3 Common Life Stages of a Dentist And How To Ace Them All

Making the Most of Your Dental Career

A dental career has different major phases, such as coming out of school, the middle of the career, and selling a practice or stepping back from practicing. One of the main benefits of choosing a career in dentistry is being able to design your path, whether you’re an associate or practice owner working full or part time. You can master a speciality and branch out to focus on your dental interests like orthodontics or implants by taking CE courses for dentists. 

Regardless of your dental career stage, you should be on your A game to provide the highest level of care for your patients. Putting your best foot forward by taking CE courses for dentists and learning a new skill is key to being a highly respected dentist in your community. Here are some of the three most common stages in your career and how you can best take advantage of each.

1. Early Career

When they get out of school, most dentists want to hit the ground running and get as much hands-on experience as possible. Most new dentists apply for associate positions to learn as much as possible and develop the business aspects of running a dental practice

Some dentists prefer to start their own practice early in their careers, but like any career, it has its challenges with finances and a lack of experience. Whether you are a new associate or practice owner, don’t forget that even though you are officially done with school, the learning process is never over. 

New dentists always ought to be taking continuing education courses, not only because they are required to maintain state licensure but also because they keep you up to date on the latest dental trends. Dentistry is constantly evolving, and without an academic institution to keep you updated with the newest protocols, you can fall behind in new technology, materials, and guidelines.

CE courses for dentists, such as orthodontic courses, are beneficial because they are designed for general and pediatric dentists looking to specialize in orthodontics, including how it affects prosthodontics. 

2. Established Career

Establishing yourself as an experienced dentist may be the most challenging stage of your career. It is the phase where you develop your reputation as an associate or practice owner, and it is the best time for growth.

Some dentists find themselves in a rut because doing the same dental procedures four to five days a week can become mundane. In order to keep your skills up and expand your current offerings, consider taking a professional orthodontics course to master a lucrative and highly sought out specialty. 

It is during your growth phase that you establish financial stability. An ortho course with the American Orthodontic Society is one of the most valuable CE courses for dentists. It not only gives you the didactics you need but also offers live, hands-on clinical experience. 

Orthodontics is a competitive field because of how highly productive it is and how you can transform a patient’s quality of life. When you invest in these CE courses, you can also transform your career by offering a service that benefits everyone from adolescents to geriatric patients. 

3. Late in Your Career

The late stage of your career is a great phase because it is when you are most financially stable and confident as a provider. You are not as dependent on the quantity of patients at this stage as the quality of care. You may also have opportunities to teach in academia or mentor younger dentists. 

When you reach this mature stage, you may decide to sell your dental practice or cut back on your number of workdays. It is also one of the best times to focus on what you enjoy practicing. If you prefer not to do endodontics or oral surgery, refer it out. 

This stage is invaluable because you can really practice a niche field like cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. There is never a phase too late for you to invest into your well-being and professional development. Learning a new skill like orthodontics is a fantastic idea for an established dentist because it brings an entirely new service to your practice that is valuable in a dental practice sale. It is also a great way to branch out of general dentistry to something less physically taxing. 

It’s never too early or late in your career to expand your skills.

There is no stage in your career where continuing education isn’t invaluable. Education is one of the key components that made you the dentist you are today, so investing in CE courses will only make you the best you can possibly be. There are so many advantages of taking CE courses in each stage of your career that when you look back, you will be grateful for all of the opportunities of professional and personal growth. Get started today by signing up for one of our upcoming courses.

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