Add a New Area of Expertise to Your Dental Practice Without Adding Education Debt

Dentists are always looking for ways to enhance production and bring advanced dental techniques to their practices. Taking continuing education courses and implementing new techniques helps to increase annual production, but most importantly it delivers higher quality of dental care to your patients. One of the best, most cost-effective ways to add to a new area of expertise to your dental practice is by introducing orthodontic care to your existing patient base.

Only 10% of dentists are orthodontists, meaning there is a great need for general dentists and pediatric dentists to offer orthodontics. The initial investment in supplies and equipment to begin treating orthodontic cases is only around $2000, too, giving you a low-cost investment with big rewards.

How can a general dentist or pediatric dentist introduce orthodontics to their dental practice?

The Basic Straight Wire Orthodontic Course is designed to help general and pediatric practitioners treat orthodontic cases. Dr. Brad Williams begins by helping dentists identify different types of malocclusions and incorporate orthodontics into their existing practices.

This straight wire orthodontic course offers 100 continuing education credits that can truly reinvent your dental practice. Dentists will learn to use straight wire appliances to strategically move teeth using straight wire brackets and pre-shaped archwires.

How can incorporating orthodontics add to your dental practice and career?

1. Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients appreciate when dentists offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary dental care to avoid unnecessary visits, insurance mix-ups, and communication errors between offices. Offering orthodontics will improve your patient retention because nearly everyone is always looking to perfect their smiles while maintaining their oral hygiene.

Orthodontics is a highly sought out speciality for many patients looking to correct a malocclusion that can now easily be treated in your office. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) survey suggests that more than 1 million adults in the United States are currently in orthodontic care, and adults account for 20% of all orthodontic patients.

2. Advance Your Career At Little Cost

The straight wire orthodontic course taught by Dr. Williams is cost effective for your dental practice. The course offers a three-day continuing education series with clinical lectures, hands-on learnings, and case reviews to prepare general and pediatric dentists to diagnose and treat malocclusion cases.

Many dentists may still have debt from student or practice loans. Skip any more debt and invest into your career at a low cost and timeline. Instead of investing in a two to three year residency program that would cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, you can incorporate speciality treatment into your dental practice without even leaving the office. The straight wire orthodontic course also offers online orthodontic courses, so that you can learn and expand your dental practice from the comfort of your own home or practice.

3. Increase Production in your Dental Practice

Orthodontics can be a new production avenue for your general dental or pediatric practice without costing you much overhead. It is always important to manage chair time, but in general, orthodontics can maximize your production when you coordinate materials, chairtime, and treatment planning. Many general and pediatric dentists can add revenue due to the little cost of orthodontics while seeing greater margins than traditional treatment.

4. Expand Your Knowledge in your Dental Practice

Whether dental school and residency may have been decades ago or only a few years, orthodontic continuing education courses are some of the most valuable coursework you can take to improve your dental knowledge. Dr. Williams understands as a general dentist how orthodontics can impact your dental practice and dental education. Continuing education courses are beneficial in that it can have a direct impact on your ability to treat patients, but also meet state licensure requirements and grow your practice.

“Dr. Williams has vast knowledge and experience in orthodontics from a GP perspective. Dr. Williams is very approachable, accommodating, and makes learning and participation easy. I would strongly encourage any GP considering incorporating ortho into their practice to start with Dr. Williams’ Level 1 (Basic) and Level 2 (Intermediate) seminars.” —Jacques R. Williams

5. Provide Comprehensive Care in your Dental Practice

Orthodontics is a major part of dentistry — it affects our bite, our smile, and our overall oral health. Understanding the foundations of orthodontics and incorporating it into your dental practice will help you provide comprehensive care to your patients and be able to plan a course of treatment from a completely advanced viewpoint. The Straight Wire Course is intended to help you understand how to diagnose and treat using orthodontics, whether your patient needs space for a dental implant or a teenager looking to correct a malocclusion.

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