5 Reasons You’ll Want To Be a Member of AOS Orthodontics Society

American Orthodontic Society Membership Benefits

Dentists are bombarded with professional membership options from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) to the Association‌ of‌ State‌ &‌ Territorial‌ Dental‌ Directors (ASTDD) to the American Orthodontic Society (AOS), but which ones are worth it for you to join? Professional memberships are generally a good way to show patients you take your career seriously. They also give you a chance to network with other dental professionals for continuing education and stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines.. 

When you join an organization like the American Orthodontic Society (AOS), you become part of an orthodontic society with over 1,500 other dentists who have the same vision as you. It is the largest educational association of general and pediatric dentists who practice orthodontics in the United States. Adding orthodontics to a pediatric and general dental practice is not a simple or easy decision. It takes time, finances, and effort to implement an orthodontic program, but the dentists who invest their energy reap endless benefits. And being able to network with others who have successfully done so is invaluable.

What does being a member of the AOS mean? Find out by talking to their enthusiastic practitioners and auxiliary team members who help dentists reap the benefits of this organization all year long. There are so many advantages to becoming a member of AOS. Here are some of the top reasons that you’ll be more than satisfied by using your American Orthodontic Society membership benefits. 

1. Networking Options

After dental school and residency, it can become difficult to interact as much with other dental professionals unless you join a local study club or attend dental meetings. Joining the AOS is an opportunity to meet with other dentists, virtually and in-person, who are adding orthodontics to their practices like you. 

Pediatric and general dentists who practice orthodontics are learning to master the field, which is not always common. Joining a professional organization made up of other like-minded dentists is a chance to collaborate, discuss, and brainstorm patient cases and what techniques work for them. Also, it is the best opportunity to learn how to market and transform your practice to see growth and advancement. 

2. Discounts on Continuing Education

Dentists know how expensive continuing education (CE) is throughout their careers. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on courses and, unfortunately, many are not hands-on or don’t have much relatability to your practice goals.

Joining AOS is beneficial because you gain incredible discounts on both American Dental Association– and Academy of General Dentistry–recognized courses for both dentists and your auxiliary staff. This allows you to gain CE credits and also improve the knowledge and skills of your employees. 

3. Lower Priced Supplies and Services

Dental supplies contain some of the most expensive healthcare equipment and disposables. When you join the AOS, you’ll benefit from lab and orthodontic supply discounts, which only increases money in your pocket. The AOS helps direct you to the best supplies so you won’t be scrambling to find orthodontic brackets, wires, and instruments at a higher cost. 

4. Legal Advice

Membership with the AOS gives you professional legal support on business practices with orthodontics. It can be challenging initially to understand all of the legal protocols for treating orthodontic patients alongside the insurance and contract obligations. Take advantage of this orthodontic society membership benefit to safely practice general dentist orthodontics. 

5. Access to the American Orthodontic Society Journal 

When you finally get a spare moment, take a peek at the AOS journal, which highlights complex orthodontic cases and grabs your attention with the latest technology and material updates. It comes in both an online and print journal, and has something for everyone, ranging from clinical cases to research to orthodontic business aspects. 

Belonging to a professional organization is a clear sign that you are serious about your patients’ dental health and well-being, and you’re committed to staying up-to-date on the latest dental techniques and technology. If you’re looking to join a society of like-minded professionals, the American Orthodontic Society could be just what you’re looking for. Speak to us today about these and the many other benefits you’ll enjoy as a valued member of the American Orthodontic Society. 


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