Leveraging Social Media To Enhance Patient Engagement and Attract More Great Patients

The Truth About Social Media for Dentists

When was the last time you scrolled through social media? If you are like most Americans, it was probably earlier today, or at least last night. Or maybe you aren’t on social media at all. But the truth is that the rest of the world is—to the tune of 143 minutes per day. This makes social media a great platform to get in front of your existing patients, prospective patients, and people in the surrounding communities. Because honestly, if your dental practice isn’t participating in social media, it could be missing out big time.

Why Social Media Matters for Your Dental Practice

So just why is social media for dentists so important? Aside from the enormous amount of time people dedicate daily to these platforms, the average person will spend time on seven different social networks each month. People use these platforms not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational information. Social media is also where consumers (i.e., patients) tend to share their perspectives on various goods and services in their communities. So you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity if you aren’t there to participate in the conversation.

Here is our perspective at the American Orthodontic Society on how you can best leverage social media for dentists.

Content Strategy: Linking to Blogs and Creating Engaging Posts 

Sharing informative blog posts on your social media channels is a powerful way to drive traffic to your practice’s website. By linking to well-written, informative content, you position your practice as a thought leader in dentistry and orthodontics. This educates your audience and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Varying the length of your social media posts can cater to different audience preferences. Short posts are perfect for quick tips, important updates, or brief announcements that capture immediate attention. On the other hand, long posts allow you to dive a bit deeper into topics, share detailed patient stories and testimonials, and shed light on complex dental procedures.

Videos To Grow Engagement 

Creating educational videos that explain common dental procedures or offer oral health tips can significantly enhance patient engagement. These videos help demystify the treatment process and reduce patient anxiety, helping patients feel more comfortable visiting the dentist. Educating your audience establishes a reputation as a helpful and trustworthy practice.

Further, sharing videos of patient testimonials is an excellent way to build trust and credibility. Potential patients resonate deeply with these testimonials when they see and hear others’ positive experiences. This is why 39% of marketers create video testimonials because this type of content acts as a personal recommendation.

Targeted Advertising on Social Media Platforms

Another great strategy to grow your online presence and increase dental patient engagement is to use targeted social media advertising. Facebook and Instagram ads can be highly effective in the dental and orthodontic spaces.

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook offers sophisticated tools for setting up targeted advertisements. You can reach potential patients based on specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision allows you to tailor your messaging and offer it to the right audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting new patients.
  • Instagram Ads: Instagram advertising is particularly effective for displaying visual content, such as before-and-after photos of dental treatments. These images should be striking and persuasive, providing a visual platform for the quality and results of your dental and orthodontic services. 

Interactive Content To Grow Your Community

Hosting live Q&A sessions on platforms like Facebook or Instagram can significantly increase engagement. These sessions offer a direct way to interact with your audience, answer their questions in real time, and address common concerns. This level of interaction builds trust and personalizes the patient experience, making your practice more approachable and relatable.

Plus, incorporating polls and surveys into your social media strategy engages your audience while providing you with valuable feedback. This feedback can guide your practice in improving services and tailoring content to meet the interests and needs of your ideal patients. Engaging potential patients with these interactive tools also keeps them involved and invested in your online community.

American Orthodontic Society Encourages Social Media Marketing

As a dentist and orthodontic provider, you naturally want to grow your practice. And a crucial element of that is growing your online presence. We talked earlier about the amount of time that people spend on social media each day, but when it comes to total time spent online, the average is about 400 minutes each day—that’s about 17 years of your life if you live to the ripe age of 80!

The truth is that to attract the patients you want in your practice, you must spend time where they are. Build brand awareness through social media marketing to help drive more prospective patients to your website. Then, when they are on your website, ensure they have a great experience and can easily find the information they are looking for. When consumers have a great online experience with your practice, they are far more likely to schedule an appointment and pay you a visit. 

To learn more about growing your online presence and how you can grow your practice with orthodontics, follow the American Orthodontic Society blog.

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