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Fast-track orthodontic classes

Don’t Be Fooled by “Fast-Track” Orthodontic Classes

By American Orthodontic Society | August 6, 2022

4 Reasons Fast-Track Orthodontic Classes May Not Be Right for You Orthodontic training courses can be a tremendous asset for general dentists looking to provide more treatment options. However, dentists…

General dentistry and orthodontics

Dentists: Incorporate Orthodontics Into Every Evaluation

By American Orthodontic Society | August 1, 2022

5 Reasons To Prioritize Orthodontics in Your Practice Dentists need to get away from the old-school thinking that orthodontics does not apply to them. If you are a licensed dentist…

Stay up to date with current orthodontics

Stay Current With Orthodontics in Our Treatment Strategies Update Course

By American Orthodontic Society | July 31, 2022

Are you ready for the next step in your orthodontic practice journey? You’re skilled at treating orthodontics, but there is always room to learn and expand your orthodontic knowledge. The…

Understand the future of orthodontics

Why Every Dentist Should Understand Orthodontics

By American Orthodontic Society | July 27, 2022

Orthodontics is part of the comprehensive care you provide your patients.  Patients have high expectations of their general and pediatric dentists because they are essentially their primary care doctor of…

Professional orthodontics website

5 Website Credibility Tips for Dentists Who Practice Orthodontics

By American Orthodontic Society | July 20, 2022

There are simple ways dentists who practice orthodontics can elevate their professional website. When you design a website to attract new patients (and keep your existing ones), you want a…

Dental marketing for orthodontic services

How Orthodontic Practices Can Gain Exposure Through Marketing Techniques

By American Orthodontic Society | July 13, 2022

Focusing on dental practice marketing can elevate patient awareness of your services.  Your dental practice is committed to offering orthodontics to patients, but how do you get the word out…

American orthodontics

10 Facts About Orthodontics That Will Surprise You

By American Orthodontic Society | July 6, 2022

Orthodontics is a natural progression for general dentists looking to expand their practice.  Dentists are aware that orthodontics is a field of dentistry that benefits patients’ oral health, but there…

Dental continuing education

5 Ways To Stay Motivated in Dentistry

By American Orthodontic Society | July 1, 2022

Overcoming Burnout and Thriving in Your Dental Career With many dental procedures now virtually painless and completed in one day, the demand for achieving an attractive, healthy smile is rapidly…

How to get started in general practice orthodontics

You’ve Completed an Orthodontics Course—Now What?

By American Orthodontic Society | June 28, 2022

How To Implement Your Ortho Knowledge It’s not always an easy decision to take orthodontics courses because of the time and financial commitment. But once you’ve made the decision, you…

Orthodontic training for general dentists

5 Reasons Dentists Hesitate To Practice Orthodontics

By American Orthodontic Society | June 24, 2022

The Truth Behind Ortho Referrals If adding orthodontics to your general dental practice was an easy task, nearly every dentist would do it. But like anything that is highly successful,…

general dentistry and orthodontics courses

5 Benefits of Mentorship in Creating Your Orthodontic Practice

By American Orthodontic Society | June 18, 2022

How a Mentor Can Fast-Track Your Orthodontic Success When a physician, surgeon, dentist, or other medical professional is learning a procedure new to them, they often rely on a mentor…

The best orthodontic courses

The American Orthodontic Society’s 5 Most Popular Courses

By American Orthodontic Society | June 13, 2022

Orthodontics is continually evolving, and your skills need to keep pace. If you are looking for orthodontic training, there is a course for dentists at every level through the American…