5 Ways Adding Orthodontics Can Help Your Business Gain Momentum

Grow your dental practice with revolutionary GP orthodontics offerings.

There are many ways to ensure the continued growth of your dental practice, from employing a strong marketing campaign to using the latest technology to fostering strong relationships with patients. 

However, while many of these strategies are undoubtedly effective when used properly, they also have their limitations. At some point, ensuring dental practice growth will require some growth of your own. 

If you’re a general or pediatric dentist looking for a way to boost income and grow your practice, adding orthodontics to your practice is a fantastic way to do it. Providing orthodontic services can not only attract more clients, but it can also help you create more income from within your already established patient base. 

Orthodontics can help your business gain momentum in five ways:

1. You can meet the needs of the modern patient.

Dental practice growth is generally dependent on how well you understand the wants and needs of both your current and potential patients and what you do to meet them. 

One of the things dental patients want most in 2022 is convenience. If you can save them the time and the trouble required to seek out and get to know another doctor, then they’re much more likely to give you their business for both your dental and your orthodontic services.

2. The boost in income can be significant. 

While it may be obvious that there will be a boost in income when a dentist offers orthodontics, you may be surprised to learn how substantial that boost can be. If you manage just two orthodontic cases per year, it’s estimated that you can increase your revenue by $10,000. 

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to how much additional revenue you can expect from adding orthodontics to your own practice:

Patient Base

A younger patient base is going to offer far more opportunities for you to provide orthodontic services compared to a base comprised mainly of adults over 40. This is because younger patients are the demographic most frequently in need of these services.


You need to be able to market your orthodontic services effectively to ensure you get the return on your investment or see the dental practice growth you are hoping for.


The more prepared you are to confidently offer orthodontic services, the more likely you will be able to provide exemplary services that patients will want to seek out.

3. You build greater appeal with potential clients.

For potential patients who don’t yet have a dental home, one of the most important factors they will consider before coming into the office is what range of services you offer. 

Comprehensive care is something that the modern dental patient looks for in a dentist, which means that your services will be much more appealing if they also include orthodontics. 

And if they do come in for your new orthodontic services, those patients are also going to need regular hygiene, checkups, and any number of the other dental services you already offer. In other words, your new services can provide dental practice growth in more ways than one.

4. It allows for dental practice growth from within.

That boost in income when a dentist offers orthodontics doesn’t just come from new patients. It can also come from your current patients. While the comprehensive care you offer will definitely give you greater appeal to a potential customer, it can also inspire a current one to use even more of your services. 

Acquiring these “new” orthodontic patients requires no marketing at all. In fact, outside of the cost of learning how to provide orthodontic services and the new equipment you’ll need, these patients will essentially be free to obtain. All you need to do is share the news with them that you’re now providing orthodontics.

5. You can strengthen your relationship with your patients. 

One of the best ways to inspire dental practice growth is to have a strong relationship with your patients. Providing comprehensive dental care means that you’ll be seeing your patients more often and getting to know them better than ever. 

This is not only going to motivate them to see you more, but it will also inspire them to recommend you to everyone they know and give you positive reviews online. Word of mouth is both a highly effective form of marketing – as well as an entirely free one!  

Considering adding GP orthodontics to your dental practice?

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