarding and profitable,…
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Leadership success in 2022

10 Statements About Leadership Success Dentists Will Want to Embody in 2022

Embrace leadership success with these tips for your practice.  Dentistry and leadership go hand-in-hand. While you might not have realized this from the start, it likely became evident as you…
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You can treat sleep apnea with orthodontics

How Orthodontics Affects Your Dental Patient’s Sleep Apnea

Professional orthodontics can open airways and address sleep apnea. If you’re a dentist looking to expand your practice, you may be considering including orthodontics. As we know, the field of…
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Focus on internal dental marketing

The Number One Reason to Focus on Internal Dental Marketing Campaigns

Benefit your patients and your business by marketing to your current clients.  Did you know that, on average, it costs five times as much money to bring in new clients as…
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Best patient communication software platforms

Top 7 Patient Communication Software Platforms for Orthodontics

Improve your relationship with your patients using the latest in communication software technology.  According to one recent survey, around 80% of people prefer to communicate with their healthcare providers via…
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Build a successful dental team

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Dental Team

Tips for Successful Team Building The early stages of your dental practice are some of the most important. This is a season of new growth and opportunity, and the way…
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Manage your dental patient appointments

The Complete Guide to Balance with Dental Patient Appointments

Optimize your dental patient appointments. As a general or pediatric dentist, you naturally want to see and help as many patients in your community as possible. After all, you entered…
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Build a successful dental practice

5 Ways to Achieve More Dental Practice Success

Take your dental practice to new heights of success. Whether you’re a new dentist or you’ve been practicing for years, there’s always room to grow your dental practice success. Thankfully,…
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Know the types of orthodontic malocclusions

What Are the Different Types of Orthodontic Malocclusions?

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and protruding teeth are more than cosmetic issues. When your teeth do not align properly, you can suffer from trapped bacteria, incidental wear and tear, difficulty…
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Tips to improve your dental reception area

10 Ways to Improve Your Dental Reception Area

Raise your value with your dental reception area. First impressions matter. This is true for almost everything in life, and it especially applies to your dental office. From first-time patients…
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Improves your patients' overall health with orthodontics

How Orthodontics Improves the Overall Health of Your Patients

Whole Health Benefits of Advanced Dentistry When most people think about orthodontics, they think about dental procedures that can correct misalignment in their teeth and jaws and beautify their smiles. …
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What sets your dental practice apart

What Makes a Good Dental Practice? Grow Your Dental Practice Well.

Do you want to grow your dental practice and increase the number of patients who walk through your doors? Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been an established business…
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You can treat TMJ with orthodontics

How orthodontics improves TMJ symptoms for your patients

How you can improve your patients’ quality of life by treating their TMJ problems with orthodontics.  If your patients report they have chronic pain in their jaw or suffer from…
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Orthodontics can give a general dentist an advantage

6 Advantages Dentists Practicing Orthodontics Have Over Orthodontists

Add orthodontics to your skillset so your patients (and your practice) can benefit.  Are you a general dentist thinking about adding orthodontics to your practice? Enhancing your skills in this…
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Build better communication with your patients

10 Ways to Improve the Way Your Practice Communicates With Patients

Grow your practice by connecting with new and existing patients.  You have an established dental practice, but you are now looking to take your office to the next level by…
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Ways to attract new patients

10 Ways To Attract New Patients to Your Practice

Dentists are always looking for the best ways to grow their dental practice. According to one recent report, 40% of private practice dentists would like their offices to be busier…
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Best cosmetic choices that benefit your community

5 Advanced and Cosmetic Dentistry Choices That Patients Love

Advancing Your Dental Practice Are you a dentist looking to enhance your practice? Adding advanced and cosmetic dentistry services can be a great way to attract new patients and retain…
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Benefits of AOS virtual track

5 Benefits of the AOS Virtual Track

Find flexible course options with the AOS Virtual Track. Research shows that nearly 70% of dentists pursue continuing education (CE) to meet their personal learning needs. In addition, around 67% take…
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Be the best family dentist possible

5 Tips for Becoming the #1 General and Family Dentist

Create a general and family dentistry practice that stands out. Did you know that there are around 60 dentists for every 100,000 U.S. residents? Though ratios vary by state, this…
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Your career vision is important

5 Reasons to Write Down Your Ideal Career Vision

Turn your dreams into reality with some thought-out planning. There’s nothing like checking a goal off your to-do list. It delivers instant satisfaction and makes you feel more accomplished. This…
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A mentor can help you in your dental career

The Importance of a Mentor in the Dental World

5 Reasons to Mentor or be a Mentee Dentistry is a unique sector of medicine because it combines an educational background in the biology and science of dentistry with specific…
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Orthodontics is important for your little patients

Orthodontics Can Make a Big Impact on Your Little Patients

You’ve seen the effects of untreated orthodontic issues. The prevalence of malocclusion in children and adolescents is 56% globally. Crooked or misaligned teeth hamper a child’s ability to chew food…
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Are patients leaving your practice

