5 Things to Look For In a Comprehensive Orthodontics Course for General Dentists

Find the best orthodontics course for you.

Choosing an orthodontic continuing education course can be challenging because they all market different things. So how do you know which is the right one for you? When you are picking a comprehensive orthodontics course, consider the important features you are looking for. Some dentists are looking for flexible online programs while others need the benefit of a live, hands-on clinical class. Do your research so you’re not only satisfied at the end of your orthodontic course, but you feel confident to go back to your practice and begin treating patients. 

We’ve put together 5 things you should look for in a comprehensive orthodontics course.

1. Online Versus In-person Orthodontics Courses

The American Orthodontic Society (AOS) features a Straight Wire Orthodontic course for general dentists, both as an in-person course and a virtual track for those who choose to take the course from home. These days it can be challenging to travel and take long weekends for continuing education courses. If you feel that it benefits you and your practice more to take the course virtually, this option is a huge bonus for those who don’t want to travel. It is also beneficial because the course is completely live streamed, meaning there is still opportunity for real-time interaction with the instructors. 

A virtual track allows you to do all hands-on exercises at home using a kit sent to you by the AOS. Instead of simply watching others bend wires, you get the same experience from your own home. An interactive chat is available for those who want feedback or have questions about anything from didactic foundations to clinical coursework. 

2. Hands-on Experience 

An in-person orthodontics course has many advantages, as the Basic Straight Wire course is taught by experienced and motivated dentists who practice orthodontics. In a five-session course, you get a thorough background and experience of orthodontics through a solid didactic education and hands-on exercises. You need a hands-on course like the AOS Basic Straight Wire Course to get the experience to be able to treat patients. Without it, you may not have the skills or confidence to treat your own patients.

3. Gain Continuing Education Credits

If you’re taking the time away from your family and work, make sure you gain continuing education credits to satisfy state licensure requirements. Also, it’s a good way to show patients that you put in the time for continuing education. It’s impressive to earn a dental degree, but when you take the extra step to learn specialized dentistry like orthodontics, you want to ensure you have the credits to prove it.

The Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire course taught by Dr. Williams and team offers a total of 100 credits over the five sessions. You can even earn up to 100 additional credits throughout the year from continued treatment and monitoring by AOS team members. 

4. Get Valuable Feedback

In dentistry, there can be so many varying treatment plans depending on the dentist you see. This is no different in orthodontics, as diagnosis and treatment planning differ per dentist and based on the individualized needs of the patient. When you make a diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment plan, it is necessary in the beginning to get feedback from experienced general dentists in orthodontics. Just like in dental school or residency, you want to discuss case review or prospective orthodontic patients so you understand how to improve your case selection. 

What better time to get interactive feedback than your continuing education courses? You’re investing finances and time into your career, so it is the best opportunity to ask questions of your instructors and discuss cases with your colleagues. 

5. Work With Experienced Instructors 

With so many orthodontic courses to choose from, how do you know which orthodontics course has instructors with the experience and dedication to help you learn orthodontics? Did you know that some courses have instructors who don’t even work in the field they teach? Look for a course with a history of long-term continuing education courses and not just one that wants high fees for a day course.

The AOS has almost 50 years of experience educating and helping dentists learn orthodontics. Just from their track records, they’ve helped thousands of dentists advance their practices and transform their careers into what they always imagined. When you sign up to take a comprehensive orthodontics course with the AOS, like the Basic Straight Wire course, you don’t just take an eight-hour course and are sent on your way. You become part of a network that is there to guide you and help improve your career, work with you in treating your patients, and give you the push you need to take your practice to the next level. 

If you’re ready to advance your skills and your practice with orthodontics, the AOS has a course to suit your skill level. Contact us today and find out why so many dentists are benefitting from learning orthodontics with the AOS. 

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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