You Can Take Continuing Education Courses Online

Travel limitations don’t need to stop your pursuit of continuing education.

The travel restrictions of 2020 have long been lifted, but many dentists are finding themselves intrigued by the idea of continuing education in a virtual environment.

Last year many practices were forced to implement a number of changes to compensate for quarantine and other health and safety measures. Thanks to technology and the readily available access to the Internet, dental practices were able to stay afloat by relying on Zoom meetings, virtual appointments, mobile texting services, and much more.

Now, dentists can continue to take advantage of virtual environments through online continuing education courses.

The Advantages of Virtual Learning Experiences for Busy Dentists

As a dentist who’s passionate about providing the highest quality of care possible for patients, it’s safe to say that your schedule is already packed.

Between caring for patients, running a practice, and coordinating with your team, you’re finding that time for continuing education is a challenge at the best of times. Not only do you need to be available for the course training days, but you also need to plan for the additional travel time and expenses.

Continuing education online can solve many of the inherent obstacles that busy dentists face.

You can say goodbye to long flights, train rides, and road trips, and the stress that often occurs with travel. You’ll save on personal and business expenses by skipping on hotels and accommodations, meals, and personal essentials.

Online continuing education courses with The American Orthodontic Society also offer three unique advantages other virtual experiences may lack.

What You Can Expect From Virtual Training with Dr. Williams

In Dr. Williams’ Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics Course, you’ll be streaming each training session live in the comfort of your home or office with access to the following.

High-quality Production Via Livestream

You’ll be watching a Livestream of every class, along with a digital feed of important slideshows, additional videos, and materials for reference. Dr. Williams’ course features multiple cameras so you’ll be able to see everything in great detail, including up-close shots and multiple angles.

During the Livestream, you’ll have complete audio access so you can listen to conversations, instructions, and interactions between Dr. Williams and the other course students.

A Full Hands-on Kit for Course Exercises

Hands-on learning can often be a challenge for virtual learning experiences, but not with this course. Prior to the start of each training session, you’ll receive a full kit of hands-on exercises and tools so you’re able to complete every training exercise along with the class at home.

Real-time Interactive Chat and Q&A

In addition to hearing live audio of the class speaking, you’ll also have access to an interactive chat room. In this chat room, you can ask questions and get clarification throughout the training course. You’ll also have the option to email Dr. Williams with any questions you might have after the training session is over.

When Dr. Williams asks for any questions to be shared during the Q&A portion of a class, you’ll be able to participate as if you were there.

Course Objectives for the Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

The Basic Straight Wire course is perfect for general, family, and pediatric dentists who would like to expand their dental care services to include orthodontic treatment. This course is welcoming to newcomers as well as to dentists who many have had orthodontics training in the past but haven’t yet found the confidence to begin practicing.

Students of Dr. Williams—whether they opt for in-person training or virtual learning—will all finish this course knowing five main course objectives.

1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Class-l and Class-ll Malocclusions

You’ll be able to diagnose and treat up to 80% of your patients’ cases with what you learn from this course. 

2. Analysis, Diagnosis, and Treatment Using Cephalometrics

Your diagnosis and treatment training will incorporate the use of cephalometric radiographs.

3. Understanding of the Straight Wire Orthodontics Appliance System

The straight wire orthodontic appliance system will be explained in detail, leaving you feeling confident in knowing the what, why, and how of its use.

4. Effective Banding and Bracketing Teeth for Treatment

After diagnosis and treatment planning, you’ll work hands-on with the most effective techniques for banding and bracketing teeth.

5. Implementing Orthodontic Care Into Existing Patient Care Services

The final portion of the class is designated to helping dentists, like you, take what they’ve learned and begin to implement it into their own practice.

Book your spot in Dr. Williams’ Straight Wire Basics Course now.

If you’re interested in joining Dr. Williams’ course, you can sign up right now by visiting this web page to enroll. This course takes place over a 5-month period, with two days of training each month from May to September.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

March 1-2, 2024

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1st Session: March 8-10, 2024

AOS Event Center
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April 12-13, 2024

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