Do You Need Online or In-person CE Credits? We Offer Both

Invest in continuing education credits that can benefit your career.

With the number of hats a dentist wears, it is undeniably understandable that sometimes continuing education can fall behind. But for most general dentists and pediatric dentists, continuing education is necessary to maintain a state dental license. Stop paying thousands of dollars for last-minute CE course credits for dentists that may be unrelated or not applicable to your field. Invest in continuing education that can benefit your career and deliver a return on your investment both academically and financially. 

Dentists typically need a certain number of both online and in-person CE credits to satisfy their continuing education coursework. Fortunately, the Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics course offers both online and in-person credits for dentists looking for various ways to take classes.

General and pediatric dentists collaborate daily with orthodontists, so taking an online or in-person continuing education course focused on orthodontics can have many advantages. 

Online Continuing Education Credits

Sometimes your lifestyle cannot accommodate long weekend CE classes that require traveling. The Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics course offers a virtual livestream for dentists wanting to incorporate orthodontics into their practices. At the convenience of your home or office, you can have direct live instruction from orthodontic instructors. They will review all hands-on exercises needed to become competent and confident in diagnosing and treating malocclusion cases. 

One of the main benefits of the five-session online continuing education course is you can access the livestream from any device, including your laptop, phone, or tablet. This means you can be at home or even at the park while still advancing your career. Moreover, the stream is available for two days following each weekend so that you can replay the parts of the course you need reinforced. 

Your virtual experience also includes a live interactive chat once your course is complete to give you the chance for a question-and-answer session. There is no easier way of attaining 100 CE credits from the convenience of your own home without missing any workdays. You can now apply your orthodontic coursework clinically to benefit your patients and practice. 

In-person Continuing Education Credits

The Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics course is available as an in-person course as well. In five sessions you will be trained in all areas needed to incorporate orthodontics into your general or pediatric practice. This includes:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning of Class I and Class II malocclusions
  • Understanding diagnostic orthodontic records including cephalometrics 
  • Learning to band and bracket teeth
  • Applying the straight wire orthodontic bracket system 
  • Practically applying your coursework into your practice 

The benefits of the in-person continuing education course are invaluable. You will have live classes by orthodontic instructors, but most importantly your coursework will focus on all facets of general practice orthodontics. You will be joined by good company. Your courses are directed at general and pediatric dentists all of whom share the same passion for applying orthodontics as you do. 

The in-person session is a three-day, dynamic learning experience consisting of two days of hands-on clinical lectures and a half day of patient case reviews. The course is broken down into five sessions spanning around five months to help you earn 100 CE credits per year. 

The sessions include the following. 

Session I: Introduction to straight wire orthodontics teaches the basics of diagnosis and treatment planning. You will also learn how to place separators and how to correctly position brackets on teeth.

Session II: Phase I early treatment helps you understand orthodontics in adolescence. You will learn about early intervention appliances like a palate expander in the mixed dentition.

Session III: Phase II comprehensive treatment helps you understand and treat using the basic straight wire orthodontic system for a Class I malocclusion.

Session IV: Phase II comprehensive treatment continues its coursework by introducing new appliances like distalizers and learning about Class II malocclusions.  

Session V: The final session discusses elastics and retention as orthodontic cases are completed. 

Regardless of the type of course you take, both online and in-person orthodontic CE credits are attained in a professional and motivated environment. Most importantly, your practice and patients can benefit tremendously from the clinical knowledge and application from the Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics course. 

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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April 12-13, 2024

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