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Better patient retention in your pediatric office

How to Increase Patient Retention at Your Pediatric Dental Clinic

By American Orthodontic Society | July 21, 2023

Patient retention is just as important to the continued success of your practice as bringing in new patients. Building lasting relationships benefits not only your practice but your patients as…

Choose the right American Orthodontic Society Membership

Which Type of American Orthodontic Society Membership Is Best for You?

By American Orthodontic Society | July 14, 2023

American Orthodontic Society membership provides a wide range of benefits for general and pediatric dentists. Continuing education courses, networking opportunities, and numerous resources make membership a tremendous asset.  However, you…

Build the dental practice you want

Are You Fulfilling Your Dreams With Your Vision for Your Dental Practice?

By American Orthodontic Society | July 7, 2023

Your dental practice vision is an important part of who you are, both professionally and personally. However, the practical challenges of running a dental practice and the realities of life…

You can stop referring orthodontic cases out.

4 Reasons You Need To Stop Referring Orthodontic Cases Out and What To Do Instead

By American Orthodontic Society | July 1, 2023

Why refer out for orthodontics if you don’t have to? As a general dentist, you likely come across a variety of cases that require referral to some type of specialist.…

Guide orthodontic treatment expectations

4 Reasons It’s Important to Shape Your Patient’s Orthodontic Treatment Expectations Properly

By American Orthodontic Society | June 23, 2023

It’s not unusual for a patient to walk into their dentist’s office asking for a smile makeover—a Hollywood smile—that, while desirable, might not best suit their features. This isn’t to…

Changes in patient-doctor paradigm

4 Ways the Patient-Doctor Paradigm Has Changed Since the 80s

By American Orthodontic Society | June 16, 2023

The dentist-patient relationship is the cornerstone of quality clinical care, and its significance has grown over time. We see it in article after article that stronger dentist-patient relationships correlate with…

Orthodontics for pediatric dentists

3 Benefits of Continuing Education in Orthodontics for Pediatric Dentists

By American Orthodontic Society | June 9, 2023

Most kids who get braces are between the ages of 9 and 14, and about four of every five people in braces are minors. This creates a tremendous opportunity for…

Take one orthodontics course

If You Only Take One Orthodontic Course, This Should Be the One

By American Orthodontic Society | June 2, 2023

This orthodontic course could change the trajectory of your dental career. Finding the time for continuing education can be a challenge for many dentists. Though they know it is important,…

Hiring dental staff

5 Things To Keep in Mind When Hiring for a Pediatric Dental Clinic

By American Orthodontic Society | May 24, 2023

Hiring Considerations in Pediatric Dentistry Searching for a new team member can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Whether you’re looking for a new dental assistant or a treatment coordinator,…

Create a better office culture

10 Tips on Creating an Office Culture That Will Positively Affect Your Patients

By American Orthodontic Society | May 17, 2023

How To Create a Positive Dental Office Culture  Culture is a way of life for a group of people. When it comes to a dental practice, this includes everyone from…

Strengthen your dental practice

Learn This Vital Skill To Strengthen Your Dental Practice

By American Orthodontic Society | May 10, 2023

Questions To Ask Yourself To Uncover Vital Information Opportunities in business are changes that allow you to advance your dental practice success. Finding opportunities in apparent downturns is a valuable…

Orthodontics gives your patients' great smiles.

3 Ways Orthodontics Provides More for Your Patients Than Great Smiles

By American Orthodontic Society | May 3, 2023

The Impact of Orthodontic Advancements on Patients and Your Practice Our teeth impact every aspect of our daily lives. They affect the way we eat, how we speak, and how…