10 Reasons Patients May Be Leaving Your Practice

Keeping the patients you have is important to the health of your dental practice. Dental practices put so much effort into getting new patients through marketing and patient referral programs…
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Meet the trailblazing women of dentistry

10 Pioneering Women In Dentistry

Women have a great history as groundbreaking dentists. Dentistry is one of the leading healthcare fields that offers women an incredible work-life balance. In fact, the ADA reports that a…
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Improve your case acceptance rates

5 Tips for Improving Your Case Acceptance Rates

Dentistry is challenging enough when you take into account difficult treatment plans, finance management, staff issues, and patient retention—and then you need to consider the case acceptance rates from patients…
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Invest in your dental career

10 Things You’ll Be Glad You Did In Ten Years As A Dentist

Each day we have the opportunity to make choices that affect both our professional and personal lives. Dentists are fortunate to have a career that allows more work-life balance than…
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Probiotics for optimal oral health

Can Probiotics Help Your Patients Maintain a Healthier Oral Microbiome?

Probiotics can improve oral health as well as overall well-being.  Dentists want to do everything they can to help keep their patients’ oral health in top shape. Aside from preventive…
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You can avoid doctor burnout

Burnout: The Biggest Challenge Most Dentists Face and How to Overcome It

Being a dentist is rewarding, but it’s also really difficult. It has been a long, tiring day. The stream of appointments has been crazy and added to that the challenge…
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Orthodontics will benefit your practice

5 Ways Orthodontics Benefits General Dental Practices

Enhance your dental practice by adding orthodontics.  Not everyone thinks of general dentistry when they think of orthodontics, but that is beginning to change. General dentists who provide orthodontics for…
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The best of advanced dentistry

5 Advanced Dentistry Choices Dentists Love

Expand your skills with a continuing education course in advanced dentistry.  There is no greater feeling for a general dentist than providing the highest level of dental care for your…
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Orthodontics can benefit a pediatric dental practice

5 Ways Orthodontics Benefits Pediatric Practices

Expand your skills and provide added benefits for your patients with orthodontics.  Your pediatric dental practice is booming, but you want to raise the bar and offer your patients treatment…
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Ways to learn orthodontics

5 Best Ways to Learn Orthodontics as a General or Pediatric Dentist

Take advantage of online or in-person orthodontics training. Dentists get questions about orthodontics every single day. Patients want to perfect their smiles, and sometimes orthodontics is necessary to restore functional…
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Understand your patient's facial esthetics

3 Things To Know About Facial Esthetics & Orthodontics

A healthy smile means more than just straight teeth.  The general public assumes dentists solely observe and treat teeth, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dentistry…
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Tips to being the best pediatric dentist

5 Tips to Be the Best Pediatric Dentist for Parents and Their Kids

Little smiles deserve the best pediatric dentist.  Pediatric dentistry is a valuable, rewarding field. Helping the littlest patients create a foundation of healthy dental habits is a great way to…
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Best ways to manage your dental practice

5 Tips to Increase Production for General Dental Practices

Simple Steps for a More Efficient Dental Practice Running a dental practice entails so many business areas that dentists were simply not trained for in dental school. Between hiring a…
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Facts about dentists

7 Amazing Facts About Dentists

Yes, dentists, you really are amazing! Did you know that there are currently over 201,000 dentists working today in the United States? That’s one dentist for every 1600 people! We…
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Pediatric dental practice production

5 Tips to Increase Production for Pediatric Dental Practices

Simple tips to boost your pediatric practice.  Pediatric dentists enter the field because of their love of treating young patients, but it takes a lot more than patience and a…
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Being a dentist pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Being a Dentist

Dentistry is a rewarding—and challenging—career.  You love life, being a dentist—most days. Other days…well, you consider taking a very long vacation. You didn’t choose dentistry because you’re crazy about dental…
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Stay in the know with these dental blogs

The Best Dental-related Blogs You Should Be Following

Stay up-to-date with dental blogs. Dental professionals have so many responsibilities that it can be difficult to remain up-to-date with the latest research, news, and blogs. We spend so much…
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Do more as a pediatric dentist

5 Ways to Expand Your Career as a Pediatric Dentist

Increase your pediatric dental skills and give your patients optimal care. Dental professionals are always looking for ways to expand their careers and find personal and professional fulfilment. There are…
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Tips to avoid doctor burnout

10 More Ways to Avoid Doctor Burnout

Taking care of yourself will also take care of your practice.  It’s no surprise that dentistry has one of the highest rates of professional career burnout. Between the physical and…
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Do you fear failing as a dentist

To Every Dentist Who Feels Like They’re Failing

Facing and overcoming challenges as a general or pediatric dentist. There are few emotions quite as overwhelming and debilitating as the feeling like the feeling that one is failing at…
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Help patients with previous bad dental experiences

How to Help Your Patients Rewrite Their Bad Dental Experiences

Dental anxiety is a common fear among people and affects an estimated 36% of the population. Bad dental experiences can affect a person so strongly that they avoid the dentist…
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How to use your expertise as a general dentist

