What Is the Return on Investment for Adding Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice?

Orthodontic training is costly, but you can recoup your investment with a few cases a month.

Taking general dentist orthodontics courses can be a great way to expand your dental practice and take in more revenue, but the courses themselves are not the only investment you will need to make in order to offer orthodontics services. 

You will also need to purchase new equipment and materials, consider new marketing strategies, and incorporate new systems — all of which will require you to spend time, effort, and money. 

It’s important to consider all of these factors before you take any American orthodontics courses. As with any investment, you’ll want to know that the GP orthodontics return on investment is worth it. Fortunately, the benefits of adding orthodontics to your dental practice make it a strong candidate for ensuring your investment is readily returned.

GP Orthodontics are in high demand.

One of the most important aspects of calculating the ROI of taking general dentist orthodontics courses is determining how much new business offering orthodontics services is likely to draw into your practice. 

While there are, of course, variables in that equation, it stands to reason that your new services will attract plenty of new business opportunities. This is because there’s currently a high demand for dentists who offer orthodontic treatments but relatively few dentists who offer them

Part of this increase in demand is due to a growth in the number of adults who are seeking out various orthodontic treatments, such as braces

While braces were once something that many adult patients would avoid due to the treatment’s associations with adolescence or aesthetic concerns, there are now a number of discreet options that they can choose from, which have increased the demand for teeth-straightening treatments

If you’re a pediatric or family dentist, then you’ll be open to even more opportunities to provide patients with orthodontic services. About 45% of all children require braces, which means that nearly half of your young patient base are potential new customers for you.

General dentist orthodontics courses are highly convenient.

A major reason why some dental professionals avoid taking American orthodontics courses is because they’re worried about the added stress and time commitment that the courses will require.

However, it may surprise you how seamlessly general dentist orthodontics courses can fit into your schedule, and compared to other methods of advancing your skills, the commitment is quite feasible.

Training That Works Around Your Schedule

The courses offered by the American Orthodontic Society are designed to help dental professionals work around their other obligations in order to get the education they need without sacrificing too much elsewhere. 

For example, the American Orthodontic Society courses are spaced out in a way that allows you to continue your everyday dental practice routine.

A Less Costly Means of Expanding Your Knowledge

These courses are especially convenient when you consider the level of commitment necessary for acquiring an advanced skillset elsewhere. The time, energy, and money spent on a residency are exponentially greater, and with the number of dentists currently in student debt, that avenue is not even remotely feasible for many. 

The all-around convenience of American orthodontics courses lowers the level of investment required, which further increases the odds of a favorable GP orthodontics return on investment.

You have a built-in patient base.

You don’t necessarily need to have orthodontic training to know just how many of your current patients are going to or already do require orthodontic treatment. 

If you take a quality training course, all of those general dentistry patients can be orthodontic dentistry patients as well. This provides a means of expanding your business with next to zero marketing and virtually no patient onboarding. 

Even the best general dentist orthodontics courses will not allow you to provide every kind of orthodontic treatment. So you will still need to refer patients elsewhere sometimes. However, the proper training can give you the ability to treat between 70% and 80% of all cases, which is a substantial amount. 

Knowing that you won’t have to look far for orthodontic patients, and you’ll be able to offer a majority of all orthodontic treatments with the right training, speaks to the value of the return on your investment in these courses.

You’ll have the ability to make your money back quickly.

There are certainly going to be some upfront costs, should you decide to expand into orthodontics with your dental practice. But the doors it can open for bringing in more revenue can far outweigh those costs in the long run. It’s estimated that just two orthodontic cases brings in an extra $10,000 in revenue in a year. And how hard would it be to add two new cases each month?

Interested in general dentist orthodontics courses?

While no investment is guaranteed to return the exact results you want, adding orthodontics to your dental practice comes with a sound set of benefits that makes it a worthwhile consideration for expanding your practice and increasing your revenue.

Take a look at the courses that the American Orthodontic Society has to offer, or give us a call today to learn more.

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