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Are you ready for the next step in your orthodontic practice journey?

You’re skilled at treating orthodontics, but there is always room to learn and expand your orthodontic knowledge. The best way to continue your education beyond dental school and residency is by taking an advanced orthocourse. The American Orthodontic Society (AOS) has courses for dentists pursuing orthodontics at all levels. If you have experience treating orthodontic patients, you may want to consider signing up for the Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Phase II Update Course.

The Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Update Course is an excellent choice for dentists wanting to improve their orthodontic problem-solving skills. Patients with challenging orthodontic issues can range from impacted teeth to gummy smiles. When you sign up with the AOS, you are always taught the most current orthodontics, so you can bring this knowledge home to your dental practice. 

What are the benefits of the Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Update Course?

Throughout the two-day course, you are taught the fundamentals of some of the most common problems dentists face when treating orthodontic patients. Advanced procedures are taught so that you can design your treatment plan according to the needs of your patients, since sometimes there are appliances and strategies necessary in addition to straight wire orthodontics.

Dr. Brad Williams and his highly experienced team guide the course participants through both lecture and a hands-on workshop. Real-life clinical cases are presented by instructors, so that the dentists can get the best understanding of the treatment and relate it to their own patient cases. Textbook cases are typical in most continuing education courses, but the AOS offers their members so much more. There is such a benefit to getting exposure to real patient cases because dentists are better able to grasp the challenges of treatment and use this knowledge when they return home. 

There is always an opportunity for discussion and follow-up questions, because in addition to the course outline, dentists always benefit from interacting with colleagues on real-life scenarios. 

The course can be taken either virtually or in-person, which is beneficial because everyone has different schedules and commitments. The virtual and in-person options are a great way to earn 16 continuing education credits and gives flexibility to those who need it. 

What procedures does the Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Update Course cover? 

The course covers important problem-solving procedures that help create a harmonious and healthy smile. These procedures include, but are not limited to: 

  • The Multi-Distalizing Appliance, MDA-SS.
  • Closed Arch Mechanics w/ .021 x .025 Braided NiTi Wire.
  • Placement and use of mini mold attachments.
  • Ectopic canine strategies.
  • Molar uprighting springs.
  • Fabrication of lower bonded 3×3 using Bond-a-Braid.

Dentists treating orthodontic patients know that encountering challenging orthodontic cases can be overwhelming. There is no reason why motivated dentists who train in orthodontics cannot gain the knowledge and experience needed to treat these more complicated cases. 

Instead of giving cases away to more experienced orthodontic providers, the Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Update Course will give you the confidence needed to understand how to treat ectopic canines or use distalizing appliances to create more space for teeth to erupt. 

The course is designed specifically for general and pediatric dentists who need the next push in their orthodontic careers and want to move to the next level as a specialist. Dr. Williams and his team are patient and dedicated to ensure all participants feel confident on completion of this two-day course. 

If you are in the middle of your orthodontic education journey, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain the extra knowledge in biomechanics and advanced orthodontic skills. You will feel motivated to go home and treat those more challenging cases, and may even want to sign up for your next advanced orthodontic course with the AOS. 

Don’t hesitate to sign up!

Most dentists have so much on their plates that continuing education courses sometimes fall on the backburner. If you have put in the initial time and effort to begin your orthodontic education, don’t stop now. Learning more difficult techniques and treatment strategies only puts you ahead of other providers because you are able to treat more orthodontic cases. You won’t leave the Orthodontic Treatment Strategies Update Course with just additional knowledge, you’ll leave having mastered difficult topics that most general dentists providing orthodontics don’t have knowledge of. Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to speak with patients about orthodontic problem-solving strategies to make their treatment run more efficiently. 

Dentists who sign up for AOS courses never look back. There are courses for every dentist to keep up with current orthodontics as the field continues to evolve and grow. When you put the effort into learning new orthodontic skills, your return-on-investment will be both lucrative and fulfilling. Contact us today to start the next stage of your orthodontic journey.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

1st Session: April 26-28, 2024

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July 19-21, 2024

AOS Institute
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August 23-24, 2024

AOS Institute
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