10 Facts About Orthodontics That Will Surprise You

Orthodontics is a natural progression for general dentists looking to expand their practice. 

Dentists are aware that orthodontics is a field of dentistry that benefits patients’ oral health, but there are so many ways it can also benefit a dental practice. With the rise in demand for orthodontics for adult patients and for parents requesting orthodontics for their children, there is a great need for more dental providers. When you decide that you want to pursue orthodontics, consider taking a professional American orthodontics braces course and learn about all of the ways orthodontics impacts patients. 

There are so many interesting facts aside from the clinical aspect of offering orthodontics. We’ve put together some facts about orthodontics so you can see if it’s something you should add to your dental practice

1. Only a small percentage of orthodontic cases are diagnosed.

Did you know that only a percentage of orthodontic needs are evaluated and treated? If patients see their general and pediatric dentists, but they’re not able to diagnose and take orthodontic records properly, patients’ malocclusions can go untreated. How can you know what questions to ask and what to look for without orthodontic training? 

If more general and pediatric dentists pursued orthodontics, then more than 10% to 20% of American orthodontic braces cases would be diagnosed and treated. 

2. General dentists approve of dentists practicing orthodontics.

A general dentist is trained to treat nearly all areas of dentistry, so why is orthodontics an exception? In a survey, 74% of general dentists approved of dentists treating orthodontics because they can provide comprehensive care, their patients can avoid the hassle of finding a new dentist, and it keeps patients’ care under one roof. Of course, this means practicing general dental orthodontics with proper training. 

Each year, dozens and dozens of dentists sign up to take continuing education courses with the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) to get the proper training to treat orthodontics. General dentists have a strong background in cosmetics and occlusion, which contributes to successful orthodontic outcomes. 

3. The orthodontics market is in the billions.

We all know how lucrative orthodontics is, but each year orthodontics is continuing to grow in dental practices around the world. This is a result of an increase in education and awareness from both dental professionals and patients. By 2030, it is expected that the orthodontics market will be worth over $7.5 billion. Why not have a piece of this billion dollar industry by offering your patients treatment that can benefit their oral health and bring in more income to your practice?

4. Orthodontics is not just for children.

It is an old tale that orthodontics is mostly for younger people. These days, people of all ages are interested in orthodontics because of the demand for cosmetics and awareness stemming from social media. A main reason there is orthodontic treatment growth in adults is because of an increase in the lifespan of geriatric patients, demand for cosmetic products, and awareness of the importance of oral health. 

5. The orthodontics market size continues to grow.

The global orthodontics market size will grow by 276%, or almost triple, between 2020 and 2023. This is attributed to an increase in international travel and growing education among patients on how to care for their oral health. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that corrects malocclusions and straightens teeth, but it also helps make it easier to clean teeth, lowers the risk of tooth decay, and builds self-esteem. 

6. Orthodontics is way beyond aesthetics.

Orthodontics has a number of advantages aside from straightening teeth. Patients often need orthodontics to correct a bite issue that can contribute to eating, speaking, or breathing problems. It can be used as an adjunct in dental treatment when treating a veneers case to ensure all teeth are in their proper position. Orthodontics is also necessary for proper tooth and jaw alignment to avoid TMJ, pain, and sleep apnea complications. 

7. You can master orthodontics with proper training.

Many dentists feel like they cannot offer orthodontics because they don’t have the proper training. You can practice general dental orthodontics if you sign up for a course with the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) to get exposure to all areas of the field. The AOS offers courses for beginner and advanced learners, with hands-on courses so all areas from diagnosis to retention is covered. 

8. There is a need for more orthodontic providers.

With an increase in the request for orthodontics among pediatric and adult patients, there should be an expected increase in orthodontic providers. Yet, despite the growth of the orthodontic market, in the past 20 years, the number of orthodontics per 100,000 people has remained steady. This demonstrates that there is a demand for orthodontics and a need for more providers. 

9. Orthodontics can transform a dental practice.

Orthodontics can transform a practice from a small, solo practice to a multi-speciality practice that yields more production and receives an increase in patient referrals. Orthodontics is beneficial for general and pediatric dental practices, because it keeps all treatment under one roof and builds trust with patients when they commit to longer treatment plans.

10. You can practice dentistry longer with orthodontics.

General and pediatric dentistry can be taxing both physically and mentally. After many years of practice, dentists are sometimes burnt out and choose to retire or sell their practices. When you opt to practice general dentist orthodontics, you can extend your career for many years, without the stress of overworking your body or putting in lots of hours. Orthodontics is a great field because it is more about using your mind to plan personalized cases for jaw misalignment or designing cosmetic cases. Orthodontics is a dental field that provides a lucrative passive income or can even eventually become your main source of income if you build your orthodontic practice successfully. 

Start your orthodontic career with the American Orthodontic Society.

Adding orthodontics to your practice doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. By signing up for a comprehensive course in Straight Wire Orthodontics, like the ones offered by the AOS, you can get the theoretical and hands-on experience you need to start treating your patients’ malocclusions. Contact us to sign up today.

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