How to Convey Your Expertise as a General Dentist to Patients

Inspiring confidence through effective in-person and virtual communication. As a general dentist deeply passionate about providing the highest level of care possible, you may be wondering how to best convey…
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Best ways to support your dental team

It Takes a Village: Supporting Your Dental Team to Create Office Success

Your dental team members are your biggest asset and success lies in looking after them. After decades of studying during college, dental school, and residency, your true challenge as a…
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Self-care is important for a busy professional

Knowing Isn’t Enough: Practicing Self-Care Is an Action Verb

Consistent self-care is the solution for preventing burnout. Burnout is a problem that’s all too familiar for many dental professionals, especially dentists who are also running their own practice. When…
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Improving your patient's experience

How You Can Improve Your Patient’s Experience in Your Practice

Small changes can result in big improvements to your patients’ experience in your practice.  Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. The sounds,…
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Challenge and motivate your team

8 Ideas for Challenging Your Team Members

Achieve consistent success in your dental practice by challenging your team. As a dentist and practice owner, you already know the immense importance of creating a team of high-achieving, committed…
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Straight wire orthodontics courses

Straight Wire Orthodontics Courses Are Both Online and In-Person

Enhance your practice with orthodontics care for your patients. General and pediatric dentists are fortunate to provide comprehensive dental care for their patients, but they are often missing a key…
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Time off from work is important

Time Off Isn’t Only for Vacations

Everyday Work-Life Balance Strategies Work-life balance is often tough for dentists who manage busy dental practices. You are constantly juggling administrative duties, payroll, staff recruitment and retention, marketing, and the…
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AOS offers both online and in-person credits

Do You Need Online or In-person CE Credits? We Offer Both

Invest in continuing education credits that can benefit your career. With the number of hats a dentist wears, it is undeniably understandable that sometimes continuing education can fall behind. But…
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Add value to your dental practice

10 Things You Can Start Now That Will Add Value to Your Dental Practice

Improving Your Dental Practice With These Simple Steps Whether you are a young dental graduate looking to start a dental practice or a seasoned dental practice owner, you are always…
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Challenges of being a dental professional

5 Common Challenges Dental Professionals Face

Meet challenges head on and set your dental practice up for success. Dentistry is constantly evolving with new technology and advancement in treatment protocols to improve patient satisfaction. Aside from…
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How are you managing your work-life balance

Is work-life balance a myth? 5 Tips to Keeping Yours

Avoid burnout by prioritizing your health and happiness. Dentistry offers a rewarding career for many, but it can also come with unique stress. The dental profession is known to have…
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What a membership at AOS could mean for your practice

What Does Membership Really Mean at the American Orthodontic Society?

Why join the AOS? Dental organizations are one of the best ways dentists can remain connected to the most updated information in the field of dentistry. Depending on your area…
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Continuing education online is easier than you think

You Can Take Continuing Education Courses Online

Travel limitations don’t need to stop your pursuit of continuing education. The travel restrictions of 2020 have long been lifted, but many dentists are finding themselves intrigued by the idea…
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Further education will benefit your dental practice

Add a New Area of Expertise to Your Dental Practice Without Adding Education Debt

Dentists are always looking for ways to enhance production and bring advanced dental techniques to their practices. Taking continuing education courses and implementing new techniques helps to increase annual production,…
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Adding orthodontics will benefit your practice

5 Reasons Pediatric Dentists Should Incorporate Orthodontics In Their Practices

Offer your pediatric patients comprehensive care. As pediatric dentists, there is no specialist that we work closer with than orthodontists. Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics go hand-in-hand as children and adolescents…
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Tips and tools for a pediatric dentist

5 Tools Every Pediatric Dentist Should Have in Their Tool Belt

A successful practice makes the dental experience fun for children of all ages and abilities. Pediatric dentists are like the ringmasters of the dental practice. This is because it takes…
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Offer straight wire orthodontics to your patients

What Can Straight Wire Orthodontics Do for Your Practice?

Improve your office production and retain your patients. If you are in general or pediatric practice, incorporating orthodontics into your office will have a quick positive impact. Would you refer…
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Base your dental career goals on your future

Grow Your Dental Career With an Eye on the Future

Opportunities Abound for Dental Professionals A dental career is unique as it offers several opportunities that many dental professionals may be unaware of. Dentists (and patients) often think a dentist…
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There are ways to avoid doctor burnout

5 Tips to Avoid Doctor Burnout

Shift your approach in order to sustain a long-term career. Career burnout can occur for any professional, but is often linked to the dental profession because of its high-stress work-related…
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Build a happy, committed team

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Team Engaged, Committed, and Happy

Help motivate your staff with continuing education. The daily routine of dentistry can become mundane to us as clinicians and especially to our dental team. Regardless of whether you practice…
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Leveraging Orthodontic Technology and Appliances in 2022

Leveraging Orthodontic Technology and Appliances in 2020 to Meet Modern Day Challenges

By Francisco Eraso, DDS, MS, MS, MSD Orthodontic practitioners are continually looking for ways to be more efficient. When the worldwide pandemic hit, the workflow in my practice included advanced…
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