Behind the Scenes: 4 Benefits of Adding Engaging Videos to Your Website

The Power of Video Content

Your dental practice website is a valuable resource to reach new patients and keep existing patients coming back. However, it requires a careful marketing strategy and the right content to realize those goals. Engaging dental videos can make your practice more memorable and convert more people into loyal patients, as well as provide material for your social media posts. 

What Kind of Videos To Make

Video content is a powerful way to promote your practice. It’s a direct medium that can deliver information and emotional appeal in a short time frame. Make use of different types of dental videos, including:

  • Explainer videos: Break down specific treatments, highlighting what patients can expect and the unique benefits that general dentistry and orthodontics can offer.
  • Testimonials: Showcase reviews from patients that emphasize the results of the care they received and the positive experience they had when visiting your dental practice.
  • Educational content: Provide clear insight into topics such as brushing technique, flossing tips, and braces care to interact with your patients and provide valuable information at the same time.

Each video type has its place in your marketing strategy. Together, they ensure that your practice covers all of the bases when it comes to reaching new patients and staying connected with existing ones.

4 Reasons To Include Videos on Your Website

Engaging dental videos have a lot to offer, but they can potentially take a lot of time and money to create. Are they really worth the investment? Yes! The returns from video marketing are far-reaching. Here are 4 key ways that video content can support your marketing strategy.

1. Enhancing Patient Engagement

First, video content provides a reliable way to boost patient engagement. Video is considered the most widely engaging type of content across marketing in general. The simple fact of the matter is that video reaches out and grabs attention compared to text content, which visitors may quickly scan and gloss over important details.

For dentistry in particular, video provides a way to quickly and efficiently communicate complex topics. A text description or an image of a dental treatment might seem straightforward to a dental professional but can be difficult for the average patient to decipher. A dynamic video provides a much more intuitive method for understanding.

2. Building Trust and Credibility

Your patients need to trust you if you’re going to provide effective care that truly meets their needs. Building that trust is a long-term process, but the proper use of videos can help enhance your credibility

Video testimonials are one such example, providing a more compelling and emotionally appealing option compared to simple text testimonials.

High-quality educational resources also improve the credibility of your practice. Maintaining a library of educational videos featuring demonstrations and expert insights can provide information and instill confidence in patients considering choosing your practice as their dental home.

3. Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Visibility

Video content can also boost your dental practice’s website performance in other ways. SEO is a complex task that brings together many different elements of your website’s design and content. Including videos on your website can help boost your search rankings.

Google and other search engines will often feature videos within the first results they deliver, especially for informative or educational content. This means that having videos breaking down dental treatments on your website can boost the likelihood of any local searcher finding your practice first.

4. Enhancing User Experience

Including videos will also make your website easier to use, helping visitors find the information they need more quickly. One of the most effective methods is to include a video near the top of the page and allow visitors to scroll down to find additional information after that introduction.

Additionally, providing more options can help expand the reach of your website content. While some visitors might prefer to read and scan text, others would rather have information presented via video. By diversifying your content, you ensure that your website appeals to everyone.

Put your best foot forward with engaging dental videos.

There’s no doubt that dental videos are an excellent way to support your marketing efforts. You can build trust, boost website visibility, and improve user experience, which all contribute to a healthy online presence and consistent patient engagement. However, deciding on the right approach isn’t always easy.

Talking with other dentists regarding their video marketing strategies can help you overcome many such challenges. The American Orthodontic Society includes more than 1,500 general and pediatric dentists. For access to this extensive network and a wide range of resources, become a member today.

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