What Makes a Good Dental Practice? Grow Your Dental Practice Well.

Do you want to grow your dental practice and increase the number of patients who walk through your doors? Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been an established business for years, there is always room for improvement. 

In addition to providing excellent oral health care, there are many other elements that can influence dental practice success. By keeping your patients top of mind, investing in professional development, and optimizing your office environment, you can set your dental team apart from the rest.

Today, we’re sharing the top ways you can attract new patients, strengthen your reputation, and establish your practice as the preferred local provider.

6 Ways to Build Your Practice

1. Prioritize patient-focused care.

According to a recent report, the top three elements that patients consider before choosing a dental practice include:

  1. The dentist’s competence.
  2. A recommendation from someone they know.
  3. The quality of service provided.

In addition, they also value interpersonal factors, including patience and respect. As soon as they enter your office, they should feel valued, cared for, and appreciated. Something as simple as a warm greeting and friendly conversation can make a world of difference.

By training your team members to take a patient-focused approach to care, you can help establish a practice that’s widely regarded as both professional and pleasant. This will encourage more patients to visit your office and can go a long way toward building your local reputation. 

2. Keep a clean, tech-savvy office.

Gone are the days when reception areas were synonymous with scratchy furniture, bland walls, and a decidedly boring aesthetic. Today, the offices of modern dental practices are embracing bright colors, tasteful décor, and patient-friendly touches like beverage centers and reading stations. 

As you look for ways to make your waiting room more personalized, remember that it should also be as clean and sanitary as possible. If your carpet is dirty and your tables are smudged, think about the message that this sends about the rest of your facility.

Remember: Your patients are trusting you with their oral health. They should be confident that your team members are doing everything they can to keep your practice healthy and hygienic. 

3. Invest in dental technology.

The field of dental technology is expanding at an impressive rate. Today, there are tools and machines that can make nearly every dental procedure faster and more comfortable.

While you don’t necessarily need to invest in every single one of them, it can be advantageous to choose new systems strategically. Equipping your office with the latest technology sends a powerful message to new and existing patients.

Not only does it tell them that you’re dedicated to providing the most advanced dental services possible, but it also demonstrates your commitment to their comfort and satisfaction. From teledentistry and virtual reality to digital imaging systems and CAD/CAM processes, there is a wide range of tech tools to consider.

4. Listen to your patients.

In your quest to become the top local dentist office, patient satisfaction is a critical factor to consider. Happy and content patients are quick to share their experiences online and in person, but keep in mind that disgruntled ones will do the same. 

If you request patient feedback via paper or digital surveys, then take the time to actually listen to it. If there are changes suggested, then consider them as a team. Your skilled services might speak for themselves, but it’s the level of care that you provide that will ultimately help your team reach long-term dental practice success. 

5. Expand your service offerings.

If you want to take your business to new heights, then you may need to think about adding a few advanced dentistry services to your repertoire. For instance, could you start offering composite fillings so patients can have an alternative to traditional amalgam ones? What about adding orthodontics or endodontic treatments? The more services that you can provide your patients in-house, the more likely they will be to schedule all of their dental needs with your team.

As you research all of the specializations available, keep in mind that there will be an educational component to consider. Your team members will need to learn how to provide these services, so allocate plenty of time for training. If you’re interested in expanding your skill-set to include orthodontics, the American Orthodontic Society can help you earn 100 continuing education credits, as well as provide hands-on clinical education.

By offering advanced dentistry options, you can appeal to a greater number of patients. At the same time, you’ll also strengthen your competitive advantage and improve the overall value of your dental practice.

6. Optimize the referral and review process.

When someone is looking for a new dental provider, they’ll usually start by checking with their inner circle. Then, they’ll expand their search outward to include social media and online review sites.

This is why the patient referral process is so important. You can make this step easy and uncomplicated by handing out referral cards before a patient leaves your office. Or, send them a link where they can complete the process online.

In addition, you can also send a link to your dedicated review form, and encourage patients to share their experiences with others. Studies show that 84% of people trust online reviews from strangers as much as recommendations from friends and family members, so this one step can go a long way.

Grow your dental practice, one step at a time.

As you take care of the everyday tasks related to your dental practice, don’t forget to look ahead and into the future. Even the most well-established dental teams can benefit from taking a close look at their operations, and how they can improve patient care. With the right approach, you can grow your dental practice to heights beyond your dreams. By investing in the right resources, training, and opportunities, you’ll transform your office from the inside out. 

Along the way, we’re here to help you succeed. Did you know AOS provides courses to help general and pediatric dentists add orthodontics to their practice? This can help you grow your practice, earn trust, and increase production. Check out our full list of available courses and join us today!

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