What Can Straight Wire Orthodontics Do for Your Practice?

Improve your office production and retain your patients.

If you are in general or pediatric practice, incorporating orthodontics into your office will have a quick positive impact. Would you refer every dental implant out? Would you refer every baby tooth that needs to be extracted to oral surgery? Instead of continuing to refer orthodontic cases out, learn how Straight Wire Orthodontics can help you maintain the patient, increase your production, and directly improve your practice.

Regardless of where your practice is located, the Straight Wire Orthodontics course can help you really create a multidisciplinary office. Implementing orthodontics will boost your outlook on how continuing education can improve your skills as a dentist. General dentistry constantly involves orthodontics in treatment plans whether it is for functional or cosmetic purposes. The course enables general dentists to practice orthodontics and keep patients in-house ensuring the happiness of patients who can stay with a dentist they know and trust.

Dr. Brad Williams has more than 30 years of experience practicing orthodontics in general practice. Dr. Amar Pattani, a general dentist in Glenview, Illinois took Dr. Williams’ workshop and says, “As someone who was looking to start treating orthodontic cases in my practice, this course was exactly what I needed. I’m just finishing the course today and already have two patients in brackets and a few more ready to go. I learned the tools and techniques necessary to identify, diagnose and treat cases in my offices immediately.” The coursework is beneficial for all general dentists looking to make small changes to their office or drastically improve the set-up of their office.

With Dr. Williams’ knowledge and comprehensive workshops, you will certainly feel confident and excited to introduce new techniques and treatment to your patients.

A few ways the Straight Wire Orthodontics course will benefit your dental practice are detailed below.

1. Improve Production

You will immediately see an increase in production in your office. Instead of referring out cases, you will see orthodontic revenue help your practice grow. You will attract new patients due to your advanced treatment and skills. Many patients feel a connection after seeing their general dentist for many years and trust you are putting their interests first. By incorporating orthodontics into general dentistry, you are serving their needs while also helping your finances.

2. Expand Your Knowledge

Being a dentist has many privileges, but one of the best is being able to serve your patients’ dental needs. By providing comprehensive dental care for your patient, you are continuing to strive to provide high-quality dental care and grow as a clinician.

3. Motivate Your Staff

Your team is always looking to improve their skill set and compensation. Teaching them to assist in orthodontics allows them to strengthen their skills as an assistant and become cross-trained in a specialty field. It will help their careers whether they remain in your office or move on and you will be creating a team that works together to provide comprehensive, successful treatment.

4. Treatment Remains In-house

Referring patients is necessary when you don’t provide a specialty service. Whether it is surgery, dental implants, or orthodontics, a referral sometimes is necessary but can become a hassle for both you and the patient. Dealing with insurance problems, treatment records transfers, and communication can sometimes make referrals and multidisciplinary dentistry very stressful. By incorporating orthodontics into your practice, you eliminate the need for this and create a convenient in-house experience for your patient. You will see your internal referrals grow, but you will also see how appreciative your patients are that they can remain in your office for specialty treatment.

5. Physical Benefit

We all know how taxing dentistry can be on our bodies. After years of practicing, it can negatively affect our necks, backs, and hands. Pursuing a career in general practice orthodontics can not only improve our existing practices, but benefit our bodies long term.

Dr. Coty Shores from Duncan, Oklahoma took Dr. Williams’ course and reports, “Dr. Brad’s advanced course has taken my orthodontics to the next level. Without the information provided in this course I would not have started 40 new cases last year. Orthodontics has made a positive impact on my start-up practice, as well as helping to relieve my chronic neck pain. I really do not know what I would do without orthodontics in my practice. Bottom line, we would be less profitable and I would be in more pain at the end of the day.”

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

March 1-2, 2024

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1st Session: March 8-10, 2024

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April 12-13, 2024

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