The Rule of Seven in Dental Marketing: What It Is, How to Apply It

When marketing your dental practice, there are seemingly endless strategies to choose from. Regardless of which one you opt for, basic principles apply to every successful dental marketing effort. One such tool is the rule of seven. It’s an age-old marketing concept proven to work time and time again.

Whether you use this dental marketing strategy to advertise your newest technology or a monthly patient special, leveraging these seven points of contact can make a world of difference.

What is the rule of seven? 

The rule of seven is a marketing method brands use to expose customers to a product or program seven times before they are ready to invest in it. The idea is that repeated exposure increases the brand’s chances of building trust and business with that customer. 

Businesses have used this tactic for decades, eventually relying less on the number of exposures and more on how visible the product is. 

In dental marketing, for example, suppose a patient sees an advertisement on social media for the teeth whitening special your practice is promoting. It may take the patient seeing this special seven times before they decide to call your office to learn more about the promotion. 

Why does the rule of seven work?

Every interaction you make with your patients builds trust, especially when that interaction is consistent and varied. Any exposure increases the likelihood that a current or prospective patient will call your office to learn about your services.  

When your patients are repeatedly exposed to your brand, it helps them learn what you can provide for them. Once they understand this, they are more likely to invest in your service or product. This is why the rule of seven helps establish connections with patients who allow your office to flourish.

7 ways to use the rule of seven in dental marketing. 

It’s essential to find ways to engage with your patients a minimum of seven times yearly. Diversify your interactions by changing your communication methods. Consider using different dental marketing channels and switching between direct mailers, email, and social media. Keep in mind that quality, not quantity, is most important.

Additionally, you can try these seven tips for implementing this effective marketing strategy in your practice:

1. Through Your Website and Social Media 

Most patients have access to the internet and social media. These tools have become a primary form of communication with both current and potential patients

Before booking an appointment, new patients will look through your social media and website and read online reviews before calling your office. What they see can significantly impact their decision to call your office. 

To ensure they have a positive digital experience, create aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate pages. Include graphics or photos that highlight products or technology you want to showcase. It’s crucial to keep your blog and social media accounts active and provide valuable information. 

2. Through Text Messages and Emails   

Using text messaging and email marketing in your practice is a highly effective tool. It allows you to deliver information directly to your patient’s hands. When you text or email, their notifications will alert them to your communication. You eliminate the need for the patient to seek out your website or social media account. 

3. At Check-In and Throughout the Office   

Dental marketing doesn’t stop when the patient arrives for their appointment. Instead, you have continuous opportunities to promote your office. You can hang posters throughout the office, leave brochures on countertops, and have small signage in the reception area. 

4. By Connecting With Dental Assistants  

Dental assistants have a knack for remembering personal details and patient information. This unique skill allows them to pick up on conversations with each appointment. Patients appreciate feeling like a person instead of another chart number. 

5. By Avoiding High-Pressure Interactions

Even if a patient hasn’t had regular cleanings in years, they may interpret your strong recommendation as a pushy upsell. Ensure to clearly communicate the need for these services, but trust your patients to make the right choice.

6. Through a Great Departure Experience 

By the end of an appointment, your patient has likely formed an impression of your practice or heard about your promotion. But their departure time could be the most impactful opportunity to reinforce what they’ve encountered, as their focus shifts to paying for services at this time. Try offering an oral health goodie bag, for instance.

7. At Community Events 

There is perhaps no better way to get your practice’s name circulating publicly than by participating in a community event. Whether you are donating toothpaste to the local elementary school or providing free dental evaluations at a charity event, people will remember your kindness.  

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