Over Half of Pediatric Dentists Are Missing Out on This Opportunity

Want to grow your pediatric practice at a rapid pace?

If you’re a pediatric dentist looking to expand your pediatric dental practice, you may be uncertain which avenues are worth exploring. 

Expanding your client base is one of the more obvious options, but there are ultimately only so many potential clients in your area that you can reach, and many of them may already have established rapport with another dentist.

Because of these limitations, it may be wise to consider how you can offer more than your competitors, to both your current client base and to any new potential customers. This type of strategic thinking is something that many pediatric dentists overlook, but it can mean a significant increase in revenue for your practice.

How exactly can you offer more than the competition? You can do what nearly two in every three pediatric dentists are not currently doing: take some general dentist orthodontics courses that will allow you to start offering orthodontic services.

A large percentage of your patients are likely to need orthodontics at some point in their lives, so why not be the one who provides them with those services? You have the opportunity to expand your practice and increase revenue, and your patient family has the convenience and comfort of receiving their orthodontic care from a doctor they already know.

But that’s not the only reason why you should consider taking orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists. Here are several other benefits to offering orthodontic services as a pediatric dentist.

A Pediatric Dentist for the Generation of Millennial Parents

Considering generational trends among your clients is crucial to understanding how best to improve and expand your practice. That means recognizing that the majority of your patients’ parents are millennials, and you will need to attempt to understand what that generation looks for in a pediatric dentist.

For example – although pinpointing exactly what an entire generation wants is nearly impossible – millennials generally tend to prioritize convenience. And what is more convenient than getting comprehensive dental care for their children at a single location?

Greater Convenience to Your Client Base

Convenience will not solely appeal to the millennial generation, however. Virtually any parent is going to appreciate consolidating their child’s dental care, and this appreciation translates to patient satisfaction. 

Taking orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists means you can offer a greater level of convenience to your client base and entice potential clients by offering a variety of oral care services.

And the level of convenience you offer by taking general dentist orthodontics courses is going to continue to appeal to future clients as well. Over one million millennials are now having babies every single year.

General Dentist Orthodontics Courses to Match Your Demographic

Another of the more important considerations when trying to expand your practice are the needs of your current and potential patients. While more adults are seeking orthodontic care today, the dominant group of patients who receive these services is likely to always be in the pediatric demographic.

At least two in every three orthodontic patients are in the age group in which you specialize, which means that taking orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists is going to open your practice up to a majority of the people in your area that are seeking that kind of care.

A Seamless Fit for You and Your Patients

It may seem daunting to take on orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists while running your practice, but in reality, it won’t be very different from what you are likely already currently doing in completing regular continuing education courses. 

Why not turn that continuing education into something that can expand your knowledge base and help you offer more services?

Once you’re able to offer those orthodontic services, you won’t necessarily need to find new clients, either. You already have established relationships of trust with your patients, and many of them are going to need orthodontic care at some point. If you’re able to offer that care, then it’s a win for everybody involved.

An Easy Way to Raise Revenue

There are certainly some upfront costs and other requirements for offering orthodontic services as a pediatric dentist, but if you’re able to make the necessary investments, then it’s a simple way to grow your practice and begin increasing your income. 

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, adding a single orthodontic case per month can increase your salary by up to 37%.

Interested in GP orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists?

If you think that adding orthodontic services to your pediatric dental practice is something you’d like to pursue, then take a look at the courses that the American Orthodontic Society has to offer or give us a call today to learn more about which options could be the best fit for you.

To learn more about our popular orthodontics courses for pediatric and general dentists, check out one of the upcoming events below.

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