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AOS orthodontic courses

Do AOS Orthodontics Courses Prepare You To Deal With Every Orthodontic Case?

By American Orthodontic Society | December 14, 2022

Which AOS orthodontics courses will help you reach your orthodontic practice goals? General and pediatric dentists can take advantage of AOS orthodontic courses to offer various orthodontic treatment options at…

Add orthodontics to your practice

3 Reasons To Add Orthodontics to Your Practice

By American Orthodontic Society | December 2, 2022

Adding orthodontics to your dental practice offerings is a game changer! There is no question that we see orthodontics everywhere today. We see it on social media, television, and in…

Intermediate orthodontics courses

3 Top Benefits of Our Intermediate Orthodontics Courses

By American Orthodontic Society | November 17, 2022

Many dentists feel like they are on cloud 9 when they are on their orthodontic course journey. This is because of all the benefits that come with offering orthodontics: less…

Growing your dental practice

These 5 Things Will Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

By American Orthodontic Society | November 10, 2022

Growing your dental practice by understanding what patients want.  While providing great services to your patients is vital, there is much more to achieving dental practice success than offering services…

Grow your practice with GP orthodontics

5 Ways Adding Orthodontics Can Help Your Business Gain Momentum

By American Orthodontic Society | November 3, 2022

Grow your dental practice with revolutionary GP orthodontics offerings. There are many ways to ensure the continued growth of your dental practice, from employing a strong marketing campaign to using…

Increase dental practice revenue

How To Increase Revenue Without Significantly Increasing Overhead

By American Orthodontic Society | October 28, 2022

The Supply and Demand Challenge There is no question that dentists these days are trying to get creative to increase dental practice revenue because of increased supply prices and wages.…

Improvements you can make in pediatric dentistry

Get Ahead in Pediatric Dentistry With 3 Assessments

By American Orthodontic Society | October 12, 2022

Getting Ahead in Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric dentists provide a wide range of dental treatments. The needs of developing patients are diverse, and it takes significant skill to provide the best…

Orthodontic courses add value to your dental practice

Here’s How to Add Value to Your Dental Practice, Starting Today

By American Orthodontic Society | October 10, 2022

Set yourself apart from other practices with these practical tips.  Running and growing a dental practice can be a complex challenge that leaves many dentists without a clear idea of…

Onsite vs. online orthodontic courses

Pros and Cons of Our Onsite vs. Online Orthodontic CE Courses

By American Orthodontic Society | October 4, 2022

Choose the right orthodontics course for your needs.  Today, many general dentists are pursuing continuing education (CE) opportunities to expand the potential treatment options they can provide and to deliver…

GP orthodontics return on investment

What Is the Return on Investment for Adding Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice?

By American Orthodontic Society | September 30, 2022

Orthodontic training is costly, but you can recoup your investment with a few cases a month. Taking general dentist orthodontics courses can be a great way to expand your dental…

How to avoid dental career burnout

Dental Career Burnout and the Endless Cycle of Stress: What to Do

By American Orthodontic Society | September 24, 2022

Dentists aren’t exempt from career stress and burnout. Burnout is a major issue across all fields of medicine, particularly in dentistry. Some studies suggest that clinicians can face dental career…

Improve dental office production

5 Ways GP Orthodontics Courses Lead to Improved Production and Patient Retention

By American Orthodontic Society | September 18, 2022

Bolster your dental office production and patient retention with orthodontics. There is no secret that adding orthodontics is a lucrative treatment that can boost production and improve the financial situation…