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What a membership at AOS could mean for your practice

What Does Membership Really Mean at the American Orthodontic Society?

By American Orthodontic Society | March 31, 2021

Why join the AOS? Dental organizations are one of the best ways dentists can remain connected to the most updated information in the field of dentistry. Depending on your area…

Continuing education online is easier than you think

You Can Take Continuing Education Courses Online

By American Orthodontic Society | March 26, 2021

Travel limitations don’t need to stop your pursuit of continuing education. The travel restrictions of 2020 have long been lifted, but many dentists are finding themselves intrigued by the idea…

Add a New Area of Expertise to Your Dental Practice Without Adding Education Debt

By American Orthodontic Society | February 26, 2021

Dentists are always looking for ways to enhance production and bring advanced dental techniques to their practices. Taking continuing education courses and implementing new techniques helps to increase annual production,…

5 Reasons Pediatric Dentists Should Incorporate Orthodontics In Their Practices

By American Orthodontic Society | February 26, 2021

Offer your pediatric patients comprehensive care. As pediatric dentists, there is no specialist that we work closer with than orthodontists. Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics go hand-in-hand as children and adolescents…

5 Tools Every Pediatric Dentist Should Have in Their Tool Belt

By American Orthodontic Society | February 15, 2021

A successful practice makes the dental experience fun for children of all ages and abilities. Pediatric dentists are like the ringmasters of the dental practice. This is because it takes…

What Can Straight Wire Orthodontics Do for Your Practice?

By American Orthodontic Society | January 29, 2021

Improve your office production and retain your patients. If you are in general or pediatric practice, incorporating orthodontics into your office will have a quick positive impact. Would you refer…

Grow Your Dental Career With an Eye on the Future

By American Orthodontic Society | January 29, 2021

Opportunities Abound for Dental Professionals A dental career is unique as it offers several opportunities that many dental professionals may be unaware of. Dentists (and patients) often think a dentist…

5 Tips to Avoid Doctor Burnout

By American Orthodontic Society | January 27, 2021

Shift your approach in order to sustain a long-term career. Career burnout can occur for any professional, but is often linked to the dental profession because of its high-stress work-related…

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Team Engaged, Committed, and Happy

By American Orthodontic Society | January 27, 2021

Help motivate your staff with continuing education. The daily routine of dentistry can become mundane to us as clinicians and especially to our dental team. Regardless of whether you practice…