4 of Our Best Online Orthodontics Courses and Why They’re So Popular

Best Online Orthodontics Courses for Dentists

Dentists typically live busy lives between their dental practices and families, which usually means they don’t have enough time in the day (or year) for lengthy continuing education courses. For this reason, the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) realized that orthodontic training courses online are beneficial because they allow dentists more flexibility regarding when and how they do their training. When you look for the best online orthodontics courses, you need ones that have instructors who are experienced in educating general and pediatric dentists. 

AOS online CE courses for dentists are popular for many reasons, but one of the top reasons is that they’re given by dedicated instructors who are successful in training general and pediatric dentists. Here are the top 4 online courses from the AOS and why they have become so popular in the CE world:

1. Orthodontic Records for Aligner Cases 

This aligner course is highly sought out because record taking is the first step in performing any type of orthodontic treatment plan. Dr. Saskia Vaughan, who has decades of experience in general dentist orthodontics, teaches this 45-minute webinar. 

The online course is popular because for 1 CE credit hour, you will learn all about the equipment needed and processes used to complete records for aligner cases. Once you learn about record taking, aligner therapy is pretty much a no-brainer and a major production builder for your practice. The course reviews all aspects of record taking, including photographic and radiographic requirements, so when you have your next potential aligner patient, you’re prepared!

2. McFarlane Orthodontic Webinars

Dentists are always looking for exciting new online orthodontic CE courses to get ahead in the field and learn about new topics in orthodontics. McFarlane Orthodontic Webinars offers dentists the opportunity to attend live webinars or access archived video courses.

Each hour-long course focuses on a new topic to give dentists more and more exposure to orthodontics from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Dr. R. Bruce McFarlane has years of experience as an orthodontist and understands the fundamental importance of giving general dentists a solid education in orthodontics, specifically in clear aligner therapy. 

3. Highlights of Early and Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Children 

This highly popular webinar is taught by Dr. Allan Rotberg where he thoroughly reviews and discusses two-phase orthodontic treatment in adolescents. More than ever, dentists need the exposure and education to understand when to recommend early orthodontic treatments  to avoid long-term problems like impacted teeth and jaw discrepancies in the permanent dentition. 

His free orthodontic webinar reviews diagnosis, treatment planning using digital platforms, treatment using braces, and most importantly, retention appliances. Dr. Rotberg also covers habit-breaking appliances that are beneficial in the primary or mixed dentition so dentists can get a solid understanding of how to correct early malocclusions. 

4. Exploring and Solving Challenges in Orthodontics

Not all orthodontic cases are Class I, simple malocclusions. Many involve complex skeletal issues that require extensive training and experience to treat. In this two-day online course, Dr. Juan Echeverri teaches Exploring and Solving Challenges in Orthodontics, where participants earn a total of 14 continuing education credits as they learn about:

  • Treatment plan elaboration based on diagnosis and objectives
  • Expansion techniques 
  • Diagnosis and management of impacted canines from primary dentition into permanent dentition
  • Basic to advanced techniques of skeletal anchorage
  • Case studies to link didactic instruction to actual cases 

When you push your limits and expand your knowledge in orthodontics, you will be more successful in treating challenging cases. This popular webinar helps you overcome issues like impacted canines and skeletal discrepancies that are not traditionally taught in basic courses. 

Accessible Orthodontic Training for General and Pediatric Dentists

Orthodontic training courses online are more than just random CE courses. Rather, they are ideal for general and pediatric dentists looking to successfully incorporate orthodontics into their practices. Continuing education requires much time and effort, and when a dentist can carve out even an hour at a time for the best online orthodontics courses, it sets them up to overcome complex cases with fewer hurdles. 

The AOS is successful in introducing comprehensive and well-designed online courses for dentists wanting a boost in new orthodontic topics or needing a review of common challenges found in diagnosis and treatment planning. When you start your online orthodontic CE journey, you’ll notice major professional growth and higher case acceptance because you’ll exude confidence and competence in orthodontics. Browse all our courses and get started today.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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