An AOS Membership Can Provide You With These 4 Networking Opportunities

Propelling Your Career Through Your AOS Membership Network  

As a dentist with your own practice, you’re both a professional and a business owner. Both of these categories can benefit from networking opportunities in many different ways.

Having a robust network as a dentist lets you take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others in your field. When undergoing something new to you, like adding orthodontic treatment to your practice, you can ensure that your efforts have the maximum impact by networking with dentists who have been there before.

You’ll also have more opportunities to stay at the cutting edge of dentistry. Networking keeps you up to date on the latest technologies and methods. Not only will you hear about new developments sooner, but you’ll also benefit from the practical experience of your peers.

American Orthodontic Society (AOS) membership provides a wide range of benefits for dentists. Among those are 4 key networking opportunities that allow you to build strong connections with other professionals in your field.

1. The AOS Annual Conference

Members are eligible to sign up to attend the American Orthodontic Society annual conference. This meeting provides an excellent networking opportunity to meet other AOS members and discuss the latest industry trends.

The conference includes a variety of presentations delivered by speakers who are leaders in their respective specializations. You’ll have the chance to hear from experts on the latest in new treatment methodology and best practices for providing exceptional orthodontic care.

Dentists receive ADA-recognized orthodontic CE hours for attending the conference. By attending this annual conference, you can maintain your commitment to continuing education and take advantage of a great networking opportunity at the same time.

There is also an exclusive luncheon for AOS diplomates and board-eligible candidates who have progressed through continuing education and the AOS credentialing program.

2. The AOS Membership Directory

When you become a member, you’re joining over 1,500 general and pediatric dentists also committed to offering orthodontic treatment through their practices.

The membership directory makes it easy to find others in your region or within the specialization you’d like to discuss. You can develop and maintain lasting relationships with other practitioners offering orthodontics.

Your name and practice will be listed in the membership directory, allowing other practitioners to find you as well. You can become an active contributor to the field and also provide support and guidance for others.

3. The AOS Referral Guide

The versatile AOS referral guide is a valuable tool that lets you better care for your patients during any stage of your orthodontic journey. Starting out, you may still find yourself referring many orthodontic patients. The referral guide lets you find other dentists who can offer the specific care your patients need.

Even as you become more confident and experienced in orthodontic care, there may be cases you wish to refer out. You could simply be too busy, or you might have a case that happens to be outside your scope.

Similarly, the AOS referral guide can allow other dentists to refer patients to you for orthodontic treatment. Your listing in the referral guide lets other dentists in your area identify your practice and your treatment capabilities to refer patients to you as needed.

4. AOSConnect

Today, social media makes up a significant part of how we interact with other people. The format is naturally conducive to networking opportunities, and the American Orthodontic Society takes advantage of this with AOSConnect.

AOSConnect is our professional social media platform. It is exclusive to AOS members and offers easy networking and communication with other general and pediatric dentists who practice orthodontics.

You can take advantage of this straightforward and intuitive social media platform to organically expand your network and find like-minded professionals. It’s easy to find answers to specific questions you have concerning orthodontic treatment when you have access to this valuable tool.

AOSConnect greatly expands the reach of your networking opportunities in the same way that other social media platforms enable broad communication. You can find expert insight and meaningful discussion, along with the opportunity to make your own contributions to this professional forum.

Take advantage of these opportunities and more.

With an AOS membership, you can take advantage of all these networking opportunities to grow your practice and your expertise. You’ll receive additional benefits as well, including discounts on American Orthodontic Society continuing education courses.

An AOS membership also provides discounts on supplies and services from partner organizations. You’ll receive a subscription to the Journal of the American Orthodontic Society and access to our exclusive credentialing program. Access all these opportunities and resources by joining the AOS today.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

1st Session: April 26-28, 2024

AOS Institute
1785 State Highway 26
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July 19-21, 2024

AOS Institute
1785 State Highway 26
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August 23-24, 2024

AOS Institute
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