8 Things To Love About Our New Digital Aligner Bootcamp

What is Digital Aligner Bootcamp? 

As a general dentist, you make the oral health of your patients, along with their personal goals, a top priority. For a growing number of patients, this includes having straight teeth, so giving them the option for clear aligner therapy within your practice makes sense. Not only is it more convenient and comfortable for patients, but it’s also a smart business move for you. 

If you’re unsure where to start, the American Orthodontic Society offers a Digital Aligner Bootcamp that will prepare you to deliver the highest quality of orthodontic care. We’ve designed these orthodontic CE courses with the general dentist in mind—and we think you’ll love them. 

Digital Aligner Bootcamp will help any general dentist who wants to add digital orthodontics to their array of treatment options. It combines clear aligner therapy with innovative digital technology to equip you to provide patients with high-level, customized orthodontic care. 

By completing one of our general-dentist orthodontics courses on integrating digital dentistry with clear aligner therapy, you can experience significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and better clinical outcomes. 

What You’ll Love About Digital Aligner Bootcamp 

Many American orthodontic CE providers offer courses for clear aligner therapy. However, enrolling in our Digital Aligner Bootcamp makes the most sense for those who want to get started with digital clear aligner therapy, and here are 8 reasons why. 

1. It’s a great alternative to Invisalign. 

Invisalign is a valuable treatment option that produces incredible results. But what about the associated lab fees you pay? Our Digital Aligner Bootcamp teaches you how to create digital models and fabricate your own clear aligner trays in-house. You’ll learn all aspects of orthodontics and get a clear grasp of how to apply them in your general dental practice

After implementing our techniques, you’ll see that it is the solution you didn’t know you needed. Most treatment costs will remain in-office rather than requiring you to pay an outside lab. 

2. No need to close up shop—it’s a weekend course.

Many general-dentist orthodontics courses occur during the week, which means you must shut down your office to attend. This is obviously not ideal since it inconveniences your patients and cuts into your revenue. 

We understand that your doors need to be open for business to remain successful, so Digital Aligner Bootcamp occurs over the weekend. As a result, you don’t have to reschedule patients, your team won’t lose pay, and your workflow isn’t disrupted. 

3. It’s designed for everyone.

Have you been practicing Invisalign or straight wire orthodontics? If so, you’ll still love this course. We have designed Digital Aligner Bootcamp for general dentists just beginning to offer orthodontic treatment as well as those wishing to incorporate more digital dentistry

4. It’s a brand-new course. 

Digital Aligner Bootcamp is a recent addition, so signing up gets you in on the ground floor of revolutionary orthodontic services. You’ll grow with us as digital dentistry adapts and changes with every new technological development.

5. You can create hybrid treatment plans.

Clear aligners can address numerous orthodontic issues. However, some conditions are best treated with traditional braces. After attending the Digital Aligner Bootcamp, you can pair the methods learned with those of straight wire orthodontics to offer your patients a unique approach to straightening their teeth by creating a hybrid treatment plan. 

Hybrid treatment plans use both clear aligners and traditional braces to create a healthy, straight smile. Patients will appreciate this customization and your attention to their unique needs. 

6. It shows how orthodontics can be an alternative to other treatments.

Some oral conditions require surgery or other invasive procedures to correct them. With digital dentistry and clear aligner therapy, it is possible to avoid the need for surgery in many cases. Orthodontics is a less invasive option that produces dramatic results when used correctly and safely. 

7. You’ll learn the power of digital dentistry. 

Digital dentistry is the future, and the future is now. You may already incorporate digital X-rays and scanning in your daily practice. However, what if you could add 3D printing to truly harness the power of the digital age? Digital Aligner Bootcamp teaches you how to use the power of available technology, regardless of what digital dental system you use in your office.  

8. You’ll learn about significant cost savings. 

You probably already track how much money you spend on lab fees from outsourcing your clear-aligner fabrication. Digital Aligner Bootcamp shows you how to cut costs (and the middleman) using in-house printing options. This course also teaches you what materials to use, how to fabricate the aligners, and how to develop your own brand. 

Why create additional overhead for your office when you can save money by branding your own clear aligners?

Begin taking advantage of digital dentistry. 

Whether you’re new to providing orthodontics as a general dentist or have offered Invisalign for years, Digital Aligner Bootcamp is for you. Register for this orthodontic course today to earn 12 CE hours and learn everything you need to provide your patients with another incredible treatment option.

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