3 Ways Orthodontics Facilitates Patient Oral Health Success

Make Your Patients’ Smiles Healthier With General Dentists Orthodontics Training Courses

When most patients think about orthodontics, they tend to think it is only about straightening teeth, when in truth, orthodontics does so much more. Sure, straight teeth are a great asset because they create a harmonious, confident smile, but having teeth aligned in the proper position can positively impact a person’s oral health. The next time you evaluate a patient, take the time to discuss all of the reasons orthodontics can benefit your patient so they are set for long-term oral health success.

Here are the top three ways orthodontics can make a major, positive change and drive your patient in the right direction for overall oral health success.

1. Orthodontics is prevention.

When you take general dentist orthodontics training courses with the American Orthodontic Society (AOS), you’re trained to understand all of the oral health benefits of orthodontics. One of the benefits of being a general or pediatric dentist is that you have the opportunity and experience to see patients from every angle: cosmetic, periodontal gum health, restorative tooth decay risk, and even airway and sleep health. Therefore when you perform a clinical exam, you can identify orthodontic issues that are contributing to their oral health problems.

If a patient is reporting difficulty biting and has sleep issues like grinding and clenching, it may mean they have a cross-bite and their upper jaw is disproportionate to their lower jaw. Getting a palate expander and braces is a great way to help prevent or treat this issue and avoid future problems like obstructive sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils, and chronic fatigue.

Orthodontics is treatment that can set patients up to prevent problems like bruxism and teeth grinding, which contribute to teeth wear, sensitivity, and pain. When teeth are aligned properly, patients are less likely to develop bite problems or grinding when sleeping. 

Orthodontics can also help prevent common issues like gum disease and tooth decay because straight, aligned teeth are easier to clean and less likely to get food and plaque debris caught in difficult areas. When there is severe crowding, it is much harder to reach those pesky areas and patients often experience tooth decay between teeth, leading to dental fillings, crowns, and even tooth loss.

2. Orthodontics boosts confidence.

How many of us are self conscious in photos because our teeth are not straight? Whether you are interviewing for a new job or going on a date, you want to put your best foot forward. Having straight teeth should not just be a privilege, but a necessity because it helps us feel better about ourselves and how we push ourselves to do more professionally and personally.

AOS courses give dentists a foundation on how to identify Class I and II malocclusions, so that by the end of the Basics course, they have the confidence and training to treat at least 70% of these cases. Going back to your practice and patients after general dentist orthodontics training courses gives you direction on how to treat orthodontics so that when your patients leave, they have a better understanding of how orthodontics can benefit them both clinically and emotionally.

When a patient feels good about their smile, they’re more likely to continue to care for their oral health at home with healthy oral care habits and investing in dental treatment like teeth whitening.

3. Offering orthodontics builds patient rapport.

The more educated you are as a dentist and the more training you seek, the more your patients will trust your judgment and treatment plans. Hopefully, this also naturally results in patient referrals and boosted production, but the real success is when you have patients who sign up for orthodontics because they understand how it benefits their oral health and they take it more seriously.

Since orthodontics is a treatment that requires more frequent visits, you’ll develop a closer connection with patients throughout their years of treatment. Your patients will become comfortable enough to be in the driver’s seat, in control of their oral health and schedule regular cleanings while learning about preventive dentistry like fluoride treatments, sealants, teeth whitening, and nightguards. 

Orthodontics helps patients pave the way for their own oral health success because after investing so much time and money into orthodontics, they want to maintain their new, healthy smiles. This is beneficial for both you and your patients because you’re more likely to have patients return for more visits and treatment when they invest in orthodontics.

AOS Orthodontic courses pave the way to patient success.

Offering orthodontics in your practice is one of the top ways to help get your patients oral health on the right track. When you educate your patients about the importance of a properly aligned bite and straight teeth, you’re helping prevent painful and expensive treatments like TMJ, tooth decay, and gum disease. Getting your patients into orthodontics will absolutely create an energy and enthusiasm for healthy and positive oral health habits for a lifetime. Learn how to boost patient success by browsing our AOS courses today.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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