The Best Dental-related Blogs You Should Be Following

Stay up-to-date with dental blogs.

Dental professionals have so many responsibilities that it can be difficult to remain up-to-date with the latest research, news, and blogs. We spend so much time working on the efficiency of our practice and bringing in revenue that it is easy to lose sight of the latest dental publications. 

Dental blogs are a great way to keep yourself involved with various areas of dentistry, covering the business side, scientific research, personal experiences in dentistry, or marketing techniques. Try to carve out time to review dental blogs when you can because it may just give you an idea or two to help your dental practice

Here are some dental blogs that you don’t want to miss out on.

Academy of General Dentistry

If you are a general dentist, you should certainly consider checking out The Daily Grind, a blog represented by the Academy of General Dentistry. It will keep you on your toes about the latest dental trends, newest techniques, and even office management skills. They post regularly and you can even listen to their podcast in your own time, which has exciting interviews with dental students and general dentists like you. 

New Dentist Now

New dentists need all the help they can get to begin their dental journey. New Dentist Now features articles on finances and student loans and provides resources to help you develop the skills to become a successful dental practice owner. Whether you are interested in new dental techniques or how to find a great associate position, this blog is one you should definitely check out in the beginning of your career.  

Go Ask Fred

Go Ask Fred is a wonderful tool for dentists looking to focus on marketing techniques. This dental blog has been rated one of the best to help dentists learn how to recruit new patients and retain them. It’s no surprise that Go Ask Fred is such a success considering the resource was founded by Fred Joyal, a founder of 1-800-Dentist. 

The Curious Dentist

Dental students and newer dentists will benefit tremendously from The Curious Dentist blog. It is run by Dr. Chris Salierno, who happens to also be a past president of the National ASDA and past chair of the ADA New Dentist Committee. The blog is a collection of posts, videos, and interviews related to practice management and clinical dentistry. 

Delivering Wow!

Who isn’t interested in the best ways to market your practice to reach optimal productivity and growth? Dr. Anissa Holmes empowers other dental professionals by teaching them how to implement high return marketing and create a highly profitable business model. 

The Dental Geek

If you are looking for a fun, but controversial, space, The Dental Geek is the right spot for you. They welcome guest writers and showcase pieces about dental marketing and unique dental topics. New dentists will benefit from reading articles on everything from Covid-19 protocols to implant dentistry and take note of some of the helpful tips to begin their dental practices. 

Dental Buzz

Dental Buzz is a blog that keeps you up-to-date on the most recent happenings in dentistry: technology, techniques, material, you name it. It is an easy read for dental professionals on-the-go and is mostly dedicated to practice management and team communication. 

Dentistry IQ

Dentistry IQ is a resource for all dental professionals, including dentists, office managers, hygienists, and assistants. It covers a broad span of optics on clinical practice, products, and professional development for dental owners.

Ask Dr. Spindel

Ask Dr. Spindel features articles that include person-related stories and educational dental topics. Dr. Spindel highlights specific topics that can help dentists provide better patient care as well as some of the most commonly asked questions by patients.  


Dentaltown hosts independent blog writers and podcasts on a range of dental topics. It is a great resource for dentists because it covers dozens of areas, each coming from various dental writers. You can find almost anything you are looking for, whether it is the physical strains of dentistry or the newest materials used in endodontics. 

Keeping up with some of the best dental blogs will not only be good reading material, but a great resource for your practice and career. Whether you are looking for one that contains personal work stories or one with high producing marketing techniques, you can rest assured there are endless dental blogs to keep you updated and educated.

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