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Financial freedom for dentists

6 Tips for Dental Professionals Pursuing Financial Freedom

By American Orthodontic Society | September 14, 2022

Increasing your income, finding financial freedom for dentists Financial freedom is something that virtually everyone either wishes to pursue, is currently pursuing, or has managed to attain. Being a dental…

How to have dental practice success

5 Must-Haves for Creating and Maintaining a Positive Dental Practice Culture

By American Orthodontic Society | September 7, 2022

Culture means everything when it comes to dental practice success. Does your office give a sense of warmth and motivated energy when you walk in or does it feel like…

Expand your pediatric dental practice

Over Half of Pediatric Dentists Are Missing Out on This Opportunity

By American Orthodontic Society | September 1, 2022

Want to grow your pediatric practice at a rapid pace? If you’re a pediatric dentist looking to expand your pediatric dental practice, you may be uncertain which avenues are worth…

Diagnose orthodontic problems for your patients

Don’t Let Your Patients Suffer From Orthodontic Problems

By American Orthodontic Society | August 26, 2022

Going Beyond General Dentistry With Orthodontics Sometimes patients suffer silently from orthodontic problems because they are simply unaware they have an issue. Others don’t have a dentist who is trained…

GP orthodontics course

5 Reasons You Need a GP Orthodontic Course, Even If You Refer

By American Orthodontic Society | August 20, 2022

How GP Ortho Courses Benefit Your Practice, Even When You Refer Out General dentist orthodontic courses are among the best professional development choices a dentist can make. They can let…

Best ortho courses for general dentists

Get the Ortho Training You Need and More Through the AOS

By American Orthodontic Society | August 13, 2022

Not all orthodontic courses are the same. Today, orthodontic courses for general dentists offer a way to add treatment options to your practice. However, not every course can provide the…

Increase patient acceptance rates

Yes, You Can Increase Patient Acceptance Rates in Your Dental Practice

By American Orthodontic Society | August 9, 2022

Encouraging an Increase in Patient Acceptance Rates Once a patient is in the chair, how can a dentist convince that patient they need additional dental work besides a routine cleaning?…

Fast-track orthodontic classes

Don’t Be Fooled by “Fast-Track” Orthodontic Classes

By American Orthodontic Society | August 6, 2022

4 Reasons Fast-Track Orthodontic Classes May Not Be Right for You Orthodontic training courses can be a tremendous asset for general dentists looking to provide more treatment options. However, dentists…

General dentistry and orthodontics

Dentists: Incorporate Orthodontics Into Every Evaluation

By American Orthodontic Society | August 1, 2022

5 Reasons To Prioritize Orthodontics in Your Practice Dentists need to get away from the old-school thinking that orthodontics does not apply to them. If you are a licensed dentist…

Stay up to date with current orthodontics

Stay Current With Orthodontics in Our Treatment Strategies Update Course

By American Orthodontic Society | July 31, 2022

Are you ready for the next step in your orthodontic practice journey? You’re skilled at treating orthodontics, but there is always room to learn and expand your orthodontic knowledge. The…

Understand the future of orthodontics

Why Every Dentist Should Understand Orthodontics

By American Orthodontic Society | July 27, 2022

Orthodontics is part of the comprehensive care you provide your patients.  Patients have high expectations of their general and pediatric dentists because they are essentially their primary care doctor of…

Professional orthodontics website

5 Website Credibility Tips for Dentists Who Practice Orthodontics

By American Orthodontic Society | July 20, 2022

There are simple ways dentists who practice orthodontics can elevate their professional website. When you design a website to attract new patients (and keep your existing ones), you want a…