10 Things You’ll Be Glad You Did In Ten Years As A Dentist

Each day we have the opportunity to make choices that affect both our professional and personal lives. Dentists are fortunate to have a career that allows more work-life balance than most other health professions. But sometimes the hardest thing to do is make choices about how you want to grow as a dental leader and what direction your career is going. If you make good decisions, financially, professionally, and personally, you will have no regrets at the end of your long dental career. 

A little planning now can create fulfilling goals for the future. 

1. Write down what your dream practice looks like.

Every dental owner has a different vision of what their dream practice looks like. Try to envision what environment you want to work in. Some dentists love the hustle and bustle of a busy office while others prefer a slower-paced dental practice. Do you want to work in a larger group practice or only work one to two days a week? Regardless of your goal, try to make your dream a reality, but jotting down things that can help your real-life practice goals come true. 

2. Create a dynamic dental team.

Your team is one of your greatest assets in your dental practice. They are the ones managing dental appointments and create the first impression of your office when a patient calls or attends a dental visit. Try to put together a team that is motivated and dedicated to learning. Great personalities are worth training rather than settling for experienced employees with a poor attitude. When you find your dream team, you’ll immediately notice how your own attitude becomes more upbeat and you’ll be living the ultimate dream where work feels like play. 

3. Invest in your dental career.

You may have finished dental school, but you’re never done learning. Dentistry is a constantly evolving field that requires ongoing education and training. Consider taking an orthodontic continuing education course like The Basic Straight Wire Course to implement orthodontics into your practice. You’ll be giving your patients a great benefit by offering a service that can help correct malocclusions, fix jaw discrepancies, and create beautiful smiles. 

4. Write down your personal goals.

Dentistry is a fantastic career because it allows for a well-balanced career and home life. Are you taking advantage of working in a flexible career? Have you been able to travel, spend time with family and friends, exercise, and enjoy hobbies as much as you like? If not, you need to learn to create time for you outside of the office. Writing down your personal goals, even the small ones, like learning to bake or reading one book a month, will help you reap the perks of being a dentist.

5. Choose your dental field.

Some dentists love to specialize in one field while others prefer to become general dentists and treat all areas of dentistry. One great thing about being a dentist is you always have the opportunity to master a speciality by taking continuing education courses. Whether you are wanting to learn more about dental implants or you want to add orthodontics to your list of services, you have many options to choose from.

6. Invest your cash flow. 

Your practice is booming and you’re not sure where you should invest some capital. There are so many ways to invest depending on your practice and interests. Dental technology is a great way to invest back into your practice because it markets itself. Offering orthodontics is a great and lucrative way to invest in your patients because nearly 70% of the American population could benefit from orthodontics. 

7. Continue to advance your office.

Your dental office should not look like it was from the stone ages. These days dental practices are filled with modernized equipment and materials, social media, and high-end services like implants, teeth whitening, and orthodontic braces and aligners. Keep your practice updated with the newest electronic software and communication so your practice continues to grow into the next era.

8. Utilize social media.

You may not be making dance videos in your office for Tiktok, but that doesn’t mean your dental practice can’t be on social media. You need to be using some type of social media to have an online presence to remain competitive in this market. Facebook ads, Instagram stories, and Youtube videos are great ways to connect to patients and keep them updated on your practice. It is also the number one way to have patients refer others to your office so they can get an idea of what a modern practice you have. 

9. Brand your office.

You won’t regret creating an image for your office for your patients. Branding your practice is not only optimal for marketing purposes, it gives your name or vision a tangible selling point when you choose to retire or transition in your career. When patients think of your practice, they will remember your logo or theme and it will be easier for them to remember appointments and refer family and friends.

10. Practice dentistry “your style.”

Some dentists have big personalities and are constantly advocating for cosmetic dentistry, while others are a bit more quiet and conservative. There is no right or wrong way on how to practice as long as you’re comfortable and happy with your style. If you feel you need a boost in how you present treatment cases, take a course on marketing or a continuing education course to learn a new skill like CAD/CAM dentistry or orthodontics. You’ll notice your confidence improves and you’ll feel more comfortable with patients when presenting big cases. 

There are an endless number of things you can do to ensure you’re a confident and productive provider, but one of the most important is to feel like you are giving your patients the best oral care. When you write down your goals and you take the initiative to advance your office, you’ll look back and be content with your choices. 

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