Hesitant About an AOS Membership? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Find out how an AOS membership can give you the support you need to start offering orthodontics. 

General dentistry and orthodontics have an exceptional synergy that allows practices to grow and better serve their patients. Many general dentists are expanding their treatment options with help from the American Orthodontic Society (AOS). 

If you’re considering an AOS membership, ask yourself these three questions to help make the best decision for you and your practice:

1. Am I actually interested in implementing orthodontics into my practice?

Adding orthodontic treatment to your practice can be an excellent choice. You’ll be able to provide a wider range of treatment options for your patients, unlock new revenue streams, and continue to make progress in your career.

However, it’s important to consider what your plans are before making a commitment. If you seek out AOS membership and continuing education courses in orthodontic treatment, are you truly going to be able to start offering those treatments at your practice?

Some dentists already have full schedules that wouldn’t allow for more patients or a higher workload. In these situations, there isn’t room for both general dentistry and orthodontics. Instead, you would simply keep referring patients to orthodontists.

However, many courses are still very valuable, even for dentists in this situation. The foundation of knowledge and experience they provide can let you better identify issues that require referral. You’ll also be able to speak more competently on orthodontic issues, giving your patients peace of mind ahead of any referrals.

The primary value of AOS courses is for dentists seeking to implement orthodontic treatments. General and pediatric dentists regularly have patients with orthodontics come through their doors, and offering more treatment options lets you serve them better.

Straight wire and other basic orthodontic treatment options can provide effective treatment for 70% to 80% of patients. By adding these treatment options to your practice, you can handle the majority of orthodontic cases that you come across.

This increases your potential revenue but also provides a better experience for your patients. Both adult and child patients are more comfortable working with a dentist they know rather than being referred to a specialist. You can make the entire treatment process easier for your patients.

If you are considering adding orthodontic treatment options to your practice now or in the future, an AOS membership can help you do so.

2. Would the additional information, networking, and support help make this venture successful?

If you are committed to adding orthodontic treatment options to your practice, it is important to consider whether the AOS can help you reach that goal. 

The information, networking, and support that come with an AOS membership can certainly be useful in ensuring the success of expanding your practice.

For instance, the wide range of available courses can equip you with what you need to start offering treatment. A significant knowledge base, case reviews, hands-on clinical lectures, and other features let you start offering treatment confidently.

Additionally, the skills and experience you develop will focus on all aspects of the treatment process. You can learn everything you need to know to handle diagnosis, treatment planning, application of orthodontic appliances, follow-ups, records, and documentation.

Networking with your peers is also another valuable resource. You’ll be able to get to know professionals who have gone through the same journey of combining general dentistry and orthodontics in their practices. You can benefit from their knowledge and guidance.

3. Do the AOS membership benefits outweigh the risks?

An AOS membership provides you with an extensive range of benefits. These benefits serve to mitigate the risks associated with expanding your practice, such as financial and legal concerns, making the AOS a valuable asset for your practice.

Your AOS membership will grant you certain benefits, including:

  • Discounts on ADA- and AGD-recognized orthodontic continuing education courses.
  • Networking opportunities with over 1500 exceptional professionals throughout the industry.
  • Discounts on a wide range of orthodontic supplies and lab services.
  • A subscription to the Journal of the American Orthodontic Society.
  • Practical information on legal matters and individual legal support.
  • Access to the AOS credentialing program.
  • Useful forms and templates to handle the administrative side of orthodontic treatment.

The value of these benefits is clear, but you may still be concerned about adding orthodontics to your practice. An AOS membership can offset potential issues by helping you to:

  • Avoid treatment mistakes with industry-leading, hands-on courses.
  • Ensure legal protection for your practice with our legal support.
  • Maintain regulatory and tax compliance with standardized forms and templates.
  • Offset the financial risk of new equipment and supplies with exclusive discounts.

Adding orthodontic treatment options to your practice can be a big decision. The AOS is here to make that process as smooth as possible.

Join the AOS Today

With an AOS membership, you can join the many professionals in general dentistry and orthodontics who are already taking advantage of the wide range of benefits that can help you successfully implement orthodontics into your practice. To gain access to exclusive opportunities, resources, and networking for your own practice, register with us today.

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