If You Only Take One Orthodontic Course, This Should Be the One

This orthodontic course could change the trajectory of your dental career.

Finding the time for continuing education can be a challenge for many dentists. Though they know it is important, there are opportunity costs to consider. From balancing time with family members and friends to taking time for self-care, there are certainly things that should always remain as top priorities. But as any professional knows, dedicating time to learn and grow is part of the business too. So if you are a general dentist looking to expand your practice to include orthodontics but are overwhelmed by where to begin with what little “free” time you have, we’ve got you covered.

Only have time for one class? This is it!

We offer a variety of orthodontic courses for general dentists looking to add orthodontics to their practices. With the right knowledge and skills, you can confidently offer comprehensive orthodontic care in your office. But we understand that time is limited. 

So if you only have the time to commit to one orthodontic course, we recommend the comprehensive Digital Aligner Bootcamp. This one-weekend course is designed for general dentists who want to become skilled in diagnosing, treating, and managing basic orthodontic cases. The course is taught by experienced practitioner and AGD Fellow Dr. Matthew Standridge. 

For half the price of most other orthodontic courses, you will get a thorough introduction to orthodontics and everything you need to harness the power of digital dentistry. We’ll cover orthodontic foundations, the principles of orthodontic movement, how to use the Blue Sky Plan, 3D-printing and lab-processing basics, and how to market and brand your expanded practice.

Still trying to decide whether to add orthodontics to your practice?

In a world saturated with images of perfect smiles on social media, television, and print ads, it’s no wonder that orthodontics is in high demand. Not only does it create beautiful smiles, but it also plays a crucial role in preventing long-term dental problems. If you’re still on the fence about adding orthodontics to your practice, here are some compelling reasons why it could be a game-changer for your dental career.

1. Kids deserve a straight smile that they can feel confident about.  

Nearly 45% of children can benefit from orthodontics to correct functional problems, while up to 75% could gain a straighter smile and enhanced facial shape. By offering orthodontic services, you can tap into a significant market and provide much-needed solutions to a wide range of patients. Whether it’s addressing bite issues in children or enhancing the appearance of adult smiles, orthodontics offers diverse treatment options to cater to every need.

2. Save patients time and money while growing your practice revenue.

Orthodontic referrals mean more total visits and frequent trips across town for patients and parents. These appointments include basic checkups to evaluate orthodontic progress, wire and bracket alignments or new-aligner delivery, and so much more. This is a lot of time for parents to spend getting their kids where they need to be, not to mention for adult patients to spend taking off work or having to rearrange their schedules.

Incorporating orthodontics into your practice allows you to keep the entire treatment process under one roof. This comprehensive approach builds trust, loyalty, and stability between you and your patients. By providing both orthodontic and general dental services, you establish long-term patient relationships, fostering continuity of care and ensuring they receive all their dental needs in a familiar environment.

3. Avoid high start-up costs.

One of the most attractive aspects of adding orthodontics to your practice is the relatively low start-up cost compared to other specialties. While certain specialties require significant investments in equipment and infrastructure, orthodontics can be incorporated with fewer up-front expenses. With proper training and the right tools, you can begin offering orthodontic services without a substantial financial burden, opening up new revenue streams and expanding the scope of your practice.

Start with the Digital Aligner Bootcamp offered by The American Orthodontic Society.

Whether you’re still deciding if practice expansion is right for you or you are ready to jump in feet first, the Digital Aligner Bootcamp is the right AOS course for you. We’re confident you’ll see that by adding orthodontics to your practice, you can cater to a wider patient base, build stronger relationships, and enhance the overall value of your services. 

With reasonable start-up costs and the potential for long-term growth, incorporating orthodontics is a wise move for dentists looking to expand their practices and provide comprehensive care to their patients.
Take a look at our list of orthodontic training courses and sign up today. We look forward to partnering with you.

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