3 Benefits of Continuing Education in Orthodontics for Pediatric Dentists

Most kids who get braces are between the ages of 9 and 14, and about four of every five people in braces are minors. This creates a tremendous opportunity for pediatric dentists who treat kids in this very age group—maximize the dentist-patient relationship and offer orthodontics directly in your practice. To that end, orthodontics is closely tied to pediatric dentistry. So, wouldn’t you want to do it if you could keep from sending your young patients away for orthodontic care from an orthodontist across town?

More pediatric dentists are seeking continuing education in the field of orthodontics.

As a pediatric dentist, you possess a deeper, more detailed understanding of what your patients need, extending beyond orthodontics alone. You are well-versed in various areas, such as jaw issues, bite issues, tongue ties, malocclusion, sleep-disordered breathing, bruxism, thumb sucking, and more. This comprehensive knowledge equips you with the unique ability to identify orthodontic cases at an early stage. 

Continuing education in orthodontics enhances your diagnostic skills and empowers you to make a direct and meaningful impact on your patients’ lives from a cosmetic perspective. Orthodontics can transform patients’ lives, ultimately shaping your career outlook.

Let’s explore some of the benefits that orthodontics for pediatric dentists provide:

1. It Benefits You, the Pediatric Dentist

Offering orthodontic services within your own practice provides a significant advantage in terms of familiarity and comfort for your young patients. By leveraging the trust and comfortable environment you have already established, you can ensure a seamless transition to orthodontic treatments. This benefits the patients by allowing them to receive care in a familiar setting and brings a sense of professional and personal fulfillment to you as a dentist. 

Moreover, adding orthodontics to your skill set expands your professional scope, enabling you to provide comprehensive patient care. This broadens your knowledge base and professional capabilities, enhancing your reputation as a trusted pediatric dentist.

2. It Benefits the Patient (and Their Parents)

Offering orthodontic services in-house provides the opportunity for better and earlier care for your pediatric patients. Integrating orthodontics into your practice can deliver early interventions and preventive care, ensuring the identification and timely addressing of issues like malocclusion. This approach improves treatment outcomes and long-term oral health benefits for young patients. 

Additionally, offering orthodontics within your practice enhances accessibility to care, eliminating the need for patients to take your referral and head across town with their parents to an orthodontist’s office. This convenience encourages parents to pursue orthodontic treatment for their children rather than putting it on the back burner, knowing that it is readily available in the same clinic without requiring additional referrals or travel. 

With your comprehensive understanding of orthodontics, you are equipped to provide expert diagnosis and treatment. Your ability to recognize orthodontic cases that may otherwise go unnoticed allows for targeted treatment plans, ensuring that patients receive the orthodontic care they need. 

3. It Benefits Your Business

Incorporating orthodontics into your practice cultivates a culture of growth, fostering an office environment focused on continuing education and professional development. This benefits you as the dentist and encourages your staff members to expand their knowledge and skills, creating a dynamic and progressive workplace. 

By offering orthodontic services in-house, you also experience a reduced need for extensive advertising efforts to attract new patients. Instead, you can capitalize on your existing patient base, streamlining your marketing efforts and allowing you to concentrate on delivering quality care to your current patients. 

Moreover, providing comprehensive orthodontic services enhances patient satisfaction, leading to positive reviews and testimonials. Satisfied patients are more likely to refer your practice to others, contributing to the growth and success of your practice. Finally, including orthodontic services can have financial rewards, as they contribute to increased patient revenue and practice profitability.

What does continuing education in orthodontics look like?

Continuing education in orthodontics can take various forms, catering to different levels of expertise and interests. It can be as straightforward as participating in a weekend clear aligner bootcamp, where you can gain valuable knowledge and skills specific to clear aligner treatments. This type of program allows you to enhance your understanding of clear aligner technology and its applications in orthodontics.

Another option for continuing education in orthodontics is to enroll in a comprehensive basic straight wire course. This course provides you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills for diagnosing and treating Class 1 and 2 malocclusions. Throughout the course, you will learn how to maintain diagnostic records that align with orthodontic standards of care, ensuring accurate and efficient treatment planning. Additionally, this comprehensive course will guide you on effectively incorporating orthodontics into your practice, allowing you to expand your services and provide comprehensive care to your patients.

These examples show that continuing education in orthodontics can range from specialized programs to more in-depth and comprehensive courses. The choice of the specific educational path depends on your interests, goals, and the level of expertise you wish to attain. Regardless of the specific program or course, continuing education in orthodontics enables you to stay updated with the latest advancements, techniques, and best practices in the field, ultimately enhancing your ability to provide high-quality orthodontic care to your pediatric patients.

Sign up for an orthodontics course with the American Orthodontic Society today. 

Orthodontics CE courses offer numerous benefits for pediatric dentists, even if they choose not to offer orthodontic services in their practice. It equips dentists with a deeper understanding of their patient’s needs, expands their professional scope, and enhances patient care. 

Please sign up for an orthodontics course with the American Orthodontic Society today. Expand your knowledge, broaden your skill set, and see how it can bring you renewed pediatric dentist success. 

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