Don’t Be Fooled by “Fast-Track” Orthodontic Classes

4 Reasons Fast-Track Orthodontic Classes May Not Be Right for You

Orthodontic training courses can be a tremendous asset for general dentists looking to provide more treatment options. However, dentists should know that choosing the right course is critical to their results. While fast-track orthodontic classes might seem convenient at the time, they can’t deliver the same results as comprehensive courses. Here’s why opting for a “fast-track” orthodontic course may not deliver the results you are looking for. 

You could be left without the training you really need.

The reason general dentists choose orthodontic training courses is to add to their available treatments. This means they need courses that really deliver practical training and the necessary knowledge to provide care. Fast-track orthodontic classes rarely provide results in this area.

If you choose a fast-track course, you’ll likely find yourself without the ability to actually perform orthodontic treatments. You might have more knowledge than you started out with, but this information will be very basic and won’t equip you to carry out the actual orthodontic treatments themselves.

Your decision to seek out orthodontic training is an investment in yourself and your practice. To make sure that the investment pays off, you need to choose one of the best orthodontic classes for general dentists. This will ensure that you really can add orthodontic treatment to your practice.

You won’t receive a meaningful learning experience.

One of the reasons you’ll find so many fast-track orthodontic courses online today is that they all rely on strictly digital learning options. These courses can be put together incredibly quickly, with little actual expertise or knowledge required. Instead, you should find a course that offers meaningful learning experiences.

The best orthodontic courses for general dentists will all include a mix of different learning and training experiences. While online learning and self-study are parts of those courses, they aren’t the only part. Instead, they provide additional versatility while still requiring hands-on training and monitoring to ensure proper skill development.

If you choose fast-track orthodontic classes, you’ll probably have a hard time reaching an instructor. Learning works best when it’s a true back-and-forth experience, and this requires significant interaction with instructors. A good course will put instructors at your disposal for any questions you might have.

You won’t develop a true understanding of orthodontic treatment.

Many fast-track courses overpromise and underdeliver in several areas. One such area is the extent to which you’ll be able to provide orthodontic care through your practice. 

The best orthodontic courses for general dentists allow a dentist to provide some orthodontic treatment options, but there are limits that must be understood to deliver the appropriate care for your patients.

One of the most important things to learn from orthodontic courses is which cases you can successfully treat and which will require referral to an orthodontist. A general dentist with orthodontic training will be able to treat the majority of orthodontic cases because they are minor and straightforward. However, complex cases are another matter.

Not knowing how to differentiate between these cases can have serious consequences. You might provide your patient with insufficient care that leads to complications down the line, and that could negatively affect the reputation of your practice or even carry legal consequences. 

A comprehensive course gives you the necessary training to know your limits.

You’ll miss out on details like diagnosis and treatment planning.

There are many different aspects that go into providing orthodontic treatment through your practice. Some fast-track courses will focus solely on the treatments themselves, leaving you without the additional critical details needed to add orthodontic care to your practice.

Diagnosis is one of the most commonly overlooked areas in fast-track courses. They may present treatment within the context of already understanding a patient’s needs. However, determining those needs is among the most challenging parts of the treatment process and the one that requires the most specialized knowledge.

Treatment plan development is also often overlooked. Fast-track courses have a tendency to compartmentalize orthodontic treatments, while in reality, they need to be considered in a broader context. This is particularly true for pediatric orthodontics, where continued development must be considered for every patient.

A comprehensive orthodontic course will provide you with knowledge and training in these important areas as well. You’ll be equipped to handle diagnosis, treatment planning, proper documentation, and other aspects of orthodontic care, along with the procedures required for the orthodontic treatment itself.

Choose the best orthodontic courses for general dentists instead.

Don’t let fast-track courses waste your time and money. Instead, make a meaningful investment for yourself and your practice with comprehensive courses from the American Orthodontic Society. Our orthodontic training courses can thoroughly prepare you to offer a variety of effective orthodontic treatments through your practice. Sign up for one of our courses today.

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