Do AOS Orthodontics Courses Prepare You To Deal With Every Orthodontic Case?

Which AOS orthodontics courses will help you reach your orthodontic practice goals?

General and pediatric dentists can take advantage of AOS orthodontic courses to offer various orthodontic treatment options at their practices. How many types of orthodontic cases can these courses prepare you for? That depends on which of our ortho courses for general dentists you complete.

Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Our most popular course is the Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics Course. These orthodontic CE courses for general dentists provide the necessary foundation to start offering straight wire orthodontic treatment at your practice.

Throughout this course, you’ll experience lectures, case reviews, and hands-on exercises and leave with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to add select orthodontic treatments to your practice.

The course encompasses not only performing treatment itself but also diagnosis and treatment planning. This comprehensive course leaves you fully prepared, covering every aspect of orthodontic treatment, including administrative and practical considerations for your practice.

The contents of the course focus on treatment for Class I and Class II malocclusions. You’ll develop the practical skills necessary to handle straight wire orthodontic appliances, including practical training on banding and bracketing.

Once complete, you’ll have the necessary skills to provide treatment for 70% to 80% percent of patients who visit your practice. You’ll be able to provide orthodontic treatment in most cases that you would have otherwise referred to a specialist.

The remaining cases are too complex for treatment using these methods and will still need to be referred. However, you’ll be able to discuss these cases with your patients more confidently, improving their experience and assuaging fears or anxiety about having to see a specialist.

Intermediate Straight Wire Course

The basic course provides a solid foundation for orthodontic treatment, and other AOS orthodontics courses can build on that foundation. The Intermediate Straight Wire Course is for practitioners who have already completed the basic course, and it greatly expands the variety of cases you can treat.

You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat Class III malocclusions, in which the lower teeth are positioned too far forward in relation to the upper teeth. Hands-on practice will give you the skills necessary to bend and torque archwires and close spaces from extractions.

These orthodontic CE courses for general dentists also cover the principles of orthognathic surgery and surgical orthodontics, along with the knowledge and insight necessary to know when to reposition, distalize, or extract permanent molars.

This course will equip you to handle the vast majority of cases you encounter at your practice. With the knowledge and skills it imparts, only the most complex and atypical cases would require referral to a specialist.

Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures

AOS orthodontics courses to develop your skills and knowledge in treatments beyond straight wire appliances are also available. The Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures course covers a range of technologies and methods to enhance your practice’s orthodontic treatment options.

Some primary areas of focus include TADs, laser, electrosurgery, scanning, and 3D printing. You’ll receive hands-on experience through the practical clinical application of these technologies and methods.

The lectures, case report reviews, and hands-on exercises included in the course will qualify you to implement an array of new methods and techniques in your orthodontic treatment plans, allowing you to provide better care for your patients while increasing revenue for your practice.

More AOS Orthodontics Courses

Additional ortho courses for general dentists are available to let you continue to develop your expertise in specific areas and stay up to date with the latest developments in orthodontics.

You can take advantage of additional courses in Phase II treatment strategies, treatment with clear aligners, and more. Occasional seminars cover an extensive range of topics and can keep you abreast of the latest best practices in orthodontic treatment.

Dental assistants and hygienists can also benefit from AOS orthodontics courses. The Orthodontic Assistant Training Course provides your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to support the practice’s orthodontic treatment options.

The course provides knowledge and insight concerning orthodontic treatment, instruments, technology, and more. It can make a great jumping-off point for dental professionals of all types and experience levels, as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of orthodontic concepts.

The Orthodontic Assistant Training Course also covers concepts such as diagnostic orthodontic records and mirror photography to enable your staff to provide effective support during orthodontic treatments.

Start building a foundation for orthodontic treatment today.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in developing a better understanding of orthodontics, adding orthodontic treatments to your practice, or expanding your existing skills and knowledge, the American Orthodontic Society has the courses you need. Review our complete list of course offerings for more information.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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