The 5 Cornerstones of a Dental Marketing Agency to Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate your practice by working with a marketing agency. 

Cultivating a dental practice requires a significant time investment, which some doctors don’t have. And with competition continuing to increase, it can be challenging for your office to stand out. Fortunately, a dental marketing agency is available to help boost your business.

A dental marketing agency is a valuable partner for your business. It can increase your office’s visibility to potential patients and enhance your reputation. Dental marketing experts use strategies designed especially for the dental industry, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Knowing that these entities offer comprehensive marketing services for dentists is crucial when you consider partnering with a dental marketing agency. Every agency worth its salt will provide cornerstone services that contribute to the foundation or expansion of your business.

1. Patient Journey Optimization

A patient’s journey to finding a dental office is much different than it was several years ago. A dental marketing agency can help guide patients seamlessly through every stage of their journeys, from click to chair. 


The journey starts with awareness. They have identified their care needs at this stage and searched for providers. In the past, they may have relied on friends and family for recommendations. Today, their journey begins with an online search where they encounter your website, reviews, and social media before setting foot in your office.


Potential patients will find your online presence, which should reflect the experience they can expect at your office. Any inconsistencies between your online image and the real experience can lead to doubt and discourage potential patients. Ensure the information across all online platforms matches the in-office experience.  


Technology has become an essential tool for dental offices to provide value to patients. You can offer electronic scheduling, which may improve patient satisfaction and decrease no-show rates. 

If you are not offering online scheduling, give your patients a convenient way to get in touch to book an appointment. It encourages them to call, email, or contact your office via social media. 


Once the patient is in your office, you’ll want to keep them engaged. While waiting in the reception area, provide them with entertainment options like video games or virtual reality experiences. These devices serve as a distraction from anxiety while simultaneously contributing to an overall positive experience at your office. 


Patients come to your office for treatment. But don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Every appointment is a chance to educate and guide patients toward better oral health. 


Connect with patients by creating a welcoming office culture. Every patient should feel comfortable while in your office. Instilling this feeling can be as simple as having everyone acknowledge them with a quick hello or smile. Alternatively, you can get more involved with it by offering a complimentary beverage or a Wi-Fi password.  

Connecting with patients also means listening to them when they share their stories. Allow them time to talk, and respond with an appropriate answer. 

2. Comprehensive Marketing Services

A quality dental marketing agency offers a range of services. Those services may include: 

  • Branding and logo design
  • Website management
  • Local and technical SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising management
  • Email and print campaigns
  • Local listings management

These comprehensive marketing services for dentists come with most agency growth toolkits. 

3. Data-Driven Strategies

A dental marketing agency can help dental practices better understand data-driven marketing strategies to optimize dental practice growth. The experts there will help you understand your customer base and target new markets.

One agency growth tactic is to use analytic tools to track your marketing campaigns in real time to help you understand what is or is not working. In turn, you can improve your strategy and launch a new approach that will deliver results.  

4. Customized Solutions

Dental marketing agencies engage in personalized consultations to craft marketing solutions that align with unique goals and needs. This cornerstone is crucial because no one knows a patient base better than the dental team. When you’re considering a marketing agency growth strategy, look for one that provides personalized strategies. 

5. Transparent Communication

Clear and straightforward communication between dental practices and their marketing agencies is paramount. Regular contact lessens the probability of miscommunication, which can lead to a poor return on investment.

Dental marketing agencies should offer periodic progress checks so you can see how your new strategy is performing. These updates will ideally include progress reports that are discussed in detail so you can make decisions together on how to move forward with marketing your practice.   

Help your practice grow by investing in new opportunities.

A dental marketing agency can help you identify critical areas that contribute to your overall growth. The American Orthodontic Society offers orthodontic courses that can increase the services you provide to patients, giving you something else to market and gain new patients.

Contact the American Orthodontic Society to learn more about our continuing education classes, or get signed up for one. Take your dental practice to new heights with our great services.

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