3 Ways the Digital Aligner Bootcamp Helps You Stay Competitive

Here’s how the Digital Aligner Bootcamp gives your dental practice an edge.

Dental technology moves quickly. Since their debut in 2000, clear aligners have become one of the most popular treatment options among patients seeking discreet orthodontic care. Learning how to use specialized software and implement the latest methods for clear aligner therapy can help your practice stand out from competitors.

The American Orthodontic Society’s Digital Aligner Bootcamp is an excellent way to bring yourself up to speed on the latest technology and incorporate clear aligners into your practice. Doing so improves the patient experience and sets you apart from other general practices.

The Digital Aligner Bootcamp is an orthodontic CE course that teaches you how to leverage digital dentistry for clear aligner treatment. By completing the course, you can make your practice more competitive in 3 key ways.

1. It equips you to offer advanced treatment options.

Patients are always looking for the best available treatment option for their needs. If they can’t find it at your practice, chances are they’ll look elsewhere. In cases where clear aligner therapy is possible, patients often opt for this modern treatment option.

The Digital Aligner Bootcamp equips you to confidently begin providing your own branded clear aligners. You’ll hone the skills necessary to deliver consistent, outstanding results for your patients and understand the technology that makes this treatment possible. You’ll also cover the innovative scanning methods, treatment-planning software, and 3D printing technology that make clear aligners so versatile and convenient.

Incorporating these technologies into your practice shows your patients you’re committed to providing the latest and greatest treatment options. They’ll see that you’re always moving forward and developing new skills to give them the highest-quality care.

Of course, you’ll also receive the orthodontic fundamentals required to apply these technologies properly, learning how to handle arch alignment, deep bite, open bite, crowding, and spacing issues.

2. It helps you enhance patient experience.

Clear aligners are a viable option in most cases. However, it isn’t necessarily the end results that drive patients to choose this option but rather the improved experience clear aligners offer compared to traditional braces.

While many patients significantly overestimate the difficulty of living with traditional braces, clear aligners can indeed allow them a more comfortable and convenient experience. The technology you’ll learn how to apply during the Digital Aligner Bootcamp streamlines the process from start to finish.

First, digital scanning technologies allow for fast, easy diagnosis and treatment-planning. You’ll see how the latest tech creates robust 3D imaging in moments. The production of digital aligners is also expedited through the use of 3D printing, whether your practice implements in-house fabrication or works with an external provider.

The benefits of clear aligners are well known among patients today and will be of great interest to those in need of orthodontic treatment. They’ll look for a practice that can offer the most expedient and unobtrusive treatment, and the Digital Aligner Bootcamp can make that a reality for your practice.

3. It differentiates your dental practice.

Why should any potential patient choose your practice? If you don’t have a compelling answer, you’ll struggle to bring in and retain new patients. Implementing digital aligners can distinguish your practice from those that offer similar general dental services.

Patients love the convenience of having orthodontic treatment available from their general dentist. Instead of having to go to a specialist, patients get to work with the dentist and team they already know. This is particularly important for families looking for a new dental home as they’ll want a practice that can meet their growing children’s needs.

You’ll even explore how to present aligners in white-label packaging to further improve the image of your practice. Rather than seeing your practice as a provider of third-party solutions, your patients will see and appreciate the highly customized, personal style of treatment you offer.

Digital aligners can become a hallmark of your marketing efforts. This sought-after treatment gives you a way to set your practice apart from the competition and build your local reputation.

Expand your horizons with the Digital Aligner Bootcamp.

Enrolling in the American Orthodontic Society’s Digital Aligner Bootcamp is a great way to enhance your orthodontic continuing education. Its practical guidance and comprehensive scope will prepare you to provide the latest techniques in clear aligner therapy for your patients and elevate your practice in the process. Learn how to improve the patient experience and make your practice stand out by signing up for our Digital Aligner Bootcamp today.

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