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Orthodontic assistants and hygienists course

Boost Patient Satisfaction with a Hands-On Workshop for Orthodontic Assistants and Hygienists

By American Orthodontic Society | June 8, 2022

Is your team trained to support your orthodontics patients? The demand for orthodontic treatment is literally off the charts in the U.S. Many general and pediatric dentists are incorporating orthodontics…

how to get new patients

10 Ways To Market Orthodontics and Attract New Patients

By American Orthodontic Society | June 1, 2022

Effective Marketing Strategies To Get New Orthodontic Patients  If you are thinking of adding orthodontics to the list of services your dental practice offers, the first step is to invest…

Get the best orthodontics training

10 Ways AOS Offers the Best General-Dentist Orthodontics Training

By American Orthodontic Society | May 31, 2022

The Future of Orthodontics for General Dentists Continuing education courses for dentists can be costly and timely, so when you find an orthodontics training course that offers hands-on professional orthodontics,…

General dentist orthodontics

5 Common Problems Orthodontics Can Fix That Dentists Sometimes Miss

By American Orthodontic Society | May 25, 2022

Let’s look at 5 common problems orthodontics can treat. Malocclusion can make it difficult to chew properly, speak normally, and maintain good oral health. Overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth may…

orthodontics for general and pediatric dentists

The Pros and Cons of Orthodontics for General and Pediatric Dentists

By American Orthodontic Society | May 6, 2022

The demand for orthodontics is on the rise. Orthodontic work is now the No. 1 reason why general and pediatric dentists must refer patients to other providers. In addition to…

CE courses for dentists

3 Common Life Stages of a Dentist And How To Ace Them All

By American Orthodontic Society | May 6, 2022

Making the Most of Your Dental Career A dental career has different major phases, such as coming out of school, the middle of the career, and selling a practice or…

How to encourage patients to begin orthodontics

5 Ways To Encourage Patients To Receive the Orthodontic Care They Need

By American Orthodontic Society | May 6, 2022

Encouraging Patients Toward Orthodontic Care Everyone wants a perfect smile, but sometimes it takes a little bit of encouragement to get patients to begin their orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is a…

Orthodontics needs dentists can address

10 Reasons Your Patients Are Hesitant To Embrace Orthodontic Treatment

By American Orthodontic Society | May 6, 2022

What’s keeping your patients from starting ortho treatment?  Dental patients crave straight, glowing smiles, but that perfect look requires an orthodontic journey with their trained general or pediatric dentist. Orthodontics…

Next step orthodontics with intermediate straight wire course

5 Things General Dentists Love About Our Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics Course

By American Orthodontic Society | April 20, 2022

Read orthodontic course reviews from our AOS intermediate straight wire course students. Let’s face it. Not all continuing education courses have the zest to change a dentist’s career path. But,…

The exciting future of dentistry

The Future of Dentistry: 5 Things That Will Change Dentistry

By American Orthodontic Society | April 18, 2022

5 Predictions About the Future of Dentistry Dental technology has come a long way from cork fillings, wooden dentures, and foot-pedaled drilling tools. Today, dental patients enjoy painless (sedation) dentistry,…

Interceptive orthodontic care is best for your child

How You Can Make Interceptive Orthodontic Care Easier for Parents

By American Orthodontic Society | April 14, 2022

Early orthodontic treatment can benefit your smallest patients—and their parents.  Interceptive orthodontic care refers to early orthodontic treatment of children with primary teeth. The goal of interception orthodontics is to…

You should offer pediatric orthodontics at your dental practice

Pediatric Orthodontics: Benefits to Your Dental Patients and Families

By American Orthodontic Society | April 12, 2022

Pediatric orthodontics offers a lifetime of great oral health. The North American orthodontics industry is worth $2.26 billion. With adult orthodontic procedures grabbing more of the headlines in recent years,…