Straight Wire Orthodontic

You can add orthodontics
to your general or pediatric
dental practice this year!


Earn valuable CE credits

(20 per session)


Courses geared towards multiple education levels and dental roles

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Only 10 - 20% of orthodontic issues are being diagnosed in patients.


On average, it costs five times as much money to bring in new clients as it does to keep existing ones.

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Adding two cases of orthodontics per month can add an estimated $10,000 of revenue per month.


Basic Straight Wire
Orthodontics Course

In this 5-session course series, Dr. Bradford R. Williams, D.D.S. will prepare you to successfully and confidently diagnose and treat Class I and Class II malocclusions in your current and prospective patients.

Each dynamic 3-day session provides two days of hands-on clinical lectures and a half-day of case review for your current or prospective orthodontic cases.

Upcoming Courses

08Oct, 2021
Marriott Quorum
Dr. Brad Williams
18Feb, 2022
Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum

You can Add Orthodontics
to your Practice


Select the level, timing, and location that are right for you

Whether you’re seeking to start learning orthodontics or expand your current skill set as a dentalas dental hygienist, the American Society of Orthodontics offers year-round courses that allow you to move at your own pace and make your professional growth a reality.


Register Online

Once you’ve found the right course for your needs, use our website to reserve your place and obtain any relevant lodging information.


Enjoy your Course

Once you’ve registered online, all you have to do is show up to your course location ready to advance your craft of comprehensive, competent, and exceptional general and pediatric dental care. We’ll take care of all the rest.


“I have taken multiple orthodontic courses but did not have the confidence to jump into a case until I took Dr. Williams’ course. He gave me the confidence to start orthodontics in my general practice and he is always there to answer any questions you may have, even outside of class.”



"It has been a privilege to learn from Dr. Williams. His kind manner, sense of humor, and encyclopedic knowledge of all facets of general practice orthodontics (past, present, and future!) are a huge benefit. I know that I can rely on him as a colleague and a resource as I continue in orthodontics and expand my practice."



"Dr. Williams has vast knowledge and experience in orthodontics from a GP perspective. Dr. Williams is very approachable, accommodating, and makes learning and participation easy. I would strongly encourage any GP considering incorporating ortho into their practice to start with Dr. Williams’ Level 1 (Basic) and Level 2 (Intermediate) seminars."



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