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Not all orthodontic courses are the same.

Today, orthodontic courses for general dentists offer a way to add treatment options to your practice. However, not every course can provide the outcome you’re looking for. Where other ortho courses fall behind, American Orthodontic Society courses give you everything you need to develop your practice.

Ortho Courses That Provide Meaningful Learning

At the American Orthodontic Society, our orthodontic courses for GDPs serve the purpose of allowing your practice to provide orthodontic treatments. You’ll reach the point where you can plan and carry out ortho treatment plans effectively.

Our courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide straight wire orthodontic treatment options, greatly expanding what your practice can offer patients. We have both basic and intermediate courses available, allowing dentists to advance to more complex cases.

These core ortho courses are carried out over several sessions of instruction and hands-on training, along with monitoring to follow up with the course. Overall, these courses provide you with the necessary skills to handle most orthodontic cases, although some complex cases must still be referred to an orthodontist.

During these courses, you’ll receive professional instruction from qualified presenters. The courses will feature case reviews, hands-on training, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that you finish the course with the skills you need to provide orthodontic treatment for your patients.

In addition to these core ortho courses, the American Orthodontic Society also offers a variety of continuing education courses online that can help increase your orthodontic knowledge. These courses are carefully developed to impart useful knowledge and also provide continuing education credit hours.

One of the most important areas in which our orthodontic courses for GDPs stand out compared to other options is that we prepare you for every aspect of providing orthodontic treatments.

Our courses aren’t focused only on carrying out specific treatments but also on analysis, diagnosis, and treatment planning. You’ll be able to confidently treat your patients knowing that you’re providing the care they really need.

Orthodontic CE Courses for the Whole Team

Ortho courses aren’t just for dentists themselves. They can also provide additional knowledge and skills for the entire team. Orthodontic courses for assistants and hygienists can further develop the level of quality treatment your practice can provide.

As with any treatment option, orthodontics requires the support of your entire team to handle it successfully. With the specific training required to support orthodontic treatment, your practice can better meet the needs of your patients.

The American Orthodontic Society provides a hands-on training course for assistants and hygienists. This course will equip your team to handle areas such as wire adjustments and tightening, proper orthodontic instrument sterilization and preparation, X-ray equipment operation, and orthodontic administrative tasks.

Having your entire team properly trained to handle orthodontic treatment improves outcomes and experiences for your patients. That means more patients will choose to stay with you, and the word of mouth this encourages will help grow your practice.

You’ll also have more time to carry out treatment as your team can now perform minor tasks. This allows you to increase your patient load and obtain the full benefits of continuing education ortho courses.

Your staff will also appreciate the impact that orthodontic training will have on their careers. Investing in continuing education for your staff can improve morale and give them a sense that they are truly valued at your practice.

Additional American Orthodontic Society Benefits

Anyone considering orthodontic courses for general dentists should also consider membership in the American Orthodontic Society. Our memberships carry a wide range of benefits that can help you and your practice.

First, you’ll receive discounts on our continuing education programs, allowing you to acquire orthodontic treatment skills and knowledge for less. You can also receive discounts on supplies and lab services through American Orthodontic Society partners.

Networking events like the AOS annual conference and our exclusive AOS Connect professional social media platform allows you to keep up with peers in the field and ensure that you’re at the forefront of all the latest developments.

You’ll also have access to the highly respected AOS Credentialing Program, which will allow you to demonstrate the extent of your skills and knowledge in providing orthodontic treatments.

The American Orthodontic Society provides a wide range of resources for its members as well. You’ll find forms and templates, legal support, and other benefits readily available if you choose to become a member.

Start your continuing education today.

Orthodontic courses for general dentists and their teams from the American Orthodontic Society could be the best investment you make in your practice. You can check out our various course offerings and sign up for one that’s right for you today.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

March 1-2, 2024

AOS Event Center
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1st Session: March 8-10, 2024

AOS Event Center
1785 State Highway 26
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April 12-13, 2024

AOS Event Center
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