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Communication with a patient matters.

Boosting Patient Satisfaction: 5 Tips for Better Communication

By American Orthodontic Society | October 17, 2023

Communication is a big part of patient satisfaction. For any dental office to succeed, there must be effective communication between the dental team and their patients. This factor is essential…

Understand and use the rule of seven.

The Rule of Seven in Dental Marketing: What It Is, How to Apply It

By American Orthodontic Society | October 10, 2023

When marketing your dental practice, there are seemingly endless strategies to choose from. Regardless of which one you opt for, basic principles apply to every successful dental marketing effort. One…

Most important articles for your dental website.

The Essential Dental Blog: 6 Cornerstone Articles Every Dental Website Needs

By American Orthodontic Society | October 3, 2023

Maintaining a dental website and associated social media accounts is a powerful means of acquiring more patients, but only if you consistently post valuable content. Statistics show that 35% of…

Increase dentist job satisfaction.

5 Key Ways To Increase Job Satisfaction as a Dentist

By American Orthodontic Society | September 23, 2023

Dentist job satisfaction exists—but it could be better. An article published in Clinical Dentistry states that 76.6% of dentists express contentment in their careers. However, the pursuit of constant improvement…

How did Kodak influence our happy smiles?

Is Kodak Partially Responsible for The Improvement to Our Oral Health and Happy Smiles?

By American Orthodontic Society | September 15, 2023

The Evolution of Smiling in Pictures Imagine a museum where the halls are adorned with timeless paintings of individuals frozen in time. But something is amiss: No one is smiling.…

How to use social media in your dental practice.

Exciting News: 5 Tips to Announce That You Have Added Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice!

By American Orthodontic Society | September 8, 2023

Integrating orthodontics into your dental practice is both thrilling and fulfilling, promising to elevate patient satisfaction. With this transformative addition, it’s time to share your exciting news with the world.…

Better patient satisfaction

Do You Want To Have a Direct Impact on Your Patients’ Lives?

By American Orthodontic Society | September 1, 2023

A primary goal of dentists has always been to enhance the well-being of their patients. Dentists strive to create healthy smiles that radiate confidence and transform lives. In this article,…

Parent relationships in pediatric dentistry

10 Key Tips on Relating to the Parents of Your Pediatric Dental Patients

By American Orthodontic Society | August 23, 2023

Improving Parent-Dentist Relationships When providing treatment in pediatric dentistry, communicating with the parents can be just as important as communicating with the patients themselves. Proper pediatric dental care calls for…

Overcome continuing education roadblocks

5 Roadblocks Dentists Face in Continuing Education and How to Overcome Them

By American Orthodontic Society | August 16, 2023

Continuing Education for Dentists Continuing education is an essential part of being a practicing dentist. Not only do you face certain requirements to maintain licensing, but you also have an…

Orthodontic continuing education

How Hands-On Learning in Orthodontic Continuing Education Can Help Build Competence and Confidence

By American Orthodontic Society | August 9, 2023

Providing any kind of dental care requires a combination of skill, experience, and knowledge. To deliver the best for your patients, you need to be confident in all three areas.…

Building better patient satisfaction

3 Things for Dentists To Consider if They Want To Make an Impact on Their Patients’ Lives

By American Orthodontic Society | August 2, 2023

Going Beyond Successful Treatment: How To Improve Patient Satisfaction Are you doing everything you can to ensure patient satisfaction? As a dentist, you’re responsible for both encouraging oral health and…

Work better with neurodiverse children

Why It’s So Important To Accommodate Neurodiverse Children in Your Pediatric Dental Clinic

By American Orthodontic Society | July 28, 2023

Do you and your staff have the skills to provide proper care for every patient who comes through your door? As a pediatric dentist, you will find yourself treating neurodiverse…