5 Things Dentists Love About Our Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

Wondering if an AOS straight wire orthodontics course is right for you? 

As a general dentist, you spend years building great relationships with your patients. You may often see multiple generations of the same family, and they trust you to provide the very best care for their teeth.

Adding straight wire orthodontics to your practice is a great way to enhance the already excellent service you offer. At any given time, four million Americans have braces, so it’s likely that many of your patients will be looking for orthodontic solutions at some stage. Your patients will love the comfort and convenience of accessing these services from a dentist they already know and trust.

At the American Orthodontic Society, we offer straight wire orthodontics courses for general dentists. Our straight wire orthodontic course reviews show that our courses give dentists the skills and confidence to add professional orthodontics to their practice.

Let’s take a closer look at these reviews to find out 5 things dentists love about our straight wire orthodontics course!

1. Hands-On Practice

Whether you’re a pediatric or general dentist, no doubt you’ve referred many patients to orthodontists over the years. Imagine if, instead, you had the skills and certification to offer those services within your practice.

Our Basic Straight Wire Course provides the foundation you need to treat 70% to 80% of cases in-house. The course includes 10 sessions, resulting in a total of 200 continuing education hours of credit. Each three-day program consists of two days of hands-on clinical lectures followed by a half-day of case reviews.

You’ll be under the tutelage of Dr. Bradford R. Williams, who has over 30 years of experience in orthodontics. His hands-on approach allows you to become fully familiar with the tools and techniques.

As one former student commented: “They let you work with the instruments in the classroom and really let you get  that hands-on experience that you really need to get started.” —Dr. Liz Kennedy

2. Robust, Comprehensive Training

Each session builds on the last. Session 1 begins with an overview of the benefits of incorporating orthodontics into your practice. It moves on to diagnosing and treatment planning cases before starting on practical skills. 

These are the perfect orthodontic courses for the pediatric dentist and general dentist alike. They cover both Phase I and Phase II orthodontics and give a wide overview of current orthodontics and their implications. 

You’ll benefit from the experience of your main instructor Dr. Williams and assistant instructor, Susan Coffey, RDA. They allow you to tap into their decades of skills and knowledge as orthodontic professionals. This happens through their instruction, live Q&A, and the opportunity to email questions after the class is complete.

As one student reports: “Instructor seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all facets of general practice orthodontics (past, present, and future)!” —Sarah Olim, DDS

3. Up-to-date and Cost-Effective

At the American Orthodontic Society, we offer orthodontics training courses that are led by professionals at the top of their field. For example, our senior clinical instructor, Dr. Bradford R. Williams, DDS, started out in general dentistry. He has now practiced GP orthodontics for over 30 years. Almost 20 years ago, he modified his technique from tip edge to straight wire, and his wealth of experience makes him uniquely placed to offer the most up-to-date training to general dentists.

To fit around dentists’ busy schedules, our courses are now also available via live stream. You’ll feel like you’re there with our multi-camera streaming, but without any additional travel and hotel expenses.

Here’s what our alumni have to say: “From my experience over the last 50 years of practice, the American Orthodontic Society has provided the most up-to-date and cost-effective continuing orthodontic education anywhere on the planet. My interaction with the professional staff and professional educators in the AOS organization has allowed me to prosper and grow in our profession.” —J.H. Ahlin, DDS

4. Ongoing Support

The Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics Course takes two years to complete. During the first year, you will complete five sessions with hands-on practice. During the second year, you will attend as a class monitor. You can follow this with further orthodontics certification courses, and continue to develop your straight wire skills with classes at intermediate and advanced levels.

An Orthodontic Assistant Course is a perfect complement to our straight wire courses. It equips dental assistants and hygienists with the knowledge to support you as you introduce these new services.

During the entire program, you’ll have access to ongoing support via email from the course instructors. This can give you the confidence to begin to incorporate orthodontics into your practice. 

One of our recent alumni summed up Dr. Williams’ support: “He gave me the confidence to start orthodontics in my general practice and he is always there to answer any questions you may have, even outside of class.” —Pariksha Gunnala, DDS

5. Superior Outcomes for Patients

Clear aligners may be the hottest new trend in orthodontics, and they certainly have their place. However, studies have shown that they do not always produce the best results for patients. A 2019 NIH report found that clear aligners can be used to treat complex malocclusions; however, the “results are less accurate than those achieved with fixed appliances.”

If you currently offer clear aligners at your practice, straight wire orthodontics could make a real difference to outcomes for your patients. Doctors who have gone on to implement straight wire orthodontics in their practices have noticed the difference. 

One such doctor commented: “You really get to look back at those [clear aligner] cases … you see a really big difference in results.” —Dr. Jeffrey Swihart

With straight wire braces, you’re providing a service that can produce better long-term outcomes for your patients. 

What orthodontic course reviews tell you.

Our orthodontic course reviews send out a clear message. Orthodontics courses boost dentists’ skills and confidence. They allow dental professionals to provide better outcomes for patients. Are you ready to add to your skills and enhance the services you offer your patients? Call our AOS course contact, Kimberly Chauvin, at 972-234-4000 for more information. You can also enroll online today.

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