You’ve Completed an Orthodontics Course—Now What?

How To Implement Your Ortho Knowledge

It’s not always an easy decision to take orthodontics courses because of the time and financial commitment. But once you’ve made the decision, you want to make it worthwhile back in your practice. Most dentists come out of a professional orthodontics course with boosted confidence from all the new knowledge and friendly connections they just made. But now what? How do you capitalize on all this new information and turn it into a lucrative endeavor?

When you take an orthodontics course with Dr. Brad Williams, you already learned the fundamentals of orthodontics, including how to diagnose and treat Class I and II malocclusions. Now you are ready to learn how to get started in general practice orthodontics so you can either add a new beneficial treatment to your services or possibly phase out physically taxing general dentistry. Consider a few things once you’ve completed your orthodontics course.

1. Create a plan.

Being organized and developing a business plan are the best ways to stay on track and implement orthodontics into your practice. If you have never presented an orthodontic treatment plan to a patient, it may seem overwhelming to just start out of nowhere, so it is helpful to outline a plan in your office. Some ways to do this are by posting on social media and emailing your patients to let them know that you will be offering straight wire orthodontics to benefit their oral health.

Another way is to offer a promotion during your first month of orthodontics to attract new patients for ortho treatment. Also, let patients know at their six-month visits that you’ll soon be offering orthodontics so that if they are interested in straightening their smile, it gives them something to think about.

2. Find a mentor.

The Basic Straight Wire course is a great place to meet other dentists with the same passion as you. It is also a good opportunity to speak with instructors who may be able to mentor you and guide you on how to get started in general practice orthodontics. 

A good mentor should be able to give you valuable tips on building up your orthodontic practice and some ideas on how to make the process less stressful. There are many ways to find a mentor; the trick can be finding the right person to work with. Try some of these tips to find a mentor, including ways you can approach them and make the relationship beneficial for both of you. 

3. Include your team.

In order to successfully build a general orthodontics practice, you need your dental team to be on your side and understand all areas of orthodontics. Consider giving your assistants and hygienists a training course in orthodontics so they feel comfortable discussing this information with patients. 

The last thing you want to happen is to have patients ask about orthodontics, whether it is a clinical or a financial question, and your dental team not know anything about it. It gives patients confidence to invest their time and money in orthodontics when your team is experienced and well versed in all areas of the treatment you offer. 

4. Market yourself.

Once you’ve completed your orthodontics course, you need to market yourself almost immediately. Every day, patients are searching online for the nearest dentist who offers orthodontics so they can improve their smile and oral health. If no one knows you offer orthodontics, how will anyone pursue treatment with you?

Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase orthodontic before and after pictures. Offer a promotion, like a small discount or complimentary whitening session, when they accept an orthodontic treatment plan. The more your patients know you offer orthodontics, the greater the number of patients that will be interested and the more treatment you will do.

5. Keep on learning.

Just because your orthodontics course is over does not mean your learning journey is over. The more continuing education courses you take, the greater knowledge you’ll have, and your skills will only advance. The future of orthodontics evolves and improves every year, so don’t get left behind. Instead, if you took the Basic Straight Wire course, consider the Intermediate or Advanced Straight Wire courses so you can learn about techniques like surgical treatment, TADs, and expansion. 

Orthodontics is one of the most lucrative fields in dentistry, which is why taking an orthodontics course is the first step in leveling up your dental practice. It also is tied to all areas, including periodontics, prosthodontics, and pediatrics, so it is beneficial to screen your patients for orthodontic treatment. After you have taken your orthodontics course with the American Orthodontic Society, don’t waste any time! Market yourself and train your team so you can take your dental practice to the next step. 

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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