Exciting News: 5 Tips to Announce That You Have Added Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice!

Integrating orthodontics into your dental practice is both thrilling and fulfilling, promising to elevate patient satisfaction. With this transformative addition, it’s time to share your exciting news with the world. From leveraging the power of social media to orchestrating a special event, and updating your website, discover the perfect ways to ensure your patients and prospective clients are well-informed and excited about this remarkable enhancement.

Use social media and local events to discuss the addition of orthodontics to your dental practice.

When you only see your patients every six months, the window to share your exciting news about adding orthodontics is limited. Don’t risk missing out as patients seek orthodontic services elsewhere. Check out these five impactful tips, led by the power of social media, to amplify your exciting news and ensure your practice’s news far and wide.

1. Social media is a must. 

Social media is an indispensable tool for connecting with patients. Research from the Pew Research Center reveals that around 70% of Americans use social platforms daily, fostering interactions, sharing information, and seeking entertainment. With seven out of 10 Facebook users visiting the site daily, along with a substantial portion of Instagram and Snapchat users, harnessing the potential of social media is crucial.

Dentists can take strategic steps to leverage this trend. First, establishing a Facebook account is essential, offering a direct channel for engagement. Second, clinic signage directing patients to their Facebook page encourages online interaction. Finally, a tailored marketing campaign can spotlight the exciting addition of orthodontics, communicating the benefits this enhancement brings to patients’ lives. By embracing social media’s reach and integrating it into their practice, dentists can amplify their impact and foster lasting patient connections.

2. Update your practice website and online listings.

Updating your practice website and online listings is a pivotal step in unveiling your new orthodontic venture. To captivate and inform your audience effectively, consider these strategic tips:

  • Dedicated service page: Craft a comprehensive service page spotlighting your orthodontic offerings. Engage readers with long-form, benefits-driven content complemented by captivating visuals, including before-and-after smile transformations. Incorporate a compelling call to action, urging patients to request consultations for deeper insights.
  • Keyword optimization: Infuse the keyword “orthodontics” strategically within your content, especially in headers, and incorporate it into the meta description for the page. This optimization boosts your page’s visibility, ensuring prospective patients find you easily.
  • Consistency across directories: Maintain uniformity across platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. Accurate and consistent information fosters trust and streamlines patient connections.
  • Reviews matter: Encourage delighted patients to share positive orthodontic experiences through reviews. Authentic feedback bolsters your credibility and amplifies your practice’s appeal.

3. Blog Series

Unveil the benefits of orthodontics through an informative blog series that not only educates but also enhances your online presence. Websites with active blogs boast a staggering 434% increase in indexed pages and 97% more inbound links, bolstering page ranking authority and visibility. Moreover, businesses with vibrant blogs welcome 55% more visitors, underscoring the potential of a well-crafted series.

Consider these five invaluable tips to craft a captivating blog series:

  • Introduction and advantages: Launch with an engaging overview of your orthodontic services, spotlighting their impact on smiles and lives. These pages can serve as cornerstone articles for future blog posts.
  • Answer common queries: Address frequently asked questions and concerns surrounding orthodontic treatments, alleviating uncertainties for prospective patients.
  • Explore treatment options: Dive into different orthodontic methods, providing comprehensive insights into available choices for readers.
  • Patient stories: While you might not have any of these right off the bat, keep it in your marketing team’s ticker files to later share success stories of transformed smiles, emphasizing the real-world impact of orthodontics on individuals’ lives.
  • Expert advice: Ask your marketing team to quote you directly to offer expert advice, which will build credibility and trust among your readership.

4. Host an open house or special event. 

Inject excitement into your practice by orchestrating an open house or special event, uniting patients, referring dentists, and the local community. Craft a remarkable experience with these event-planning gems:

  • Personalized invitations: Extend heartfelt invitations to current patients, esteemed referring dentists, and community members, evoking a sense of exclusivity and unity.
  • Delightful offerings: Tempt taste buds with tooth-friendly refreshments while curating a sense of intrigue with engaging giveaways. Showcase exclusive promotions for orthodontic consultations and treatments, capturing attendees’ interest.
  • Interactive engagement: Elevate the event with captivating displays and hands-on activities that illuminate the magic of orthodontics. Bolster attendee knowledge with informative materials, fostering a deeper understanding of your offerings.

5. Implement referral incentives. 

Embracing referral marketing reaps myriad rewards, including heightened conversion rates, loyalty amplification, and a steady stream of new patients. A staggering 90% of individuals place trust in recommendations from friends, a phenomenon that extends seamlessly to the realm of dental services.

Take your referral strategy to the next level with these insightful steps:

  • Tailored referral program: Craft a compelling referral initiative, rewarding patients who introduce friends and family to your orthodontic journey.
  • Effortless sharing: Equip patients with tangible referral cards or digital avenues to seamlessly share the brilliance of your expanded services within their networks.
  • Gratitude gestures: Express heartfelt appreciation for patient referrals through personalized touches or thoughtful tokens, nurturing a sense of belonging and connection.

Social media is the key to announcing your dynamic duo of general dentistry and orthodontics.

Integrating general dentistry and orthodontics sets the stage for a powerful synergy, amplifying patient satisfaction and practice revenue. By seamlessly blending these two pillars, you not only offer comprehensive care but also tap into an expansive market demand. Embrace the transformative potential of this dynamic partnership to elevate smiles and elevate your dental practice’s success.
Visit the American Orthodontic Society website regularly to stay informed about upcoming courses and news. Embrace this synergy, seize the transformative journey, and chart a course toward a thriving practice that delivers exceptional comprehensive care.

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